I went to the University of CentralFlorida for business management.

I graduated within four years and accumulated about $35,000 in debt.

when that bill came and it said $560my jaw dropped.

I didn't know what what I was going to do.

I didn't even make $560 a month.

My biggest issue is that I wasn't ableto pay on the loans.

And my lender wasn't really giving me much of an option.

I didn't initially call in.

I had heard about it on the radio, aboutgovernment funding programs.

I actually took it upon myself to do a little bit ofresearch and attempted to do a consolidation on myown and failed miserably.

Direct Student Aid actually did give mea few solutions.

for my payments.

They did make me feelvery comfortable.

They went through each one of my loans.

They went through different payment options for me,some based on income.

And that's the one that I actuallychose.

What they did is they took into account my entire situation.

What I was making monthly, my family size and actuallygave you a quote of about five dollars a month.

I'm actually newly engaged and I'mgetting married in October.

So it did let me take someone of those funds and put it towards a wedding but it also allowed me to be morefinancially stable when I received that first bill in themail for five dollars a month and I didn't have to wonder where I was comingup with the money, if I can pay rent that day, it was just arelief off of my shoulders It felt so great!.