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And, welcome to the first of the Tokyo Ramen Series.

I have three ramen from three shops today.

Very fun.

Today's theme is Spicy Ramen Are you ready? do not know But there is no choice.

I'm Frank.

My work is ramen.

I preside over Tokyo ramen tour.

And I'm doing a blog called 5amramen.

He knows all about ramen.

Here's a shop called Demon gold stick Known for super hot miso ramen You can choose the degree of pain as well as the numbness level.

It can be very hard.

Here is the pioneer of the numbing-type miso The taste that the store has not been done, the mouth is numb Like mapo tofu? Oh yeah, Sichuan-styled mountain pass Is it okay? I believe At first look at this shop It's interesting The interior of the store is Like a haunted house I chose normal pain.

You can choose the severity level from 1 to 5 There is no charge for 1-4 If you want more pain, You can do it by adding 100 yen Satoshi eats it today Now everyone, I'm sorry I'm a wimp I chose the usual hotness Pakuchikarashibi miso noodles Try coriander on this And baked young corn To many coffins Bean sprouts Let's try the soup Not so intense looks delicious Look down I like it Not so hard Spicy Not ordinary miso ramen There is depth and complexity Get some noodles Just good Kosi It was good at this level of pain Not too hot Right hotness I look forward to the face of two people I ordered the super hot thing Boiled to miso ramen It's a huge rice bowl From the soup Delicious See this It's a beautiful noodle Thick and flat surface delicious I have not received it for a while.

Super delicious miso ramen Look at the size of this meat Maybe the biggest one I've ever seen strong It's very soft Very soft Melt in the mouth, a little sweet But this sweetness goes well with the hotness This is Karashibi miso noodles I'm getting tired, I'm getting tired I think it's twice as hot, no more than twice This dark beautiful soup lover The level of pain is still good But there is no limit It is wow Came soon The taste is delicious Not only painful Mildness and hotness Numbness is combined very well Moderately good noodles Numbness level goes up further When I got noodles, Spice touches my lips That is.

Sweat This charsyu It helps me very much Very delicious Neutralize the hotness I have a special spice ramen Pork, etc.

are in the egg on the egg in burdock And with ordinary spice ramen And I also get a mix of soba One gets six times more spicy than normal 250 yen plus I hope I'm not too hot At first from soup Very thick soup I think it is darker than soup curry delicious Not different I talked to the owner but it's not curry Spice Ramen is a new category In addition to traditional ramen of Japan I think it is a new category Taste of cumin Very unique taste It has the richness of pork Various spices give a strong impact It brings out the taste Very delicious There are many ingredients Many things are included very delicious The noodles are often associated with the soup I will wrap the noodles well It has a texture like curry I have a chrysanthemum.

that's interesting You are often in pork bones and so on Hakata Ramen and Kane The petal also goes Yes Yes Chrysanthemum This is a burdock In this corner chicken? Is it pork? It's quite greasy Good taste.

Not as sweet as before I did not order hard But my body gets warm.

I took off my sweater.

My hair has also been disturbed by sweat Because I enjoyed it very much Very unique ramen My spice ramen Who eats the hardest? It's me You can get six times more painful at 250 yen Like this Looks as delicious as the specials I like this tool.

Soft-boiled egg, etc Peanuts are also included.

Strange, is not it Paprika I also have a jellyfish And so on Look at the noodles.

It's red A little scary Very good spice taste Flavor like curry spice But not the curry itself but the taste of the spice in the curry The soup is very delicious There is a little bit too much.

What come from? Not super hard But I do not get tired of eating I'm worried about the taste of this peanut It was not peanuts.

It's a cashew nut Put noodles and onions Nuts go well with noodles I did not know that ramen would go with cashew nuts.

It looks like an egg, isn't it? I know that I like eggs in ramen The state is still in the middle I'll eat this soup and eat This makes the taste mild.

It's heaven.

My 6x Spice Ramen is Still okay I'm sweating It's tough, but it's going to be a level The taste is good My spice mix soba No soup noodles I have a soup.

Just a bit There is a soup in the bottom A little bit Super hot soup I will mix it before eating Topping is the same as spice ramen Very unique What should I say? It looks like curry But not It's not curry spices.

Cumin something like that I will get a burdock This is funny This burdock has a very good taste Sometimes burdock is earthy, This is different It's a good taste Feeling that the spice has been absorbed It is the end It is a gold pot It is famous for soup-free carrier noodles The third branch of Spice Ramen Tour This shop is very delicious.

Favorite shops around here In Kamiyacho, close to Roppongi This, carrier noodle I love this look.

Beautiful Look at this color Is it Rah oil? Sesame paste or soup There is a shellfish break, On pepper Noodle is like this The smell is great Look at the soup Hey hey At first from soup This is delicious Perfect carrier noodles This is a well-balanced carrier for the first time Hotness level is 3 Not so hard Two things so far are too intense? It's just hot I like this minced meat Is it a pig or a cow? The soup is very complicated This is a really delicious carrier noodle This is Chengdu Chengdu style carrier noodles This is the first time Is it harder than others? Hotness level 5 Usually 3 5 Very fun It is the end of today Last round Because it is the last mix I have no soup I feel no juice than noodles without juice Noodles stick quite Delicious A little miserable It's painful, but it will come later Spicy like pepper Black sesame black pepper or something like that The noodles got stuck and it became such big Delicious.

It is painful still alive Very delicious, I will refresh Good for summer.

It's not hot and there is no oil inside I have no soup carrier noodles Look at this beautiful rose Is it red sauce, chili oil? Mizuna on pepper And pepper Sesame is full The smell looks delicious Incredible scent Noodles are very thick Is it meat? Minced meat? For me, the hotness 3 is very mild I'm fine The sesame flavor is very rich Moderately reduces the pain Umami is full That's the key to this carrier noodle I also ate satoshi's soup-free carrier noodles This source is great Very rich in flavor, I like this most Very happy You are still alive Today's three ramen, all different Every ramen is different I think that I want to eat more now Juice-free carrier noodle It is the last No soup noodles, that was very delicious It's the best carrier noodles, my It depends on the mood at that time, but The first shop was very thick, It was very delicious.

It's a cold day The temperature of the miso melts and it is also rich.

How about Satoshi? Which one did you like? The second spice ramen That was a unique experience for the first time I can't forget that either I still have to go Today's shop, I think I have to go anywhere How was your ramen video today? As I said at the beginning This is the first of a new Tokyo Ramen series Speak with Frank of 5amramen I am looking forward to the next time I'm looking forward to What kind of shop will you introduce I'm looking forward to eating with two people Thanks for watching Also at the next ramen adventure.