Tying your own bow tie can be, let's justsay, a little frustrating.

I've been there before.

Trust me, I feel your pain.

I'mBrian Sacawa, you're watching He Spoke Style, and today I'm showing you theabsolute easiest way to tie a bow tie.

[MUSIC] One disclaimer before we start is thatin order to use this method you have to be able to disconnect your bow tie intotwo halves.

Now you can see the bow tie I am using here is from Le Noeud Papillon andit has a hook in the back that allows you to take the two halves apart.

Thismethod is actually one that Nicholas, the owner of Le Noeud Papillon, teaches and Iam going to show you how it's done.

Okay, first thing we're going to do is todisconnect the two halves.

And then we're going to move the hook end to the leftand the slider end to the right.

Next we're going to fold the hook end over tostart making the bow.

Now when you do this, you want to fold it over a littleless than the complete bow will be because later on when we tighten it, itwill actually expand just a little to the size that we want.

Next we're goingto fold over the other side and make it the same size.

And then place it on topof the other piece.

Now grab it with both hands and flip it over.

Next, put yourindex finger of your right hand towards the center of the bow, take the hook endand fold it up towards the center, like so.

Now hold the hook end in place withyour right hand and flip the bow over.

Bring it up and now you can see that weactually have our bow starting to form.

Now with both thumbs holding the hookend, we're going to take the bow flip it over towards us and bring the hook endup once more.

Now with your left hand, hold the hook end in the center, fold theright part of the bow over and hold them both in place with your left hand.

Next,fold the slider end up and bring the right side of the bow back down.

Now takethe hook end and move it over the slider end, then bring the slider end around andthread it back under the loop end.

Then we're going to tie it off.

And turn itover and see how we did.

Now at this point, if your bow does not look perfect,that's totally fine.

Now is the time we're going to adjust it to how we wantit to look.

You can move the knot over.

You can add a dimple in.

And the finalthing that I like to do is to give it a really firm pull and tighten the knot.

I prefer tight knot over one that is loose.

And there you have it! Perfectly tied andready to be worn.

Now I know that may have seemed like a lot of steps andyou'll probably have to watch this video a couple two or three times to get thehang of it.

I certainly had to practice tying a bow tie this way a handful oftimes before I really felt comfortable and confident doing it.

I really preferthis method over tying it while it's around my neck.

I can do it thatway, but I feel like I get a much more satisfactory result tying it on thetable like this.

I also feel like I have a lot more control over things, like howI get the dimple exactly how I want it and that's sort of a very importantdetail that I like to have when I wear a bow tie.

If this video helped you tie a bowtie with less frustration, give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment.

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