hi hello good morning again and today inthis video in this new episode of freenancials vlog I'd like to answer to aquestion that some of you have asked me through Twitter and it's: Luis where do Istart? How could I do that to startwith my online business? So come with me and I'm going to show you right away.

Here as you can see in the freenancial exposed.


Here, I'mhighlighting it for you, you can, you are going to have a detailed guideabout how to start your next online business.

You only have to follow thesesteps and it's going to be very easy for you.

What do you need to createyour online business? Well, your first step is to find the right projectfor you.

If you click here, you are going to this area where you have to just goto this link: how to find a job you love? that it's always very important to have the possibility of discovering the things that are going tosuit you better.

And you have to put in balance yourtalents, your passions, and of course something that everybody else is going toneed, so you can create a business from that idea.

So thisfirst thing is to find the right project for you.

After that, you should have aclear idea about what you want to give to the world, so you go to the secondstep that is, as you can see here: discover your business idea.

Here youhave, from the first step, you have a deep knowledge about your talent, your passions, and now you are going to follow this link about how to start yourbusiness from scratch? You have a lot of information there.

Ok, and now, once thatyou have find the right project for you, you have to discover your business idea.

So you go to this next section and you follow these steps, you readthese two articles, and you are going to have at this point a clear idea aboutwhat idea you'd like to transform into an online business, because it's not thesame.

Now you have to start the next step about validating that idea.

Becausemaybe you think that idea could be very good but you still don't know.

So you goto the to the next step and you follow the things that I am showing here, you goto these articles to know the methods that I use to describe your businessidea in the right way, and then a quick way of validating that business ideabefore you are going to invest your time or your money.

So, there, when you havedone that, you should have a very good idea thatmany people would like it, and they have told you, so now that you have validated, thenext step is to know the market, to know your competitors, to do benchmarking.

Andthere are many expensive ways of doing that, but here I'm showing you a veryeffective way and cheap at the same time that is a very important thing right nowwhen we are creating by ourselves our offline business.

So when you do that youhave done your research, your benchmarking, and then you have a lot ofinformation to know if your business is as good as you imagine or if it needs toimprove.

But when you have follow this steps, you are on the starting pointto develop your business.

So I suggest you go to Freenancialexposed.

Com/start I'm going to put that link in the description box, and follow the steps and if you have any doubt about it, justcontact me, drop me a message, or you can see ,at the end of this page for example,that you have the possibility of subscribing to our newsletter; when youare going to have all the of the new things that we are posting, and many otherthings that I am trying to give to the people that is a freenancial subscriber.

So keep in contact, do all these steps on the start page and after that, you aregonna have a very clear idea, you already have from the episode 2: how to get yourhosting service? So maybe the next tutorial is going to be about creating awebsite using WordPress.

So take care , and I'll see you soon.