– Contests for Facebook business pages are one of the fastest wayto grow your brand online.

But, if you don't do it the right way, well one, they might not work, and two, they may get your page shut down if you violate Facebook's terms.

In this video, I'll show you how to set up a Facebook contest, and makesure you don't get banned from Facebook at the same time.

Let's get into it.

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My name is Jerry Potter, and man, growing your page withcontests is an incredible idea.

But, you don't wanna getshut down for violating Facebook's terms, and youalso don't wanna grow it with the wrong kind of people, that will never actuallyhelp your business.

So, in this video, I'm gonna teach you the four steps it takes to properly set up a Facebook business page contest, as well as go over some of the rules to make sure you don'tget dinged by Facebook.

So, step one, decide whatthe goal of your contest is.

Are you trying to get morelikes and followers on the page? Are you trying to get more engagement to help you in the algorithm? Are you trying to send peoplesomewhere off of Facebook, like to get them to go to your website to register for something? Are you trying to get themto submit photos and videos using your products, you havemore user generated content? Any one of those is a greatgoal for a Facebook contest but if you try to focus on all of them, it'll just get messy and youwon't achieve any of them as well as you could ifyou just picked one goal.

Step two, choose whatyou want to give away.

What's your prize gonna be? You wanna pick something that will appeal to your ideal customer.

So let's say you're a pet store, or you sell pet supplies online, and you give away an iPad.

Yeah lots of people willenter 'cause, hey, free iPad.

But, those people will never come back and engage with your page again, unless you're doing anothercontest for another iPad, or some other technology.

You wanna create a prize that will appeal to your ideal customer,because those are the people that you want liking, following,engaging with your page.

If you're a product basedbusiness, give away your product.

If your product is too expensive, like you sell $1000 bicycles, give away an accessoryrelated to your product.

If you're in the service industry, give away your service, ora sample of your service.

Or if your service isn't reallydesigned to be given away, or you tried it and peoplethink, oh well it's free, it's not really worth anything, give away somethingelse that you invest in.

Like, for example, Itarget business owners and entrepreneurs somaybe I would give away an hour of tax consulting with a CPA.

Heck, partner with the right person, and the CPA in this example,might do it for free just to get the exposure to your audience.

Now if you run a business that almost everybody needs eventually, like you're a real estateagent or a mortgage broker, then you can give awaya more mass appeal prize like a restaurant gift certificate or something like that.

You're just trying to get in front of as many people as possible,so that when they do need you, they think of you first.

Finally, whatever youchoose for your prize, the amount of things you'reasking people do to enter, is directly equated to the prize.

If you were asking peopleto like, share, follow, tag 74 friends, go to your website, film yourself runningaround the block 27 times and send it in, that's a lot.

You better have an incredible prize.

If you're asking somebodyto just leave a comment, well then maybe a a $15, $20prize is more than enough.

Step three, how willpeople enter the contest? Now, you can ask people tojust like the post as an entry, and that's easy and quick,but you're not gonna get a whole lot out of that.

Asking people to leave acomment is definitely better, because you'll get morereach in the algorithm because people are commenting.

Plus you can start aconversation with each person.

You can either reply to their comment, or if somebody comments on a post, you can actually direct message them if you prefer to sell that way.

If you are asking them to leave a comment, you have to kind of find the balance between asking them toleave a quick comment and a longer comment.

So if they just have to commentwith an emoji or one word, like yes, or me, it's not gonna help you quite as much in the algorithm,but it is easy to enter.

On the other side, longercomments will help you more in the algorithm, it'llgive you more to respond to as you're replying to these people, and you can ask them moreabout whatever they said, and it makes the commentsmore interesting to read by other people, allof which will help you in the algorithm.

You can ask them to messageyou privately to enter the contest, if you wanna do that.

If they do message fromyour actual contest post, that will help your post in the algorithm.

If the way to enter is bysubmitting user generated content, where they submit photos or videos, you could do it via DM.

You could also have them postit on their own accounts, which means their friendsand family will see it, and then tag you in it or use a hashtag.

Now, while hashtagcontests work really well on Twitter and Instagram,Facebook's hashtag system, admittedly by people atFacebook, is flawed at best.

We ran a Facebook contest fora big client, using hashtags, and we found that,depending on who logged in, we would see differentposts that had used it.

So it's impossible tofind everybody who entered your contest by using that hashtag.

So much better to ask them to tag you in the picture or video.

Finally, you can havepeople enter somewhere other than Facebook.

So, for example, youmight have an entry form on your website.

So they'll click the link onthe post to get to your website and then enter to win there.

That can be a great tool.

Just keep in mind that clicking that link, won't help you as much in the algorithm because it's taking them off Facebook.

So you might consider asking them, if your prize is worthit, to leave a comment, then click the link and enter.

Alright, before we getto the sort of boring, but extremely important legalpart of Facebook contests.

Step four, decide when yourcontest will start and end.

Make sure to put thatinformation in the post, so if somebody sees itafter the contest is over, they don't enter only to findout that it wasted their time.

They will hold you personal for that, even though they didn't read the details.

You'd be surprised.

Sometimes it's good if you can go back and edit the post after it's over, at the very beginning,say contest is ended, thank you for all of your entries.

As you're thinking aboutstart and end dates as well, you may have to post aboutyour contest more than once.

Now, if you are going to putmoney behind it to boost it, and keep showing it topeople, that's fine.

But if you're not, and yourcontest runs two weeks, you might wanna post aboutit every two to three days, just to keep entries coming in.

When your contest does start,make sure you check on it to make sure everything works.

You don't wanna throw it up,and have somebody comment, says link doesn't work,and then all these people are angry and you missedall of these entries because you messed up andyou didn't check on it.

So, check on it frequently tomake sure that it's working.

And if the contest is only open to a certain geographical area, choose that when you put the post up just so that you don't annoy people who are in another countryand can't enter to win anyway.

Alright, let's talk legal.

Yeah it might be boring,but it's important.

And let me also say, I am not a lawyer, you need to look into this for yourself and make sure that you understand these and the risks involved for your business.

And as I talk about someof Facebook's rules, you're gonna go, "What? "I see pages do this all the time.

" Yep, people break the rules.

Some of them don't know, some of them figure they're small enough that Facebook will never catch them.

I just want you to have the information for your business and your brand.

One, you can only run contestson Facebook business pages.

You can not run them onyour personal profile.

Two, and I see this all the time, but you can't ask peopleto tag a friend or share.

Because basically you're asking people to spam their friends to win your contest and that's a bad experience for users so Facebook prohibits that.

Three, you gotta include some language that releases Facebook from any liability.

I've put some on the screenhere that is common to use and I'll also put it in thedescription of this video if you wanna just copy andpaste it for your contest.

Alright have fun with your contest.

And if you wanna makesure your business page is optimized for profit, I've put together a free, fiveminute Facebook face lift, to go through and makesure everything is set up the way it should be for your company.

You wanna grab it? Get the link in thedescription of this video.

Want to run a contest on Instagram too? Even though Facebook andInstagram are the same company, the rules are different.

I've linked up a videofor that right here.

Thank you so much for watching.

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