hello this is chef john from food wishescomm with green chile pesto and secret squash side dish that's right not onlyare we gonna show you a very versatile quite beautiful incredibly delicious newcondiment we're also gonna show you how to use it to make a beautiful side dishfeaturing America's best cap squash secret and I know a lot of you arethinking we don't know if we can handle two exciting recipes in the same videowell you know what relax you'll be fine we'll go slow and to get started withthe pesto part of the program we have a little bit of prep to do which includesroasting some serrano chiles in this hot dry skillet that I've set overmedium-high heat and no you're not seeing things those Chili Peppers aredancing around okay as those skins start to blister and bubble our chilies aregoing to start popping in locking which is never not entertaining and thenbesides our serrano peppers raus gonna roast some whole garlic cloves that arestill in the skins and then last but not least we're also gonna fire roast onetable no chili over an open flame until that skin blackens completely and as faras our serrano chiles go we want to roast these in this hot dry pan untilthey're kind of blistered and browned on the outside and they just start tosoften up a little bit and then basically the same goes for our garliccloves all right we're going to get a little bit of a char on that paper andwe want to roast those until we feel that garlic clove inside softening everso slightly okay we don't really need it soft and tender but we don't want it rawand hard either so we'll roast those turningoccasionally until they just start to lose that firmness and then like I saidwe will fire roast our poblano until it's black all over at which point we'llremove that and wrap it in a paper towel which is what I've switched to use itinstead of a plastic bag but either one will work and we will roll that up andlet it steam and then we'll head back to the stove to remove our peppers andgarlic and we'll let that stuff sit there until it's cool enough to handleat which point we should be able to pull off that paper to reveal our partiallyroasted garlic cloves okay they're not soft and tender but neither are theyhard and raw so basically we should have something in betweenand yes those garlic cloves will be a lot easier to peel with the help of aknife and then as far as our Serrano's go we definitely want to remove the stemand the skin if it's able to be peeled off easily and then you don't have tobut I like to split these open and scrape out the seeds okay so this stepis technically optional but I do like to remove them mostly because I don't wantto see seeds in my pesto and unlike I said you can remove the skin if it'salready peeling off but if it isn't just leave it on okay sometimes I just liketo let the food decide I mean it only seems fair and then finally we'll unwrapand split open our poblano which as you can see is still steaming hot andlooking very cool and we'll go ahead and cut out that stem and seed pod as wellas scrape off the skin and by the way feel free to use other green peppers forthis I mean you are after all the rickbayless of how to play this and things like Anaheim or hatch or jalapeno wouldalso work and speaking of Rick Bayless I've basically stolen his green chiliadobo recipe and tweaked a couple things and called it pesto and in the businesswe don't call that stealing a recipe we call that adapting a recipe but anywayonce our garlic and peppers have been prepped we can move on to finalproduction before that we're gonna stuff a bunch of cilantro into this blenderand I should mention you don't have to remove the stems and to that we willalso add a handful of parsley and then we'll go ahead and toss in our Serrano'sand garlic and poblano pepper and then add what looks like a ridiculously largeamount of salt but it's not it just looks like that because we're using alarger grain kosher salt and that was really only a teaspoon and a half andthen we'll finish up with a generous addition of olive oil preferablysomething mild and buttery and not too peppery and bitter and I'm going to giveyou a little more info about the oil in the blog post and that's it we're simplygoing to blend that by pulsing on and off scraping down the sides a coupletimes if necessary until we have a fairly smooth puree but not too smoothor if you have one of these fancy blenders like I doyou could easily turn this into a light green smoothie but that's probably gonnabe too much okay what we want to end up with is something that looks like thishard a fairly fine pureed is still a littlecourse and as far as green colors go that is an amazing one so above andbeyond being delicious this really is an absolutely gorgeoussauce and if I was going to serve this right now with some roast chicken orgrilled meats I would have definitely added some fresh lime juice to this butsince I'm going to use this for different things I'm gonna leave this asis and then add the acid if I need it when I mix it with whatever I'm servingit with and that's another issue I will explain a little more in the blog postso at this point our green chile pesto is officially done and really wastasting amazing and ready to dress the aforementioned secret squash salad whichstarts with these chayote squash which kind of looked like the result of pearsand avocados having relations and outside of Louisiana and a few Mexicanneighborhoods these are virtually unknown and I really do think thosefolks help keep it a secret so the price doesn't go up but anyway let me go aheadand have in-court of these so you can see what's going on and right in thecenter you're gonna see like this pit or seed like object which is pretty softand they tell me is edible but I always feel like I need to trim it out anywayso I did and we'll simply go ahead and slice these into whatever size pieces wewant and you're seeing my preferred size right here and no we do not need to peelthese in fact that skin is gonna add a very nice textural element later sowe'll go ahead and slice those up and transfer them onto a baking sheet andthen before we roast these we'll go ahead and toss those with some olive oiland some salt and I was gonna say to bring out the flavor but these reallydon't have any until they're dressed with something all right what makes thissquash so interesting is it really doesn't have its own flavoruntil you mix it with something and then it sort of magically does and not justthe flavor of what you're mixing it with all right that stuff just brings out itsown natural goodness all right so it's kind of hard to explain but if you tryyou'll understand and then what we're gonna do once those have been coated inoil because we're gonna go ahead and pop those into the center of a 450 degreeoven for about 30 minutes or so or until they're just barely tender all right wedon't want these mushy but we don't want them curse me either so they should bejust fork tender and you also should get a little bit of caramel is aand then what we'll do while they're still hot his transfer these into amixing bowl and squeeze over the juice of one lime or I guess lemon or vinegarif you want but that lime is a natural and perfect pairing with our green chilispeaking of which let's go ahead and add a couple nice big spoonfuls of our pestoand then last but not least we will crumble in some nice soft creamy goatcheese and we'll take a spoon or a spatula and give that a mix and is theheat from our secret squash melts that cheese it's going to combine with thelime juice and our pesto to form one of the most delicious and gorgeous greendressings you've ever seen and then once that's been well mixed we'll go aheadand transfer that to our serving dish and yes I also stole this from the greatRick Bayless as well it's fine he doesn't care all the great chefs wantyou to steal the recipes that's one of the things that makes them great chefsand then once we have that plated up I'm going to go ahead and finish the topwith some extra goat cheese as well as a little sprinkling of pumpkin seeds for alittle extra hot green on green action and that's it our chayote squash sidedish featuring green chile pesto is ready to enjoy and I realize no normalperson gets really excited over a squash side dish but this really does get mepretty close and as I mentioned that squash by itself is virtually tastelessuntil you dress it with something as amazing as this which brings out it'svery subtle but unique flavor I mean it really is so interesting and while I'msure you're gonna love the taste of this the texture is just as interesting rightthat roasted skin has a little bit of our crispness to it which contrastsperfectly to that tender juicy flesh which is almost melon like but anywaythat's it with apologies to my friends in Louisiana for revealing the secret ofchayote squash to the rest of you I will feel a little bit bad if the pricesstart to go up but regardless I still hope you give that squash and this easybeautiful and delicious green chile pesto recipe a try soon so head over tofood wishes calm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as allwe enjoy you.