If we have a case for impeachment,that's the place we will have to go.

The fact why I'd like it to be a strong caseis because it's based on the facts.

The facts and the law.

That's what matters, not politics,not partisanship, just patriotism.

– The very next step, either tomorrowor Friday, is we're going into court to ask for the Grand Jury materialand to enforce the subpoena against Mr McGahn.

– People say: "Oh, you're justmessing with the president because you don't like him.

" It's not about not liking the president,it's about loving democracy.

– So we have to paint the pictureof what's going on, a picture of someone who gladlyaccepted help from a foreign power interested in subverting our election,our democratic election process – and that's what it is – subvertingour election process and taking the choice of our president,to some extent, away from the American people.

That's what the Russiansattempted to do and that's what the Trump campaignwelcomed them in doing.

A president who engages in crimes,repeated crimes to cover up these unpatriotic and dictatorial actionsand this cannot go on.

And it's up to Congress tosafeguard the constitution and we will do it.

– I challenge the Democratic colleagues:get over the election of 2016.

Run in 2020 if you want.

This president has put forwarda great economy, this president's put forwardgreat ideas.

Run on those.

Quit trying to dredge up a picturethat today got painted that said you're investigation is over.

Mr Mueller's done his job.

He presented a report.

Someone asked: "Did youfind out anything new?" The answer is no,we've had the report for three months and Mr Mueller simply saidwhat was in the report.

– When you're so focussed on stoppingthe president, it's actually tough to do what's best for the country –and in your specific example – tough to do what's best forour election system.

– I watched the Democratspress conference.

I watched their body language.

I watched what they spoke of.

They know this is not whatthey wanted to see today.

It was not the answersthey wanted to hear.

This should be the endof the chapter of this book that we've putAmerica through.