– Hi everyone andwelcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey.

It's Day 21.

Can you believe it? I say that everyday,I can't believe it.

You're doing amazing.

I'm so excited to beon this ride with you.

Today we takeout our flashlights and we shine our light.

Let's get started.

(bright music) Alrighty my friends, welcome.

Today we'regonna begin standing.

So come on to your mat.

Bring your feetright underneath your hips, so feet hip width apart.

And just stand up nice and tall.

Take a deep breath in,lift your chest just slightly.

And as you exhale,relax your fingertips.

Relax your shoulders.


Today's practiceis about incorporating the whole package,the total body.

Right? But not just as a workout.

As a means ofexploration and finding, again, that essence, that light thatjust really feels like you.

So you're gonna findit in the yummy stuff and I'm going tolovingly challenge you to find it in thedifficult things too.

We'll just see what happens.


So with feet hip width apart,knees slightly bent, we've been here before together.

You didn't think wewere just gonna do it once in this whole journey.

Let's take thefingertips left to right for a little warm up ofKnocking on Heaven's Door.

And since we'vedone this once before you can kind of pick upthe pace here to begin with.

And the main thing toconsider is just that you leave any, anythingthat's holding you back.

Any judgment,any of your inhibitions.

Let it go so we canshine a little light in the dark places,some of those little nooks and cranniesthat just don't get any love because there's aroadblock or a hiccup or a bad memory or a pieceof shame or whatever it is.

And then the otherthing is to keep your knees bent a little bit,just to protect your joints.

Okay, and then the lastthing is to have fun.

So slap yourbooty if feels good.

Do quote me on that, guys.

Lift the corners ofyour mouth if it feels good.

And if you'reshowing up to the mat a little tired,or low on energy, just easy in, baby, ease in.


And then noticing ifyou're just isolating, maybe the arms or the shoulders, start to integrate, again, a total body awareness.

By noticing this beautifultwist in the lower back as you swing side to side, this gentle twistin the mid-back.

And then start to getthe cervical spine into it by integrating the neck.

And then youfeel like proper fool, a fool for love and light.

So we're here for three,let's go for the gold.


And on the one, capture it.

Come back to center, feet arefirmly planted on the earth.

Palms come together, Namaste.

Take a deep breath in.

Long breath out.

Interlace the fingertips,bring them underneath the chin.

Keep your feet where they are,big breath in.

Open the elbows wide.

Center staysstrong and connected here, as you lengthen tailbone down.

And then exhale,rounding through chin to chest.

Bring it in.

Inhale, open.

Go around through the heels.

Lift the elbows left to right.

Lift, lift, lift.

You're coming out of the hips.

Lifting all foursides of the torso.

And then exhale, chin to chest,navel draws in.

Now once more,let's it with your breath so you can just movewith the sound of your breath, finding that ocean sound.

And then we'llslowly release the arms.

Roll it up, and if you'refacing this way on the mat like me, go aheadand turn to the side.

And if you're already there,aren't you just one step ahead today, okay.

So from here thefeet are hip width apart.

Bring the palmsback together, interlace.

You're gonnahold on to this grip for a little stability.

Without looking down,you're gonna step or hop the feet aswide as your yoga mat.

Ready? Three, two, one.

Try not to look down.

Alright, what do you know? The ground was there.

Whatever happened, inhale in.

Exhale, let it go as you bringthe fingertips down gently.


From here, inhale,reach for the sky.

Big breath, big stretch,take up space.

Exhale, floatthe fingertips down.

Inhale, big breath,big stretch, take up space.

Exhale, float it down.

Inhale, big breath, big stretch.

Palms come together,up and overhead.

From here we'regonna exaggerate.

Turn the left toes in.

Turn the right toes out.

Inhale in again,reach, reach, reach.

Exhale, Warrior II.

Gaze past your right fingertips.

Inhale, straighten the legs.

Lift up from the pelvic floor,palms kiss together.

Exhale, Warrior II.

Inhale, rise up.

Exhale, bend your front knee.

Inhale, reach.

Strong legs.

Exhale, Warrior II.

Now in this repetition,go on a hunt.

Take your flashlight,pay attention.

What's going on with my hips? What's going on withmy forehead or my face besides that it's beautiful? What else is going on? What's going onwith my shoulders? My energy, my breath? And the next time you inhale,bring the palms together all the way up.

Turn the right toes in,turn the left toes out.

Inhale in, exhale, Warrior II.

Keep exploring, inhale, rise up.

Exhale, Warrior II.

Arms are gonna get tired here.

Please try to stick with it,see what happens, inhale.



The next time youexhale to Warrior II, try to really press into theknife edge of that back foot.

