– [Jessica] What do you see, Jacob? – Mostly my hands.

(energetic music) – Good morning, everyone.

Right now, we're packing upthe apartment here in Paris, and we're getting ready to take the fast train to Londonand then tomorrow, super, super early in the morning, we'll be taking a flight back to America.

Starting right now, it's gonna be super go,go, go, just traveling.

I still can't believewe're able to do this with just the backpacksand the one carryon.

We have a couple extra little bags, but every time we pack everything up and get ready to move toanother place, I'm always like, "Wow, we're actually, thisis actually happening.

"We're actually doing this.

" That's the stage I'm at right now.

Are you gonna take thefast train today, Parker? – Yes.

– [Chris] Excellent.

Are you all packed up? – Uh-huh.

– I am not very happy.

– [Chris] Are you excitedabout the fast train at least? – Yeah.

– [Chris] Taking the Chunnel? It's the tunnel before the channel.

– Yeah.

– We're almost done packing.

Everything's getting lined up by the door.

Yeah, I'm gonna miss Paris.

I really liked it here.

All right, two metros later, we're at the train station, and now we're just trying to figure out where we're supposed to be so that we can take the fast train.

(relaxed music) They have foosball for whileyou wait for your train, and it's free, so.

– Our team's meme'sthe one-handed bandits.

– The kids each pickedout an activity book when they were at the Louvre yesterday because we knew we were going to be traveling on the train today and on the plane tomorrow.

It's going really well so far.

I'm actually really excitedabout this train ride.

It's going to be a glimpse of the French countryside for all of us, and we'll be going through the Chunnel.

That means we'll be in this fast train underwater forlike 15 or 20 minutes.

It won't really feellike we're underwater.

It'll just be dark, as far as I know.

The creation of the Chunnel is such an amazing thing in the making.

The connection between Great Britain and France that you cango through, it's so cool.

It's really beautiful, the clouds, in particular here, are just so striking.

They remind me of a 3D video game, which is so lame, but they do.

They're just these poofy clouds that are right there in your face.

Wow, they're so beautiful.

This really is a very sweet train ride, not just the travel side of it, but getting to see these country areas because we've been really in cities.

I'm so glad we get the chanceto be in a train for a while just sitting and lookingat the countryside.

It's really sweet.

What'd you get for your lunch, Parker? – Salmon.

(relaxed music) – [Jessica] Good job, honey.

– I was going to do one.

Now it's gonna be going underwater.

– [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering theChunnel Tunnel, thank you.

– All right, here we go.

We're actually going togo, it's like the channel, the water, and thenthere's underneath that, and it's like a chalk.

So we're, they tunnel throughthe chalk or something.

– Here we go.

– Bye, France.

– [Jessica] What do you see, Jacob? – Mostly my hands.

– Are we still underwater? – [Jessica] Yep.

Welcome to England.

– We're in England? – [Jessica] Mm hmm.

– Yes.

When are we gonna get dropped off? – [Jessica] I don't know, 30 minutes.

– So cool being under the tunnel.

You could see nothing.

– What do you see out there? Wow.

(upbeat music) This is just a quick appreciation for trains versus planes.

Not that I don't want planes, planes have movies usually, but look at how cozy this is.

We have a big, giant table.

We're hanging out together and talking and drawing and eating andjust having a great time, giant windows where you can just see everything and it's so beautiful.

Oh, yeah, James got some shade.

Throwing some shade.

The reason I picked upthe camera right now was because I realize that we're gonna have to get off soon.

I was like, "Oh, we have to get off soon.

"I don't want to.

" Then I was like, "Whoa, thatwas a really interesting "reaction to being done with the trip.

" I want to be on this train still.

It's a beautiful view.

We're comfortable, we'rehaving a good time.

We're laughing together.

It's really nice.

I love the train.

♪ I love the train ♪ – [Jessica] Can you say doggy? – Woof-woofie.

– [Jessica] I like that hesays it's a woof-woof dog.

What does the doggy have? – Woof dog.

– [Chris] Dog, and what is this? – Dog, woof-woof dog.

♪ Woof-Woof dog, woof-woof dog ♪ – [Chris] And what's the doggy have? – Woof dog.

