today we are at the cleaning show inLondon there are thousands of industry experts gathered here to talk about thelatest products give seminars on the latest news in the industry and networkand meet friends we're going to be asking all of the industry experts whatis their number one tip to grow a successful cleaning business none let'sgo ask them what is your number one tip for growing a successful cleaningbusiness I think for the year the cleaning industry or cleaning businessof the large one of the crucial issues is persistencethat is don't give up keep trying but I think that the by and large the historyhas shown us that if you are still in big business after two years and thenthe chances are that you've won successful formula but getting to thattwo-year point is crucial yes the other thing I think with Germanwhich I say to most people who are looking to start a business is you willgo into a business with a limited amount of resources use them very wisely andfor us one of the criteria that we always feel is that training anddevelopment money is never wasted if you look if you've got to spend your moneymake sure that people are best suited to do their job they're trained they'recompetent and they're very much able to do the jobs which you put in front ofthem what is your number one tip for growing a clearly Business Survey don'tservice for all your customers I think the number one tip I would have is knowyour market list you've actually got to know what you're trying to do and howyou're going to actually get the the pinnacle is it is I mean anybody canstart up a business and just thank you right I've got an ideathis is tremendous but you've got to know who's gonna buy who's looking forthat they're worth the demand where's the demand coming from how you're goingto finance it whatever so it's marketplace where should people stopwell there's a spin take the cleaning show you come to the cleaning show youtalk to the people here this is a fabulous Center to network but as wellas that knowing local demand going in talking in the local supermarkets or inthe local shops cinemas all these sort of places where you can start to seewhere people are starting to congregate talk to them what do they need whatwhat's missing in that location or all right and then start to formulate toyour business plan put that together that's the right question speak to theright people well you actually have to because peoplebuy from people and don't buy for I know a lot of people buy online and othermagazines and all that so don't feel it respect who do you like and who do youwant to and very much doing the taping industry really once you get a goodcleaner once you get people in the G trust coming in you know they're notgoing to take anything they should be taking or take liberties if not turningup at the right times whatever once you get somebody into that position to trustthe cleaning industry you're relying on because it's your washer image of outthe rooms it's here for your employees it's a could be mum and dad for therewas a domestic thing it's really about building that trustkeeping that trust thank you so much so really build trust with the people thatyou'd go into start selling to so I might have one tip for growing asuccessful cleaning business is that when you're looking to go to businesswith someone look for more than someone that it's just a supplier of equipmentwe really want to be partner into somebody they can offer you consultancydiscuss your processes with them to make you more productive is a cleaningcontractor and also the most important part is always the service backup thatthey can find to you that would be my number one thank you so much for joiningus Michelle what is your number one tip for growing and sustaining a successso we've exciting things that it may appear expensive to train your teams athow expensive could it be that amazing point what is your number one tip for growinga successful cleaning business so my number one tip would be trying to sellon price definitely definitely definitely go the service and what's theproblem on price if you sell on price then you're just always going toeventually get outdone by somebody and what you'll end up doing is you you losethe market and you'll end up having to race to the bottomperfect so instead you want to sell yourself on you want to sell on qualitythe amazing service amazing thank you Mike what is your number one tip forthrowing in a cleaning business well I think you've got to have integrityanything you do and when you do that turn that's integrity thank you mate sowith your 33 years of experience what is the number one tip you'd give to someoneif they wanted to work in the cleaning industry be enthusiastic about what youdo amazing and we can tell you are you've been explaining all the productswas and we're excited all all the soaps and know your knowledge but no theirknowledge about what you could use what chemicals are there what type of whatwas you you have and be enthusiastic about the people you work with amazingadvice thank you so much for your time no worries alien thank you so much forjoining us so what is your number one tip for grow in and sustain in asuccessful without hesitation training andeducation if you're getting too you have to know what you docleaning is the application of scientific knowledge matter whetheryou're cleaning the toilet or sweeping the chimney there is elements of scienceso by training and educating the people that are doing it to do it correctlysafely for themselves and the environment they're a long way towardshaving a successful business we have had an amazing day at the cleaning show meetin the industry experts and in them how to grow a successful cleaning businessnow light it to grow a successful cleaning business is care about yourcustomers whether you're going into someone's house cleaning a big officeblog or even a huge hospital the people that you're servicing care about thework you do you're giving them peace of mind you making them walk into abeautifully clean and safe environment so what you're doing is so important soput the customers at the heart of everything you do now as you can seefrom all these industry experts there isn't one way to grow a clean intobusiness there is a one quick fix but all of these little tips put togethergrow an amazing business have integrity be enthusiastic train your staff makesure that every person you service you care about all them things combined canhelp you grow an amazing cleaning business that's me back home after thecleaning show if you've enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up itallows other people to find it and it makes me really happyand if you can't wait on more tips on how to grow your cleaning business thenjoin our Facebook group we have over a thousand cleaning business owners in thegroup swapping tips on what's working and what isn't to help each other grow abetter business it's an amazing community and I would 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