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This is Lyle with no hippie barbecue rep you make it today they're going to be some Easy Fritters with peppers and tomato frizz this recipe is kind of a collaboration that I asked forwith tech chef mom kids bloomer she turned me on to these Amish applefritters those fritters were so awesome so I figuredout after she wants to knock out some Vegetarian frittersso my cows to her was to come up with her most creative fritter anyway I'mreally particular link to her channel can i cart a book and the descriptionbelow as well as her video so run by there take a look at her video anywayhow I came up with this Ralphie was I had a subscriber of mine caddesi andhippy what's up say that she walks to one of my videos and a tomato Frittervideo and showed as one of the suggested videos watch so I came up with thetomato aspect from there and I was speaking to one of my favorite friendsand we were you know we were kind of going back and forth about some hatchgreen chile peppers so hatch chili pepper season is right around the cornerI still have a bag of frozen lips which I had here thought out and dragged offso we're going to use those so I can add all that out of my refrigerator for whathatch green chile needed arrived I can get some fresh anyway talk about thegreens or any we are going to need 3/4 of a cup of flour great way to throwthat in I'm going to be using one and a half tablespoons of sugartypically the credit risk these are going to roll it about one tablespoon ofsugar but these peppers are actually hot I'm going to add a little bit moresweetness concept that so this I'm going with two teaspoons ofbaking powder not baking soda I'm going with one and a half teaspoons of saltsalt is always going to be to your taste if you like more feel free and more feelwinning donating we're going with one tablespoon of cornmeal so you got thatin now we're going to get with this milk and one three-quarters of a cup of milkwe're going to stir this in alright so once we have this stirredinner my going in we're going to hit with these Tomatoes this is two romatomatoes that have been diced up now I'm not sure how many tomatoeswe're actually I'm needing this recipe something's got my wallet okay what'sthis batter to be kind of like a pancake batter consistency but it doesn't matterif there's some vegetables they're kind of spoken out with it can be fine we'regoing to select them I'd say that's about one and a quarter tomatoes andwe're going with the best 12 ounces those hatch green chile we're going togo ahead and mix this up I'm going to hide all this it looks like we're finethere what I'm going to do with the rest of it or some of this great chili is onmy go ahead we're going to make it soft with this this is going to be a simplesoft I'm really not going to put a recipe in the description booth becauseit's just something that I throw together so I'm gonna have some sourcream some lime juice some cilantro and this green chili give me the stuff we'regoing to kind of did it with anyway we got this batter mixed up come on let's take a little bit batterthe second we're going to get it over the stove kind of what our batter islooking like if you were to take all these green chili peppers and tomatoesout this would be just about like a pancake batter I have my stove gettingheated up I have about a quarter of an inch of oil in the skillet and I'm goingto get the temperature of the oil to around that mid 300 mark it looks likeour oil is up to temperature we're going to go ahead and start laying down thesefritters and I'm using a big spoon a tablespoon or a little bit more than atablespoon would be a great three fritter we're just going to put them in and I've done this before three of theseis probably the perfect amount for this skillet we're going to cook that untilthey turn brown now usually happens pretty quick we'regetting a little browning on the edges we're going to go ahead and flip thisI'm going to use another spoon just to keep it from splashing down when we flipit we're going to go ahead and finish this until they're golden brown on thatbut never a chop ready to come out so we're going to go ahead and put these onwe're going to go ahead and put these on a rack all right those are good to goI'm going to cook another batch of these and I'm waving the tape with you I'mwaiting to really see what these taste like these fingers are a rest I want to hitit made some soft really the sauce was just and I don't have a recipe for itbut it was just sour cream some of the hats green chilies some cilantro softsugar and lime juice anyway let's begin we get some of this sauce on here OKs winter now I'm going to take someadaptive without the sauce but I know I have those green chilies in that shopand once they might just taste it playing in the fritter this right hereis a must try you know you know me you know I love not pepper this was a greatway for me to get rid of my frozen tenders with actually season comingright around the corner and hook up a subscriber with something she thoughtshe might like anyway like I said we'll leave a link the Hitchin romp in Lordlike articles and description below run by her channel and see what you came upwith it's part of her friends go an This Easy Fritter recipe were some of the best fritters I have even tried.

This is an easy hot to cook recipe.