you can not see me right now.

Im leaving Universal Studios guys! Its over.

I cant see much.

Give me one second.

bye thank you! Is the Uber/Lyft pickup area this way? I was told at the ball you go left? OK thank you.

Oh my gosh guys! this is so cool look! Its the Universal Ball! Idk if it can focus or not.

Double chin me and Josie.

We just met up.

were about to go eat somewhere.

Ill tell you when.

Where are we? Were at the Universal Orlando City Walk.

Ay Macarena! Alright guys were at this Mexican restaurant.

Ooh these tables are nice! The aesthetics are all nice.

Dude despacito is playing.

Josie and Flera Mukbang! The heck this ones broken.

Its broken! The heck?! Teddy is like "what the heck are they freakingout about?".

Its just makeup.

I literally have a whole room full of makeup.

Josie brought me just a whole bunch of giftsto choose from.

Cause she used to work at Ulta.

So for sure im taking some night creams.

Im taking all these travel perfumes with me.

Cause I always travel and I need little perfumebottles.

So thats just like perfect.

I cant! A glow kit! I have these two.

these are like my favorite face masks.

They come with a charcoal one.

Why are there like two parts to it? Because its a shows you can put it in specificareas to target.

Like different skin conditions.

Like if you just wanna cover up like thisarea.

You want more hydration under your cheeks.

Like on your cheek bones or your eyes.

Its like that but theres enough in each littlepacket.

For you to do your entire face.

And then I have some more! Face mask.

These are the Ulta brand.

Do you like the Ulta brand? Ulta brand is really good! I have these.

These carrot ones.

Almond or blueberry.

Carrot tomato.

And then avocado kale.

All these right there! Do you have brushes? Ive had a brush for like 6 or 8 months.

Something like that.

I feel like Oprah.

You get a brush set! This is the 502 vegan brush set.

Vegan? you can eat it?! You hear that vegans? You can eat it if you want.

Its just synthetic brushes.

So theres 9 brushes.

Can I feel one? I have some foundation brushes and theyredefinitely worth the money.

Ulta Haul! With Josie! You want this, you can have it too.

Naked pallet? Oh my god! Teddy and I call it Ppepite? Wait how do you open this?Dude im poor howdo you open this?I feel like Ophra.

This should be a series on my channel.

This should be! "giving makeup to my friends".

I havent tried using orange.

This one is definitely a color im familiarwith.

That one right there.

Its like a dark brown.

I know you said that youre gonna have to tryorange colors.

So like.

You can try some more orange colors.

With the 350 Natural glow.

I have a bunch of stuff! oh my god! Hold on.

Here hold this.

Im gonna look up so many tutorials on youtubeusing this pallet.

and try so many things.

This is about to die.

Okay so then we better hurry up! Theres more?! "BUT WAIT THERES MORE!".

Like is it gonna get bigger? or like? didyou start from the smallest and were working our way up? Sample size first.

To go with all that those you need some colors.

Oh are these gonna be crazy colors?! This is the Jacklyn Hill pallet.

The pallet that started it all.

And you got these all when you worked there? Yeah.

I did purchase a lot of things while I workedthere.

I remember the first time we met.

You were like.

Look at all this! That was my first haul in June! You had like.

You said you got 70 items.

and you just showed the whole picture.

It was like half your room or something.

And you were like.

"Damn can i have some?".

Here you go! And now finally a year later.

A year later! Thats too funny! Alright guys were heading off.

Hugging through the chair! Alright bye! I dont know how to end this.

Bye! Bye! camera man! How do I end this?!.