– [Dunk] Sony didn't do fucking shit this year! Bunch of bitches.

Now, it's time for Microsoft to strike back.

They unveiled their next console the Xbox Scarlett which will launch with Halo Infinite.

"Now, let's take a look at gameplay for Halo Infinite!" [ ♪ "Halo" – Halo: Combat Evolved OST ♪ ] – [Lady] "We're looking at frame rates.

" "up to 120 frames per second.

" – [Dunk] Holy shit! 120 frames per second? That's like 10 video games at the same time! Gotta get that new Xbox Red.

Gotta get- – [Keanu Reeves] "Cyberpunk 2077!" (cheering) "Cyberpunk 2077.

" (more cheering) "CYBERPUNK.

" (laughter, cheering) – [Dunk] How did they get the guy from Fortnite to be in this? The most fascinating thing about Cyberpunk is the world it takes place in, the environments are so dense and full of bizarre little details.

So many little moments of showing you a story instead of telling you one.

The thing is Breath of the Wild just kind offucking murdered every other open-world game.

They just feel kind of ancient now.

I had a lot of fun with Red Dead and Spider-Man, but neither of those games benefited from being open-world and that's going to be the big obstacle for Cyberpunk.

Trying to make sense out of that format.

– [Tom Mustaine] "Fuck yeah,We put a Battle Royale in Fallout 76!" (cheering) "That's right!" Who the fuck are these people clapping? Doom Eternal.

Now that's what I'm talking-Now we're talking real shit! Look at this Doom guy.

swinging on monkey bars, he's got a Tracer dash, he's got a grapple hook.

There's a big emphasis on mobility and that signature intensity Doom is able to achieve without being inaccessible to more casual players.

This year, E3 made history by having EA show off 1 interesting videogame.

"Star Wars: Fallen Jedi.

" – [Greg Miller] "Please, keep it going, they're making a Star Wars game!" [Only one guy clapping] – [Stig Asmussen] "It's Star Wars.

" [One single clap] – [Dunk] The influences here are very obvious, which may not be a bad thing.

He grabs the Stormtrooper and puts them in front of the laser.

Oh! Fucking took that R2-D2 – (R2-D2 screaming) You can throw the lightsaber at people.

It looks fun! It's not gonna be the next God of War, but it might be better than the Star Wars Holiday Special.

I hope.

– [Greg] "I wanna point out though, in the Twitch Chat" "Gwyn96 says.

" – [Text to Speech voice] "This game sucks my pee pee dick" – [Greg] "Uhm.

" (The developers laugh) – [PD-01] "The combat looks like shit-shit"(Text to Speech voice again) "Thank You, PD-01.

" – [Dunk] Look at all this shit we got coming up.

Blazing Chrome, Cyber Shadow, Shovel Knight: King of Cards, Eagle Island, Call of Duty, Mario Maker 2, Astral Chain, Outer Worlds, Egypt game,(In the Valley of the Gods) Ori 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Last of Us 2- Watch_Dogs Grandma! Now.

What the fuck? Apparently in Watch_Dogs 3 you can play as any NPC in the game including the grandma character.

This is such a wacky gimmick that I really cannot see panning out in any meaningful way.

But the grandma gameplay speaks for itself.

– [John Gibson] "And, uh.

" "And, uh.

" "And, uh.

" "And, uh.

but" "It's like GTA if you were a Shark.

" – [Dunk] Hollow Knight 2! – [Clay Davis] "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeettttt" – [Dunk] Are you looking at what I'm seeing here? If you like Metroidvanias then you'll love Hollow Knight.

Such a polished, complete videogame, like Doom Eternal.

When you have a formula this potent all you have to do is give us more.

[ ♪ Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Music ♪ ] Final Fantasy Remake is the game where people who love Final Fantasy VII are going to realize just how fucking stupid the story to that game is.

It's essentially the confusion of the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise rolled into one game.

It looks great, that orchestrated soundtrack is incredible, but it could go two ways.

It could go this way.

or this way.

We'll have to see.

Speaking of bat-shit convoluted stories, Death Stranding is coming out this year.

It's crazy how little we actually know about this game, so close to its release.

Kojima describes the game as a trek across the United States to link together its disparate communities,who have walled themselves off from each other.

I'm a hundred percent sold on that premise, I just don't understand how that translates to gameplay.

Dude has a big-ass ladder and he hits people, and sometimes he has to sneak through a bunch of ghosts.

It's touching on timely themes while at the same time having a character called Die-Hardman and I can't wait to see what the hell that game is.

Psychonauts 2! Oh, my jam is back.

Tim Schafer, Erik Wolpaw.

Two of the strongest writers in the video game world and it's been a ride following the development of this game through Double Fine's occasional update videos.

It seems things are finally falling into place for Psychonauts 2 and I sincerely hope it can join the original as one of video games all-time classics.

– [Greg Miller] "It's more epic than Star Wars," "more extreme than Battlefield" "and more competitive than Mada"(Madden) "Fifa," "Apex Legends combined!" "That's right!" – [Dunk] Animal Crossing.

Leah is really excited for this because she saw that you can have a gnome.

Me, personally.

I'm more of Weegee's Castle 3 man, myself.

– [Ikumi Nakamura] "It's spooky.

" – [Dunk] Nintendo is finally listening to the fans and allowing us to play as Gooigi.

Now all they have to do was put in Ghoul-igi.

He- He's a-He's a ghost Luigi.

That Link's Awakening remake looks really fun.



OH! What the.

FUCK? What the FFF- FUCK? What the-? IT'S BANJO! (Gibberish) They put him!They fucking did it! They fucking put in Banjo-Kazooie.

They put him in! They put in- (Laughs) Ah, yeah!And then- And they're doing another Zelda, whatever.

[OUTRO]♪ "Main Title" – Banjo-Kazooie OST ♪.