(light music) – Hey, guys, todaywe're using hatch chiles to make a green chile cheeseburger.

I saw these in the market the other day and I thought, man, that'dbe good on a cheeseburger and besides, a longtimesubscriber to my main channel has requested a green chile cheeseburger so anyway, today we're going to do it.

One of the ingredients I'm going to put in the green chile cheeseburgeris I want some avocado.

It's not really guacamole.

Just really mashed avocado although I guess technicallyit could be called guacamole.

I'll show you.

This thing right here looks like it's just about to fall out but it's still there.

It's slightly soft tothe touch so hopefully, this thing looks good when I cut into it.

The moment of truth.

Here it is.

Oh, got some black spots.

That's okay, don't worry about it.

We just won't use that part.

And we'll take the seed out.

Alright, so what we're goingto do is take our spoon, just going to scoop out the black because I really don'twant that in my mixture.

Alright, so now that we'vegot the black stuff out, we're just going to take our spoon and go around.

Oh man, the texture's perfect on this one.

Oh, I got a little bit of black there.

Take that out because I don't want that in my burger.

Alright, so now, to keep that from turning brown, we need something acidic and for that, you canuse lemon or lime juice.

The choice, which one, it's up to you.

I happen to have lemons so guess which one I'm using.

And this ought to be enough.

It doesn't take a whole lot because we're going to useit up pretty quick anyway.

By the way, what's your tip for keeping avocados from turning brown? Alright, now that we've got that in there, I need a little bit of salt.

Just going to put a pinch in there just to keep it from being so bland.

Alright, so now that we'vegot our avocado in here with a little bit of salt anda little bit of lime juice, take a fork, we're going to mash it.

Now, I don't want to reallymash it completely smooth.

I want it a little bit chunky.

Bring that up.

Now, if I was going to keep this in the refrigerator for a while, I would take some plasticwrap and mash down on it to keep the air from getting to it but I'm going to use this up pretty quick so I'm not going to worry about that so I'm just going toput this in the fridge.

Alright, so now I needto char my green chile.

So we're going to light that.

I'm going to do some in the back also.

What I'm doing by charring these is that I'm getting the skin off of them.

So let's turn that skin up.

Get it off of there.

By the way, that poppingnoise tells you it's working.

That's the moisture up under the skin.

See how that's already turning? But you got to keep moving them around that way they come incontact with the hot zone otherwise you'll getspots that'll be blistered and other spots that aren't.

Alright, as you can see,these are almost done.

They're blistered up pretty good.

They're starting to soften up.

We're just making sure we'regetting most of the skin burnt that way it'll come off a lot easier and making sure the chile softened because basically we'recooking the chile now and we're going to get theskin off here in a minute.

Now, these that are done, we're going to go ahead and throw these, throw them in a plastic bag, seal them up so that they'll steam.

This one needs just a little more.

We're getting close.

Alright, so the chileshave been in the bag for about 15 minutes.

What we're going to do,we're going to take a knife.

I'm just going to scrape that part off.

That's pretty cut and dry.

Alright, so once we getthe burnt skin off of them, going to take that part off, and we're going to open these things up so we get the seeds out of them.

Like that.

And scrape the seeds out.

Come up under this vein.

I'm going to take the vein out.

I'm going to leave the meat of the pepper.

Veins sometimes havea lot of heat in them.

Don't worry about taking all the vein out.

That's okay.

What I'm going to do because of the side, we'regoing to cut that in half, put that over there and we'll just keep working on.

Alright, I have a quarter pound of 85 15 ground beef.

I'm going to mash this out into a patty.

Lookie there.

And I've got some fajita seasoning.

I'm going to season my patty with that.

I'm just going to do one side.

Nice and thin patty.

Okay, our griddle's heating up.

I know it's getting a little bit warm because I can see theoil starting to bead.

We need to put a little bit of oil down.

Kind of stir that around.

Make sure that oil's warming up.

It's not hot yet.

Not where we need it.

So we'll be back in a second.

Alright, that ought to be warm.

We're putting it seasoned side down.

There we go.

Now, don't mash on it.

Now, it's not going to take long to cook so we're going to goahead and toast our bun but I'm doing somethinga little different today.

Very thin layer of mayonnaise.

Get it on both buns.

Now, don't use homemademayonnaise for this.

Use the commercial stuff.

The commercial stuff hasgot lots of oils in it.

Alright, we're going to put that down.

Alright, I see a little crustforming on my patty there.

We're going to flip that baby over.

Oh yeah.

See what we got happening back here.

Oh, it's just starting to melt.

Not quite as hot back there.

Pepper jack cheese.

Put that on there for a couple of seconds.

See my buns toasting? Oh yeah.

We're almost done.

There, that's looking good.

Looks pretty good.

I'll go ahead and turn that off.

Alright, so here's our burger.

Green chile.

Make sure we got a littlebit of that on there.

Nice slice of tomato.

Alright, now we've got our avocado.

Put that on here nice and thick.

There we go.

That looks like a burger.

Alright, so let's cut into this thing.

We can cue the food porn music right now.

How does that look? Alright, guys, so let'ssee how this burger tastes.


I love avocado.

Putting that on there is really good.

You got a hint of the hatch chile.

Little bit of spice, not too heavy.

Got the pepper jack cheese, the beef.

As you can see or as you can see, it's cooked but it's alittle pink in the middle which is the way I like my burgers.

I don't like them dry.

Anyway, come on.