[MUSIC PLAYING] My name's Brian fromMIL-SPEC Landscaping.

And I'm standing nextto the CEO, the boss.

I just drive thetruck, fix stuff.

It's Kristy.

[LAUGHING] Her name's Kristy.

I don't know whatyou want me to say.

Say your name.



We've used Jobber forabout two years now.

If you like spendingtime with your family– That's true.

And if you like spending– yeah.

Stop usingspreadsheets and trying to figure it all out like that.

You don't like [INAUDIBLE]? Yeah.

So you know what? Honestly, here's the thing.

If you want to run alean, mean fighting machine that's efficient andit's going to reduced waste– reduced waste? that washorrible– reduce waste, then Jobber basically does that.

It's like having anoffice manager sitting in the back of your truck,working all day long and then even working whileyou're sleeping.

Do we want to give this away? Like, our favorite–your favorite– I know what yourfavorite feature is.

When I hit Send on the invoice,and then my email goes, ding, and I just got paid.

[LAUGHING] God gave us this beautifulEarth to take care of, you know? And the more things thatwe can plant and help take care of the Earththat was entrusted to us, then for the short amountof time we're here, I think it's nice to do.

It's fun to do.

It gives clients abeautiful backyard or front yard, or both.

But when you mow alawn, and you're like, look at those edges and thosestripes, and you're like, yeah.

I do that.

Yeah! It's that instantgratification kind of thing.

And landscaping just takes itto the next level, if you will.

Because it's a great feeling tobe able to do that for someone.