– [Chris] Dog.

Dog, and what is this? – Woof dog.

– All right, we're back in London.

How's it feel to be back in London? – Cool! – So it's still anotherhour-long train ride from here to get to our hotel, which is right by the airport.

So early in the morning, wedon't have to travel to our bus.

There's something Bailey wantsto see here before we go.

– We're at King's Cross Station in London, and we're going to Platform 9 3/4.

(mysterious music) – It's cool, I wasn't expecting a full-on shop and the whole deal there.

I thought there was justgonna be like a sign.

So, it's pretty neat.

What'd you think of it, Bailey? – It was awesome.

– [Chris] Carrying a lot of stuff today? – Yeah.

– Me too.

– I've got kind of afunny story to tell you.

I was drinking from mymug and I breathed in with it on.

So it kind of sucked on to my chin.

Now my chin looks weird.

(serene music) – All right, we got off thetrain, but now, apparently, there's a bus we needto take to the hotel.

You wanna take a bus? Duncan is done traveling.

We're using the very long hallway of this hotel to get Duncan's wiggles out because we had a very long seriesof trains today and a bus.

Then tomorrow, all day on an airplane.

So get those wiggles out.

(serene music) Good morning, everyone.

It's a little before 6:00 a.


We're packing up this hotel room, and we're getting outta here.

All right, ready to go, Duncan? You're good? Ready for adventure? Yeah, it's pretty early, isn't it? Want to go back to sleep? – [Jacob] I kinda do.

– No.

We're all checked in through security.

We're gonna have a little bit of breakfast before we head out for the day and take a 10-hour flight back home.

– We're gonna be home.

Whoa, it's daytime.

– [Chris] Yeah, we'llbe home in four hours, but 10 hours because of the time change.

– But it's at 10 hours, but the time change is, so it's four.

It's weird how a plane goes so fast.

– [Chris] How does that work, Parker? – I don't know.

I'm coloring.

– The best way to getout of a conversation.

I don't know, I'm coloring.

(upbeat music) Ready to fly? Yeah.

Are you ready to fly? On this flight, we're inthe bulkhead of the plane which means that wehave this cool bassinet.

Duncan didn't use it very much, but it waws helpful when we did use it.

Having a good flight? You're watching lots of movies? – Uh-huh, look at thismovie, it's really cool.

– [Chris] Is it Happy Feet? – Yeah, Happy Feet.

Okay, we just got to the house and it feels very weird thatwe got in a plane at 9:00 a.


It's definitely beenlike 13 hours since then, but it's only 3:00 p.


, which means there's a lot more day left.

– Come see out little Parker bug.

– [Chris] Oh, dear.

Jet lag is real.

Can you believe thatwe have an appointment we need to be at in 15 minutes? – [Jessica] Duncan got a ball.

– [Chris] Did you get a ball? How are you feeling,Bailey, are you sleepy? – I am kinda sleepy, but I'm pretty fine.

– What kind of appointment? – [Chris] What appointment? Mommy made a very wisedecision the other day, and she booked me achiropractor appointment 15 minutes after we gothome because, oh boy, I've been carrying a babyin a backpack nonstop, all day, every day, sleeping on very strange beds all over the world and being on airplanes for 10 hours at a time.

My back needs a little help.

So we're gonna go to the chiropractor and get a little adjustment going, and no, none of our kids slept on the airplane because there were movies on the airplane.

– [Jessica] Duncan slept for like an hour.

– Yeah, Duncan did sleep alittle bit on that little tray that I showed you, which was good.

Then he wouldn't transfer onto it.

I got him to sleep again andhe would transfer onto it.

So I just wore him the rest of the time.

Like I said, chiropractor.

Hi, let's talk aboutwhat we learned today.

We learned that most of what you see in the Chunnel is your own hands.

We leaned how babiesrespond to the question, "Do you wanna go back to sleep?" And finally we leaned thattime zones are very confusing.

Thanks for watching, everybody.

We'll see you next time.

Today is Jacob's birthday.

(upbeat music) Jacob really wanted to do this thing.

We'll see how he does.

(upbeat music).