Hi THis is Lyle with No Hippie barbecue when wedoing today is gonna be some leftover brisket green chili this recipe wasrequested by one of my subscribers Alex Romero what's uptold you I was gonna get to this anyway by no means am I saying that this is notden agresa Pete I am following kind of a recipe that was given to me a greenchili recipe that was given to me by one of my friends mom sue does an excellentcook anyway I'm gonna leave her recipe in thedescription below as sort of a guide although I am gonna be winging thispersonally anyway what you guys come on in and take a look at the ingredientsI'm using then we'll get cooking grease we'regoing to be using this recipe I have some flame roasted chopped green chilithe store-bought normally I would go with the fresh ones but I have some ofthese leftover from last winter I have some onions white and red typically Iwould just go with the white but I didn't have an additional white onion soI just went in through the red in there as well some carrots the lady that gaveme this recipe said that the carrots are mainly just used for appearance somechopped up cilantro chopped up garlic Mexican oregano flour tomatoes you couldfire Elsie's Tomatoes if you have a grill but we're keeping this simple thistime we're going to be using a little bit of coriander leftover beef brisketand I'm gonna tell you that brisket looks beautiful right there and we havesome chicken stock we're also going to be using a little bit of oil in thisrecipe which we will get to later I'll be cooking this in a Dutch oven so let'sget over the stove when I ditch it up and we're gonna go ahead and add ouronions you have our carrots to it we're gonna cook these down and so they becomea little soft I did taste those green chilies and those things are a lothotter than I thought normally I might even actually add some happenarrow into this but since those chilies are so hot we're gonna just keep it asis minutes have gone by these vegetables are getting pretty soft we're gonna goahead and add our Mexican oregano our garlic and our coriander we're gonna goahead and stir this in and let this cook for about another minute and a half hasgone by we're gonna go ahead and add our brisket now I have this brisket cubed upin the in the cubes you could also use shredded brisket as well what's gonnahappen is these Brits these brisket pieces are gonna get a little bit brokenup during the cook we have that we're gonna go ahead and add our flour we're gonna stir this in we're gonna letthat flower get a little bit browned up now that's really only gonna take abouta minute and a half two minutes for that to get browned up now we're gonna goahead and we're going to add our cilantro our tomatoes our green chiliand this green chili is excellent to be a store-bought I'm actually surprisedabout that what brand does this way know or something some good green chili squidand just kind of stir this in now we're gonna go ahead and add our chicken stockin and the chicken stock should have enough salt in it so really our onlyseasoning if any is gonna be maybe some pepper which is probably not going to beneeded and this is a very Hardy green chili right here and this should thickenup because the flour that we added earlier and I'm gonna go right to thebrim on that all right I'm gonna let this cook for about 30 minutes to getall married up together and should be done by then deliciousness is a wraphere's kind of what we're looking like right here this is almost theconsistency of a thin gravy you could thicken it up if you'd like or you couldthin it out if you wanted to add some more chicken stock to it what I'm gonnado is bowl some of this up and get the taste test go on pretty much just aformality I already know it's gonna be the bomb but let's just go in here anddo it for visualization purposes only definitely give this a try yes andleftover brisket I love this stuff nice twist on your traditional pork orchicken green chile anyway hope this give you some ideas to use with yournext leftover brisket thanks for stopping by no need to barbecue Iappreciate it comment subscribe and I'm out Authentic green chili recipe.