We are in the Uithof in The Hague today and I am going to try snowboarding Luuk, of course we don't have any mountains in the Netherlands, but we do have a lot of Indoor halls.

What exactly is an advantage of skiing in a hall.

I actually see skiing or snowboarding indoor as the perfect preparation for your serious ones Winter sports holiday in the Alps or somewhere else in real mountains you prepare your muscles optimally through the movement of skiing or simulate snowboarding.

You just do that in a hall so that's perfect.

In my eyes there is no better preparation.

Always wear gloves like you go skiing or snowboarding this is both for protection against the cold but also for safety.

Luuk, what did you think of it? Well I actually thought it was super cool to be in the Netherlands snowboarding.

It is not quite as in the real mountains but yes a very cool experience Beautiful.

Hey we are going to judge the sport based on 3 points accessibility, difficulty level and game element.

Did you find it accessible, snowboarding? I thought it was accessible somewhere because of course it is now made possible in the Netherlands by in one Snowboarding or skiing Of course we don't have any mountains in the Netherlands so that is an element which has become more accessible.

Yes, you only have to be on the other side have many materials to practice the sport.

You can always rent it for a while at one of the snow halls.

It is less accessible then if we go running or something.


Difficulty, found difficult? It is tough, especially to start with.

If you do not know where to start, I also want to advise that you take lessons.

Because otherwise it is just falling and that is of course not very good very enjoyable.

So in terms of accessibility, not in terms of difficulty level I would say yes it is doable but you must have one have a good foundation and that can often be done by taking lessons.

Was there also a game element in it? Not really, I miss him a game element it's not like a ball game of course.

It is a lot of fun to do, it really gives you a kick.

But it is not really that there is a game element in it.

You can perhaps add that through something to jump or to set some challenges with someone else Not really a game element that I miss.

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