Earlier this week, I read a really interestingarticles, salon.

Com from Amanda Marcotti talking about the fact that Donald Trump is an absolutedrama addict.

And the reason she talked about Donald Trumpbeing a drama addict is because it seems like Donald Trump actually wants to be impeached,that he craves the drama that comes along with it.

She pointed out the fact that Donald Trumpbrings up impeachment on Twitter, unprovoked.

He brings it up when talking to reportersunprovoked.

And while there are reports that Trump won'teven say the word impeachment behind closed doors with his age, he still talks about itquite frequently.

Any kind of loves to talk about it becauseit's drama.

Marcotti says that Donald Trump has a dramaaddict after all.

The guy was a reality TV star.

Uh, she had a great phrase here.

Uh, he got that job, reality TV star in thefirst place because TV producers seek out human hurricanes within adequate emotionalregulation for those shows.

And yes, that perfectly describes Donald Trump.

So she, she talks about the fact that DonaldTrump likely craves impeachment.

Not necessarily because he wants to be removedfrom office or probably not even because he thinks that'll help him in the campaign, butbecause he loves the drama of it, oh, is something bad going to happen to me? Am I going to win this? Am I going to lose this? I get to attack the Democrats.

This is great and that is something DonaldTrump does crave.

And I do believe her.

I agree with her on this point, but I do alsothink that it goes a little bit further than that.

It would not surprise me to find out thatDonald Trump's secretly wants to be impeached because he wants to be removed from office.

And here's why I feel that way.

Trump hates being president.

Look, that's obvious.

He likes the, the accolades.

He likes being able to meet the queen anddo all kinds of fun stuff.

But he also likes to sit on his ass and watchTV and get on Twitter like any, you know, senior citizen who is retired and play golfand all that kind of crap.

He doesn't want to actually do the work ofbeing president.

He's made that abundantly clear.

So how without admitting that the job is toomuch for you in quitting or losing an election, cause then you're the loser.

How do you get out of this and still looklike the hero for the Republicans? You make yourself a martyrby going through impeachment and being removed from office because then Trump gets to doone of his favorite things, which is play the victim and he will get to do that forthe rest of his life if he gets impeached and removed from office.

So he satisfied there.

He gets to attack Democrats, he'll get togo on Fox News.

Republicans will have him for speaking engagements.

He'll write a book or actually somebody elseto write book and stick his name on it and he'll make millions off that.

He gets to be the martyr for the RepublicanParty in Fox News.

Will praise him every day is a hero who wasunjustly crucified by the Democratic Party, and he also doesn't have to do any of thatpresidential stuff anymore that he seems to hate anyway.

So yes, it wouldn't surprise me if DonaldTrump actually wants to be impeached.

And I do also agree with Marcotti that, yeah,Trump loves the drama.

He loves to have something to bitch about,something to attack Democrats for, and impeachment is giving that to him right now, but the Democratsstill need to move forward with it.

Even if it is what Trump wants in this particularinstance, you need to give him what he wants because it's not going to end the way thathe thinks it is.

You know, that whole scenario I just describedabout him being the martyr.

Yeah, that's not what's actually going tohappen, but that's what he may think could happen if he got impeached and removed.

That's the end.

You know, Richard Nixon didn't go down tosome kind of martyr for the Republican Party.

No, he's a blight on American history.

Trump would be the same.

Not to mention the fact, and Marcotti brilliantlypoints this out to many people in this country have not read them all a report.

They're not going to read the Mueller report.

They don't know how bad it actually is.

But what they would know is that during animpeachment hearing, all kinds of dirty little secrets, which they're not even secrets becausethey're in the Mueller report that people won't read, those are going to come out.

Democrats could force those issues on to peopleeven if they didn't want to know it.

And suddenly Trump's approval rating tanksfrom the low forties to the low thirties and that's gonna spell doom for his reelection.

And that is the best case scenario right nowthat we would get from impeachment.

And that is why, even if the man is cravingit, Democrats in this one instance need to feed Donald Trump's cravings.