– In this video, I'm going tobe talking about what's better, a Facebook business pageor a Facebook group.

You see, what's interestingis, I don't really see a lot of real estate agentsusing Facebook groups.

But let me first explain the difference.

I see so many agents,they spend so much time.

You know, it's like, you getyour real estate license, you have business cards printed, then you do your business page.

Then you spend two weekson your business page.

(laughs) You just, put, just hurry up and make your business page.

Put up a good picture and everything but don't spend a lot of time on it.

I can't tell you how manyinvitations I get from realtors around the country asking meto like their business page.

Pretty much every day it happens.

What good is that going todo for an agent in California to ask me to like their business page? It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

You need consumers in your market, home buyers and sellers liking that page.

However, the way Facebook's now set up with their algorithm changes is you're just not going toget a lot of organic reach.

So if you're thinkingthat by posting content on a Facebook business page, you're naturally or organicallygoing to get a lot of likes on your business page, itjust isn't going to happen unless you're spending money.

Facebook's a business.

They want you to spendad dollars on Facebook.

So they completely severed organic reach.

Sure you'll get a little bit, but you're not going to get a lot at all.

What I recommend you do ismake your business page.

You can boost, that's whereyou're going to boost listings, boost maybe job openings foryour team, things like that.

You need to have a businesspage to run ads on Facebook.

So you need a business page,you want a business page.

So let's first talk abouta Facebook business page.

I see so many timesagents are really worried about their Facebookbusiness page, however, Facebook has completelycut off organic reach.

I mean, yeah, you're going toget a little bit of organic reach but for the most part, it'sgot to be paid traffic.

Facebook's a business andwith their new algorithm for that content that you'reputting on that business page to be seen, you need to pay money for it.

So just set up yourFacebook business page.

You know, just put up yourpicture, make a banner, you can use Canva.


Com's amazing tomake a Facebook banner.

Make it look professional.

And do update it with content.

But don't spend a lot of time, don't really worry about it too much because most of thatcontent's not going to be seen probably for a long time untilyou build up a lot of likes, which is really hard to do unless you're spending a lot of money.

So what I want you todo is just set that up and anytime you get a listing, you're going to wantto boost that listing.

And you do that throughyour Facebook business page, that's how you're goingto run Facebook ads.

You need to have all thatif, it might help you to have a tutorial on how to do that, maybe a screen share going more in depth of Facebook business pageand ads, let me know.

Post in the comments below and that could be a videoI'd do in the future.

But what's more important rightnow with Facebook is groups.

Facebook loves groups.

So what I recommend doingwith Facebook groups is adding all of your sphere,all of your past clients, anyone that you know locally, add them to the Facebook group.

What's cool about itis you can just add 'em and they're in the group.

When you post in the group,they get a little notification that you've posted in the group.

When you go live in thegroup, they get a notification that you have gone live.

And what's really neat about it is there can be two-way discussion, you can start to build a community inside of that Facebook groupfor your local community that you're looking to helppeople buy and sell homes in.

It's much more powerful thana Facebook business page.

If Facebook just says, hey,we want people using groups, it's a free way, we'regoing to let you interact, we're going to let youshare ideas, content.

And they said with, basicallyto the business pages, hey, if you want to, as a business, for the world to see yourcontent, you have to pay for it.

That's just the reality.

So do this.

So step one, set up your business page.

Step two, set up your group.

If it was me, I wouldname it something like, you know, my real estatebusiness was in Charlotte, I would name it CharlotteCommunity, or something like that.

Or it could even be Mida Real Estate Past Clients and Sphere.

Something like that.

You know, I probablywouldn't use those names.

I would spend a little moretime thinking about it.

But pick a name that you like.

I'd have your geographicarea for sure in it and possibly maybe yourname or the team name.

Something like Mida RealEstate Greater Charlotte.

Something like that.

That name's much better.

Maybe go with something like that.

And what I want you to do isevery time that you make a post in that group, and thingsthat you could post could be like communityevents that are comin' up, news, things that happened,post new listings, you can post marketupdates, things like that.

And whenever you post in the group, go ahead and just take that same post and put it on your business Facebook page.

That way you're not spending too much time running both of 'em.

But that Facebook group isreally what's going to start to take legs and startto build your business.

And eventually, after you keepnetworking and selling houses and getting referrals,and every time you do, you add a person to that group,you're going to really start to build this communitythat's really locked to you.

And when they go to sell their house after you helped thembuy it five years ago, by staying active in that community, you're going to be their listing agent.

It's such a great way to justkeep touching your database on a regular basis withvalue, value, value in a very non-salesy way.

You don't even have to call, text, direct mail, none of that.

I recommend doing allthat in addition to this, but this is just such anamazing way to be touching them on a daily, weekly basis.

The key is is just providinggood content in that group.

Let me know what you think.

If you have questions,post them in the comments.

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