hey guys I'm back with a new video andtoday we are going to do my everyday go to look when I choose to do my makeupI have an item that probably is discontinued that I have been holdingonto for a long time that I love dearly and it is a L'Oreal hip studio secretsmetallic shadow duo in sculpted and I love this this little duo and Iwould love to show you guys how I use it so stay tuned for what I'm gonna do nextI've already applied tape to both sides of my face to give myself a guide ofwhere I'm going to take my eyeshadow to and no further allow I'm gonna blend iteasily and smoothly to give like an amazing look so let's get started I'mgonna prime my eyes with the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion next I'm going to take the L'Oreal hipstudio secrets duo in sculpted number 106 I love this I'm gonna place thepurpley bronze shade on 1/3rd of my lid like thevery center I'm gonna place the darker shade on the outside corner and I'mgoing to place a lighter shade on my inner corner so first I'm gonna use a flatshader brush where the purpley shade on the center of my lid now I'm gonna take a pencil brush anddip into the dark shade of this little duo and place it in the outer corner bringing it in and doing the same forthe other side next I'm going to take a morphine 510and blend out the outer corner attack and the same thing for the other side okay we're going to go back in with theflat shader brush and add more of the burgundy purple shade where the two meet taking the M 510 and just swirlingthose two together very lightly till you have this next I'm gonna take the TooFaced I want Kandee 2017 palette and we'regonna use the lightest shade in here which is called whipped cream.

I'm going to use the Mac 217 this might work I'll see how it goes and place thaton my inner corner I'm blending it into the burgundy purplish shade now which is every bar for this bring that down to your lower lashlineright here on your inner tear duct area and we're going to take that Morphe M 510 and blend that together where they meet jut opening it up alittle bit and add a little bit.

next I'm gonna place whipped cream just under thearch of my brow which apparently is not existent but we'll just go with itbesides the morphe am 510 to blend that out real quick towards a subtlehighlight then I'm gonna use the the almay intense eye color gel smoothliner in black to line my upper lash line well I still have my tape line touse it as a guide for where my eyeliner will stop I'm also gonna color my lashesa little bit right at the edge of my lash line to cover up my pale lashes forwhen I put on mascara same for the other side okay now I'm gonna do my lower lashlinealso with this I'm a black eyeliner on my waterline okay for mascara I'm gonnause this one I'll use the Smashbox full exposure mascara on myupper lashes and my lower lashes my bottom eyelashes as well so they don't actually look invisible.

thank you so much for watching this video I hope youenjoyed my look please leave a comment below and let me know what you thought Iwould love to communicate with you guys in the chat and don't forget tosubscribe like and or share.