-Eddie, you play a wizard in "Fantastic Beasts:The Crimes of Grindelwald.

" Were you into magicas a kid at all? -I was — I was properly — I was sort of embarrassinglyinto magic as a kid.

'Cause I — you know how kids have magiciansfor their birthday and stuff? -Yeah.

-But normally untilabout the age of 8, 9 may be pushing it, 10, 11.


-At age 15, 18,no one came to the parties, but I still had — I was stillinviting magicians, so.

-Really?-Yeah, yeah, properly in to it.

-I remember getting booksout of the library that were justmagic trick books.

I think they technicallycounted as books, so I was reading –I was reading books.

-A proper book.

-Yeah, exactly.

-I had a little brother who was about six years youngerthan me, so it was the perfect audience.

I could do magic tricks on him.

I tried ventriloquism.

And he got to about the age ofwell, 3, being able to speak, and he was like, "I can seeyour mouth is moving.

" -"Yeah, I'm notgoing to do that.

" -No.

So that was the end of my — -But do you remember any tricks? -I can do a trick for you,Jimmy.


-I can try.

-All right,this will be fantastic.

All right, here we go.


I need a — -Oh, wow, here we go.

Sure, yeah.

-I basically — I basicallywore a roll neck because I feel likeonly magicians can pull off roll necks.

And, like, so — Okay, so herein this pocket here.


-Not in that pocket.

In this pocket.

I have a special somethingfor you, Jimmy.

And it's a letter with your namewritten on it in really, like,Hogwartsian writing.

-Yes, it is.

-I just want you to hold that.

I want you to hold that.

Just keep that, look at that.

Hold it.

Don't touch it.

Just look at it.


Next out,what do I have in my — Oh, here,I have a pack of cards.


-Not any cards.

Actually,Jimmy Fallon brand cards.

-Oh, yeah.

We do have our ownkind of — we have our — -You have your ownbrand of cards! That's the greatest thing ever! Okay.

-Isn't that awesome? -So I'm going to takethese cards out.

And because they'reyour own brand, you know that there's nothingdodgy about these cards.

-These are, like, professional.

These are the best cardsyou can get.

-In the world.

Okay, good.


-So, I'm just gonna — I'm gonnabasically take these cards.

I'm gonna rifle through them.

And I want to you shout "stop"when you feel like it.



But you have to shout it.

Okay?Ready, steady, go.

-Stop!-Okay, I want you tolook at that card.


-Can you see the card, Jimmy? -Yes, I can.

-Can you guys? Can the camera see the card?-Yes.

-Okay, okay, okay.

I want youto remember that card.

Can you see the card?Okay, good.

Now, can you help me? -Okay, of course.

-Remember that spellwe just learned? -Yes.

-Can you lick — [ Laughter ] I want you to lick this.

I'm going to try to makethe card disappear, and I need your spittle, Fallon.

[ Laughter ] -Oh, my gosh.

I knew somethingwas coming up with that.

All right, so you want meto lick this? -I just want to tryand make that card disappear.

But I need you to kind ofthink of the card, and I need to you lickthe pack of cards.

And my hands might vibrateas it happens.

[ Laughter ] -Okay.


Okay, good work.

Let's see if it's gone, okay? So can you see your card here,anywhere there, Jimmy? -No.


A little flourish.

-Wow, yeah.

-Can you see your card there,anywhere here? -No, I can't.

-No! This has nothing to dowith the trick.

I just love doing it.

Anywhere there? -Bizarre.


-No, no, Jimmy, well, no, because I have a potionin my roll neck that I brought from Hogwarts,all the way.

And it is made — This is crushed powdermade with Niffler feces.


-That was a bit much, wasn't it?-It was a bit much.

Yeah, yeah, but still,it's good.

I like it.

Enjoying this.

-You see, there's nothingin my hand.


There's nothing in your hand.

-So I'm going to takethis excrement here.


Be careful with that.

-And I'm going to gently just pour that over my hand.

-I hope I don'thave to lick this.


-Here we go.


[ Blows ] -Hmm.

-Think of your card, Jimmy.


Whoa, look at that! Seven of diamonds.

[ Cheers and applause ] There's more.

There's more!-There's more, there's more, there's more,because look in your envelope.

[ Drumroll ] -This is what I think it is.

Wow, it's wax.

-It's waxed.

-Wow!-It could be an invitationto Hogwarts.

That might be slightly moreexciting than what it is.

-Dude, you did it, man.

Oh, my gosh!Look at that! Look at that!You see it? [ Cheers and applause ] You know what you're doing!You know what you're doing! Eddie Redmayne, everybody!.