Toning the upper arms.

Toning the upper arms.

You're doing great,stick with it.

The next time you reachfor the sky, palms face up.

You'll turn the left toes inso now both toes are turned in.

Inhale in, exhale,hands to heart.

Oh, yes.

And release the fingertips.

Draw them underneath the chin.

Inhale, lift theelbows left to right.

Long puppy belly here,scratching the belly.

And then exhale, bow,chin to chest.

Should feel good.

Beautiful, feel that awesomestretch in the back of the neck.

If you like, breath lots oflove in here, lots of love out.

If you like,say a little prayer.

Something positive,set a little intention.

Something that will serveyou in the present moment.

Sweet, and thenrelease the arms.

I'm gonna take astep back on my mat.

You might want to as well,depending on your space.

Nice wide legs,inner thighs engaged drawing energy up fromthe arches of the feet.

Inhale, loop theshoulder forward, up and back.

Just relax anystress or tension.

Then we'll inhale in,exhale nice and slow.

Soft bend in the knees.

You're gonna takeyour heart forward.

Arms can be soft and easy here.

We're gonna slowly walkthe fingertips to the earth, and then maybebegin to walk them out.

If that's not available to you, you'll take yourblanket or your block or your books oryour couch cushion.

Something to liftthe earth up to you and you can work here.

So obviously, a generous openingin the backs of the legs.

Reminder that the toesare turned in slightly.

And in time you mightfind the palms can come to the earth andwe create a little standing widelegged Forward Fold with the armsoutstretched in front.

So find a versionthat suits you here.

Take a deep breath in.

Lean in, exhale, breath out.


Root to rise,ground through slowly.

Roll it up, stayingconnected to your center, not dumping a weight inthat low back, be mindful.

Inhale, as you stand up,loop the shoulders forward, up and back, and as youexhale let go of any stress, any tension, any cobwebsthat might have collected.

We're here tolovingly clear them out.

And it's notgonna happen in one day.

Right, that's whythis journey is so insane.

It's just so incredible.

Such a wonderfulway to reboot, reconnect, revisit what feels like you.

Alright, let's go again.

Inhale, loop theshoulders forward, up and back.

Exhale, relax.

So we want ourenergetic state to be calm as we go into this exploration.

Soft bend in the knees,take it forward.

The struggle is real soif you're struggling here, breathe, lean in andsee how you can adapt.

Don't worry aboutcopying me or comparing or trying to keep up.

Instead, focus on your light.

What feels good, how you cancreate support for your body and deepen your breath.

So therapeutic,but you gotta bring the breath.

And then this time,ground through all four corners of the feet.

Strong legs, strong center.

You're gonna slowlybring the left fingertips to the earth and we'regonna take our open twist for today'spractice here by inhaling, reaching rightfingertips to the sky.

Breathing into the belly,drawing the shoulders away from the ears.

And then wigglethe right fingertips.

Inhale, exhale, sweep through.

Right hand replaces the left, and we take itto the other side.

Big open twist to your left.

Breath deep.

Draw the shouldersaway from the ears.

Neck is nice and long.

Wiggle the left fingertips,take a deep breath in.

Yes, and then exhale to release.

Great, tuck the chin.

Soft bend in the knees.

Slowly roll back up,connecting to your core all the way long.

Inhale, reach for the sky.

Kiss or clap the palms together.

And then bring yourhands back to your heart.


Interlace the fingertips,bring them underneath the chin.

Inhale, lift theelbows left to right.

Take a deep breath.

Exhale, chin to chest.

Alright, here we go.

Inhale in.

Exhale, release the fingers.

Relax the shouldersdown your back body.

So keep this action ofwrapping the shoulders around, feeling your shoulder blades,your scaps, melting down your back body.

Keep that, as onceagain we slowly come forward.

Preparing for a little journey.

Okay, fingertipscome to the earth to start.

Inhale in.

I'm gonnaturn the left toes out.

Exhale, I'm gonna bendmy left knee generously, bring my centerright underneath me.

Right toes to the sky.

I sit back, way back,fingertips reach forward.

Just check it out,it's Skandasana.

Alright, now if youcan't get your center down or underneath you, an optionis to stay a little bit high and do like a One-Legged Froggy.

So this heel,left heel is lifted.

Right toes are still up.

You can find thatspace between the toes here working, breathing, breathing.

Or we're here.

And then everyone,use your breath to guide you.

We're creating a100% full body experience.

So integrateeverything as you inhale in.

Exhale, you're gonnaconnect to your core.

Lift, and I justrealized that in my explanation I had come onto my bum.

So you're gonna liftyour bum if it's not lifted.

And we're gonnaslowly come through.

Come through a nice squatting.

