I own a website and the domain name, electricianleeds.


Comwhich is designed to attract new leads and clients for Electricians in Leeds.

I've becomeinvolved with clients in a different city, and wish to sell this particular website anddomain name to an electrician or electrical company in Leeds like yours that would benefitfrom it.

The standard fee for a website, and in demand,domain name of this nature is £1,199, but since it is not yet customized for a specificcompany I may be willing to accept a much lower offer for a quick sale.

Try me :-)The domain name itself is a premium dot com domain, as it contains the exact keywordspeople search for when looking online for an electrician in Leeds.

This is a uniquedomain name and only one electrician can own this domain.

Also note that the website itself is super easy to edit and change any way you want.

Your business details and phone number can easily be integrated.

Which we will edit forthe successful buyer.

You will note the "blog" link at the bottom,which contains several quality articles.

The whole website has been perfectly tuned tonaturally attract search engines.

I'm wanting to sell quickly, and am contactingmany electricians in Leeds.

The first one to reply to this email will get first shotat owning this at a fraction of its true value.

I appreciate your time.

Feel free to contactme via email or phone if you'd like to discuss.


ComSincerely, Gordon BallWebwisetrading.

Com 07809 237354 http://electricianleeds.

Com is FOR SALE.

Afantastic keyword rich local domain name for any electrian or electrical contractor inthe city of Leeds.


ComElectricians in Leeds work with electrical power.

They install, test, and maintain wiring,lighting systems, and fixtures in homes and businesses.


Com Electricians work indoors and outdoors.

Theywork in new construction and in existing buildings.

Electricians should have a basic understandingof mathematics, including algebra, and good problem-solving skills.

Experienced electricianscan work with architects and help design electrical systems for new buildings.

Electricians alsowork with alternative energy sources that turn wind or sunlight into electricity.