MALE NARRATOR: This is Earth.

Maybe you've heard of it? I sure hope so,because you live on one of its sevencontinents! (upbeat music) If you love history,then buckle up for a trip to Europe,the birthplace of some of the most famouscivilizations ever! ♪ ♪ Europe is the second smallestof the continents, but for its sizein population, it takes third place,right behind Asia and Africa.

Europeans live in someincredible places, from the largest islandin the world, Greenland, to the smallest nationin the world, Vatican City.

About 10% of the world'spopulation live in Europe, from the subtropicalbeaches of Monaco to the polar tundrasof Norway.

♪ ♪ You have to brave the cold to see some of Europe'snatural wonders! Iceland has one of the bestviews of nature's light show, the Northern Lights.

♪ ♪ If you are notafraid of heights, head to the borderof Italy and Switzerland.

You can climb one of the mostfamous mountains in the world, the Matterhorn.

It looks likea giant tooth, right? Some of Europe's wonderswere built by hand.

You may have heard of a few, like the Eiffel Tower that soars above the cityof Paris, France.

It was once the tallestbuilding in the world and has almost 7 millionvisitors every year.

Or check out the Colosseumin Rome, Italy.

It's the biggest amphitheaterin the world, made of stone and concrete and built almost 2,000years ago! ♪ ♪ In the 6th centuryin Athens, Greece, amazing artistic theatersand temples were built.

Ancient Greeks lovedwatching plays and hosting special eventsto honor their gods.

The celebrations heldin the city of Olympia inspired the world'sOlympic Games.

Europe is filledwith more than just amazing places and people.

It's also hometo a few amazing animals.

In the western forestsof Europe, you may heargrey wolves howling, brown bears hunting, or golden eaglessoaring overhead! In eastern Europe, you may see the rare Euroasian Lynx and the European bison.

On the northern edgesof Europe, you may even seea polar bear! Europe is packed,with over 742 million people in 47 countries,enjoying beautiful views of mountains and valleys,coastlines and skylines.

Europe is fullof incredible sights and fascinating cultures.

No wonder the most visitedcontinent on Earth is– you guessed it–Europe! Captioned by Captionmax.