Progressive groups are getting sick and tiredof Nancy Pelosi playing politics instead of moving forward with an impeachment inquiryand to Donald Trump's actions.

In fact, almost 30 progressive groups in theUnited States sent a letter to Pelosi earlier this week, telling her to stop screwing around,stop putting it off, show a little courage and start the impeachment inquiry.


Yeah, here's just a little snippet from theletter that they sent.

And this is the one that stuck out to me themost, is the most powerful.

It says, as speaker of the house, you havethe power to ensure congress exercises its constitutional obligation to hold this presidentaccountable.

But instead of using your power, you're givingus political excuses for why you shouldn't instead of leading you and your colleagueshave asked us to wait to wait for the Mueller report, wait for the unredacted Mueller report,wait for Mueller's testimony, wait, uh, a testimony about the Mueller report.

Wait for more investigations.

Wait for bipartisan consensus, wait for impeachmentto poll better.

Wait for the 2020 election.

And the reason that particular passage stuckout to me so much is because that's what we've been hearing for weeks.

Now let's wait for x, y, and Z.

Let's wait for a few more dominoes to fall.

Let's wait for this.

Let's wait for that.


Impeachment is already polling better andyou haven't even done anything yet.

Same thing happened with Richard Nixon bythe way.

Folks go look at the historical polling.

A majority of people didn't want him impeached,but then as those inquiries increased, majority of people wanted him in peached.

That's what would happen here, or at the veryleast it would finally give us some clear answers, some clear closure into to this wholeDonald Trump saga.

Maybe, and I don't believe this for a second,by the way, but maybe the man has done nothing wrong his entire life.

Maybe there is nothing to impeach him for,but to be honest, if that's the case, we should know about that so we can give up, move onand just deal with the fact that he's a crappy person who's sitting in the White House andwe can't remove him.

That would actually be Cathartic for a lotof us.

We could just move on and focus on defeatinghim.

But again, there there's no chance in hellthat's the case, right? I mean, we already have 10 instances fromMueller himself of obstruction of justice.

Uh, we have Michael Cohen testifying to Congresssaying, Donald Trump committed bank fraud.

You know, ted lieu was quick to jump on that.

I know he would love to dig a little bit furtherin there, but he would need impeachment inquiries to begin before he would be able to do that.

A lot of the better candidates running forPresident as Democrats have already called for impeachment inquiries to begin, but rightnow Nancy Pelosi is the gatekeeper and she told us has recently is just two days agothat this ain't going to happen right now.


Meanwhile, you've got Republican groups outthere running ads saying the president should be impeached.

Nancy Pelosi is pissing everybody off.

Here's a few of the organizations that signedon to this letter.

You have credo, indivisible, free speech forpeople, Climate Hawks vote, democracy for America, Justice Democrats in the march.

For truth, the Women's March, the WorkingFamilies Party total of 29 groups.

You can find the full list in the link inthe description of this video.

These are great organizations.

Their letter is incredibly powerful.

Again, it's at the link as well.

I advise you to go through there and readit, not just because I want you to be on the impeachment bandwagon, but because they layout show perfectly why Nancy Pelosi has become so ineffective.

Why she is weak.

That may not be their goal with this, butthey absolutely spell it out right there for you.

And that's the biggest problem we have.

There was a lot of talk when Democrats retookthe house should, she'd be the speaker and you had the establishment type saying, hellyes, she should.

She was already speaker once.

Let her do it again and a lot of people sayinglike, well, hold up.

She had her time.

We lost a little over a thousand seats acrossthe country while she was basically the face of the Democratic Party.

She was weak on this week, on that week, onthis week on that.

And maybe maybe go for somebody else.

They said, hell no.

You just hate women.

We're putting Pelosi in there.

The people who said we should go for somebodyelse were correct.

I know Nancy Pelosi had a great clap, butyou know what? To Defeat Donald Trump, we're going to needmore than a Sassy clap to send him back to New York.