[MUSIC PLAYING] KYLE NORBRATEN: A hugeaspect in mountain biking for us is justthe creative side, being able to visualizesomething and bring it to life.

CURTIS ROBINSON: Our childhood,building in our backyard, has basically evolved intothe Coast Gravity Park.

We get to create our vision andshare it with everyone else.

[MUSIC PLAYING] DYLAN DUNKERTON:With any project it's super importantto find inspiration, and that's kind of thereason we've come here.

It's cool to finally be here.

Being a BC boy, it's kindof one of those things that should have beenchecked off the bucket list a long time ago.

Coming to the Chilcotinsis an unreal experience.

It was pretty cool tohop on a float plane and just go right out intothe depths of the Chilcotins.

We took in the scenicsfor the first time and our jaws werejust on the floor.

[MUSIC PLAYING] DYLAN DUNKERTON: Landedand met the horses and loaded up our gearand began the mission.

CURTIS ROBINSON: And there,we did a hike-a-bike up over the pass and right into theSouth Chilcotin Mountain Park, and we're just shreddingsingle track down right away.

DYLAN DUNKERTON: Riding downinto one of the five cabins that Tyax Adventures has here.

Pretty unreal experiencejust to roll up to camp and be good to go for five days.

Made it to Bear Paw Lodge,just checking out our dig.

CURTIS ROBINSON:Corpsius maximus.

DYLAN DUNKERTON: It's nottoo bad for our first day in the Chilcotins,that's for sure.

Finally checking thatone off the list.

CURTIS ROBINSON: Float planedup over the scenic mountains into Lorna Lake, started offwith 8 and 1/2 k hike-a-bike to descend intocamp, and all of this is our playgroundfor the next week.

[MUSIC PLAYING] DYLAN DUNKERTON: The trailsout in the Chilcotins are really fun, andquite a bit different than what we're usedto, but they're hundreds of years old, formed by horses.

CURTIS ROBINSON: We spendhours hiking and pedaling and traversing justto get to a peak, and we're the onlyones out here.

Nothing beats that.

[MUSIC PLAYING] KYLE NORBRATEN: We're juststoked to be on our bikes no matter what kind of riding itis, so to be out here pedaling, taking this in, andtaking in the scenery is– it's mountainbiking for us.

DYLAN DUNKERTON:That's what makes mountain biking so excitingis just the unknown and just riding new stuff.

At the park and onthe coast in general, we know every square inch.

CURTIS ROBINSON: For us tobe dropping and descending on something thatwe've never ridden before, high speedand not knowing what's around the next corner ispretty unique, so it's a blast.

[MUSIC PLAYING] DYLAN DUNKERTON:Good experiences with good people and good zones.

It just feelsinspiration for us, and that's somethingwe're going to take home and use at the park andtry and create more fun times.

[MUSIC PLAYING] KYLE NORBRATEN: You getto a place like this and things are turned off.

You're just thinking aboutpedaling, eating, sleeping, and having a good time.

So close your computerand go for a ride.