Are you an Aussie who wants to move to the US but has no tangible skills, qualifications family, political connections sponsorship, history of cultural oppression, job prospects distant ancestor or relevant minority status? There's always the green card lottery! All you have to do is apply and a tiny gnome who works at the US embassy picks your name out of a giant witches hat.

You're in Slytherin! I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

Unfortunately though, that lottery might soon be coming to an end.

Diversity lottery.

Sounds nice.

It’s not nice.

So on a slightly more serious note the man behind the truck rampage in Manhattan that killed eight people this week is from Uzbekistan, and he’d won the green card lottery in 2010.

So now the US is questioning whether to have the green card lottery there at all.

What we are demanding is merit based immigration we want people that are going to help our country.

We want people that are going to keep our country safe, we don’t want lotteries.

Okay, quick backgrounder.

with the aim to sort of diversify the American population.

So to try and attract people from countries that normally wouldn't migrate to the United States.

14 million people apply each year from around the world for permanent legal U.


residency The only prerequisite is that you’re a high school grad with some work experience.

Winners are selected randomly by computer – not tiny gnome as previously stipulated And then they get interviewed by U.


immigration officials 2,000 of whom are Australian.

That's 4% coming from one country.

Not bad.

Now, the question is: And the short answer is: No, he doesn't have the authority to do it himself, he's got to rely on Congress.

However, there is a bill currently floating around the Senate that wants to get rid of the green card lottery.

Which Trump has previously supported, so.

All I'm saying is, if you want to get yourself to the U.


you might want to get yourself some tangible skills qualifications, family, job prospects, political connections, history of cultural oppression, distant ancestor or some kind of relevant minority status.