Hey, there, Lacey here with A Sweet Pea Chef.

And if you haven't seen them already, oneof my most watched videos is my shredded chicken enchiladas video.

But today, we're gonna make a new type ofenchiladas.

Some green chicken chile enchiladas, thatis so tasty.

So let's get started.

So, I'm gonna be using my ten-minute salsaverde recipe, which is so easy.

Ten minutes, for real.

It's really yummy, and you can get the recipelink on the screen or in the recipe links in the description below.

Add the tasty salsa verde to a blender, followedby some plain Greek yogurt.

And then, blend until smooth.

The reason why we're adding the plain Greekyogurt to the salsa verde right now is because it's gonna make it nice and creamy for theenchiladas.

Now, heat some olive oil in a large pan overmedium-high heat, and then we're gonna add in a couple boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Season them with a little sea salt and blackpepper, and then we're gonna just cook them until they're brown on both sides, cookingeach side about three to four minutes.

We're not looking to cook it all the way through.

Next, pour the chili verde sauce over andaround the chicken in a large pan, and we're gonna heat it over medium-high heat untilboiling.

Now, cover and cook the chicken over low heatuntil it's cooked through about 10-15 minutes.

You'll know the chicken is completely cookedthrough when you press on it and its firm, and not kind of jiggly.

Now, remove the chicken from the sauce, andthen set aside to allow it to cool.

Now, we're gonna shred the chicken.

So in order to do that, you just poke thechicken with one fork and then use another fork to kind of pull it away.

And then you have shredded chicken.

Now, transfer the shredded chicken to a largebowl.

And then, add in a cup of shredded Jack cheese,some chopped fresh cilantro, and then half of the chili verde enchilada sauce that wejust cooked the chicken in.

Stir to combine.

So, in case you're worried that the sauceisn't ready to use because it's been flavored by the chicken that was raw, everything'sall cooked in there.

So it's just actually really tasty becausethe chicken is gonna flavor our sauce and they're both gonna work really well together.

I use corn tortillas for these enchiladas,and to get them flexible, I just pop them into the microwave, wrapped in a damp papertowel for about 10-15 seconds.

Do you wanna make your own tasty, delicious,home-made corn tortillas? Definitely, check out the link in this video,and also below.

I also add a light layer of olive oil, justbrush over both sides so they don't crack in the oven.

Now, we're gonna grab the tasty chicken cheesecilantro filling, and we're gonna lay it in a line across the center of a corn tortilla.

Then, roll it up gently and lay it in a greased9 by 13 baking dish with the seam-side down.

Then, repeat with the remaining tortillas.

You can also lightly coat the ends of thetortillas once it's in the casserole dish to keep them from cracking.

Next, cover the enchiladas with the remainingsalsa verde and then also with the remaining cheese.

Place in the oven and bake for 12 to 15 minutesat 400 degrees Fahrenheit or until it's all tasty, and golden, and bubbly.

Then, top with fresh cilantro and diced redonion, and enjoy.

So kick up your enchiladas with this delicioussalsa verde and your life will never be the same, in a good way.

Thanks so much for watching, and make sureto check out my ten-minute salsa verde recipe and my homemade corn tortillas.

Both of them are videos for you and I've linkedto them for you to check out.

Thanks so much.

I'll see you next time.

Okay, we're gonna make some.

Okay, because I did that so well.

Wait, now what do I say?.