You're gonna goright to the other side by turning your right toes out.

Lifting your lefttoes toward the sky.

And then just seeingwhat it's like on this side.

Fingertips reaching forward.

Maybe you come toa One-Legged Froggy, lift it up a little bit high.

We're breathing deep.

Beautiful, here we go again.

Lifting up fromthe pelvic floor.

You can use your hands here.

If you don't need them,then you can light a fire in your core by bringing yourpalms together at the heart.

If you are able to do,we'll try that steeple grip.

Reaching forward here,lifting the chest.

Otherwise,keep nice and low, guys.

Honor whereyou are today, right? Breathing deep, inhale.

Notice howyou're reacting to this.

And let's pay attention aswe come all the way through and take it to the right.

Our last side here,breathing deep, Skandasana.

So this is not to torture you.

Just leadingyou to meet an edge.

Breath deep,you're doing awesome.

Take one morebreath wherever you are.

And then exhale,slowly come back to center.

We'll come back to that standingwide legged Forward Fold.

Hands will come to the earth,or fingertips to the earth.

And if you like,can take the hands.

Drag them in line withthe arches of the feet.

Bring the crown ofthe head to the earth.

In time, you can takeit up into an inversion.

But only whenit's right in your body and you have theproper foundation.

There is a great video.

Yoga with Adrienevideo for a headstand.

But be mindful.

Wherever you are,trust that that's exactly where you're supposedto be and I mean that.

Take a deep breath in.

And a long breath out.

And we'll walk the hands out.

Slowly begin to come back up.

And you're justgoing to walk the feet right underneath yourhips and bend your knees so that we all come down intoa little Malasana variation.

A little yogaic squat.

And if the soles of thefeet don't come to the earth, again, enjoythat Froggy Posture.

Keeping the heels lifted,staying a little bit higher up.

And pay attention toyour heart space here.

Find your breathagain by softening your gaze or closing your eyes.

Take a deep breath in.

Relax your shouldersdown as you breath out.

Then swim the fingertips around.

Come to a seat.

We'll send thefingertips behind us.

Soles of thefeet come on the mat and we're gonna walkthem as wide as the mat.

Then this should feel awesome.

Let's find someinternal rotation after all that external rotation,so move nice and slow.

Send your kneesover towards the left.

Oh yeah, take a deep breath in,lift your heart.

For a little more,you can cross the left ankle over the right andmaybe come on to your elbows.

But again, listen to your body.

Pay attention.

Keep the feet bright,let's transition.

Slowly coming through center.

Taking the knees, now windshieldwipering them to the right.

And this is perhaps enough,but if you just gotta have more, you wanna shine a littlelight in the dark places, take your right ankle,cross it over the top of the left thigh.

And maybe we'll comedown onto the forearms.

Breathe, keep the feet awake.

Lift your heart.


Stay nice and active in the toes as you slowlybring it back to center.

You're gonna walk the heelsjust in line with your hips.

You're gonna sit upnice and tall like this.

Feel that connection of yourroot chakra to the earth.

Rise up through the spine,creating a nice beautiful highway foryour energy to cruise on.

And then now it'stime for one of my all time favoriteadvanced yoga postures.

This is a perfect,beautiful asana for connecting to your own inner unique light.

And it looks like this.

Sit up nice and tall.

Allow your hands torest gently on your knees.

Take a deep breath in.

And exhale, bow.

Not playing, dudes.

This is awesome.

Peek at me if you needto and then create your own.


Benji is doinghis version of this.

I'm doing my version of this, and you're going todo your version of this.

And we're going tosoften the skin of the face.

Breathe like you love yourself.

Just get quiet.

When we show upregularly to participate with our body and our breath, we ultimately arecreating beautiful dance between all parts of ourselfwhere we can find balance and find truth.

And just this sense that we arebeing ourselves, authentic.

And when I'm inthat energetic state, I feel like Ican conquer anything.

I can change the world,be the change.

So we can'talways be in this light.

But knowing that it existsand knowing how to nurture it, is certainly a way to move.

Okay, big stretch inthe back of the neck here.

If none of thatresonates for you, at least you'regetting an awesome stretch in the back of the neck.

Tuck the chin, open your eyes.

Roll it up.

A whole new world! A new fantasticpoint of view! Come to a nicecomfortable seat of your choice.

Perspective, I thought aboutcalling this perspective.

But I think light.

And we honor the darkness too.

Knowing that thislight moving in a way that feels good exists, is again, certainly a helpfultool for the dark days.

Am I right? Love you guys,bring the palms together.

I wish you well.

Amazing, amazing work.

It's all I can say.

Thanks for showing up.

I'll see you tomorrow.


(bright music).