Hi beauties! So, today I'll be doing an other Disney Villain look This one is inspired by Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

So, I've of course used red and a yellowy, mustard type of shade.

I've also created this fun, double-winged liner, at the inner corner of the eye.

I hope you're excited for the tutorial, and let's get started.

To prevent the eyeshadows from creasing, I'm applying the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Onto the entire brow bone.

I'll be applying this shadow, called White Chocolate from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

This will just even out the skin tone and also make it easier to blend out colors in the crease.

I want a sharp line at the outer corner, so I'm placing a piece of tape there.

The first shadow that I'll be using in the crease, is this yellowy, orange one called Ginger Pumpkin, by Sigma.

I'm going back and forth, just building up the color.

To make that look even more yellow, I'm going to go over, with this shadow by Star Crushed Minerals, called Hawaiian Hibiscus.

Nexr, I'm going to use this matte, true red shadow called Ryder, by Violet Voss.

I'm packing that all over the lid.

Then, I carefully start blending it up into the crease, with a small blending brush.

Here I'm using a bigger blending brush, to do a final blend.

Now, I can remove the tape.

To give a little bit of a sheen to my brow bone, I'm going to use this shadow, called Lucius, from the Kat Von D Eye Contour palette.

At the inner corner of the eye, I'm going to place this shadow called Laetus, from the same palette.

Along the inner half of my lower lash line, I'm applying the yellow shadow, by Star Crushed Minerals.

Then I'm applying the red to the outer part.

Now, to line my eyes, I'll be using this dark, brown gel liner by Makeup Geek, called Mobster.

Here, I'm creating a small wing at the inner corner.

Then at the outer corner, I'm making a more dramatic wing.

To set that in place, I'll be using this shadow, called Mocha, also by Makeup Geek.

To fill in my waterline, I'll be using Inglot's black gel liner in nr.


And I'm using this to make a double wing, at the inner corner.

To set that, I'll be using Bulletproof by Sugarpill.

In between the double wing, I'm going to place this gold liquid liner, by H&M.

Now, I'm applying the Maybelline The Rocket mascara.

Next, I'll be using these gorgeous Sugarpill lashes, called Sinnocent.

Here you can see the finished eye makeup.

So, for my blush I'm going to use this light peach one.

It's by Makeup Geek and it's called Bliss.

To highlight, I'll be using the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone.

And this is actually the first time, that I'll be trying it out, so I'm super excited! So, let's see.

Oh my God.

It's definitely super super beautiful! (Too excited!) Let me just bathe in this thang, Let me just bathe in this glow, (singing).

I'm also applying that to my nose and onto my cupid's bow.

I'm going to use a sheer, red lip gloss today.

This one is by Makeup Mekka, and it's called I AM.

As always, I hope you like the look and a list of all the products that I've used, will be down in the description bar.

If you click on the Info card, on the screen right now, You will go directly to my playlist, with all my other Disney Villain looks, if you want to see those.

Thank you so much for watching! I hope you have a wonderful day, and I see you soon! Bye bye.