hey guys Nichole here I am in the carbecause I actually just got home I was at Ulta doing some last-minute shoppingI have been picking up makeup products for a few weeks now and I was going toactually do like a sit-down kind of makeup haul but I just wanted to getthis over with because if I keep procrastinating it'll never get done soI just picked up one more item so now I'm gonna go in and show y'all everything Igot now if there's anything that you seethat you are curious about or you would like me to try on camera I will but I amforewarning I am NOT a makeup artist I am NOT a professional at makeup I havehad lessons for pageants but I am nowhere near makeup artist status Icould just give you my honest opinion on them and tell you how I use them so youmight notice that I have a couple of hauls like I have the Amazon haulalready I'm doing this haul and then I have a hair product haul and a clothinghaul coming up and that is because I am getting all of my shopping out beforethe new year and I am like a bargain shopper so it'snot like I'm just splurging I'm getting things with coupons and they're on salebut I'm doing that because I have a goal in mind for 2019 which requires me tosave a lot of money so all of these products that I'm getting I'm I'm doneafter this there will be no more shopping if you see me on snapchat orInstagram shopping or at a store tell me to get out okay so I don't knowif I said this already but this is a collective haul I got things from Ulta Igot things from makeup geek and I got things from colour-pop so okay so I'mgoing to start at the place where I got probably the least amount of things andthat is colour pop I got these four lippie stixand I've got I tried to get some neutral colors nothing too crazy and I've nevertried these the other day I took one out of the package and I actually tried itthey are very matte and drying my lips tend to be dry anyway so I I haveto put a moisturizing lip chap under it to make that workso here are the colors and I'm gonna swatch them for you the one from theright is thousand percent the second one is who run this the third one is grungeand then the last one is Brinks and I'm not really liking Brinks or brink I keepsaying s with it but it's brink I'm not really liking brink just yet it was reallytoo pink on me when I tried it but let me tell y'all I am loved in in love witha thousand percent it was so pretty when I put it on the other day it reminds meof a Mary Kay color I used to wear it was so pretty and they go on reallycreamy however they are extremely matte so if your lips really dry like minejust make sure you put on something moisturizing under it the next place Ibought stuff from was makeup geek and I actually did not realize I put this manyin my cart and there was actually some that I wasn't able to get because they were outCoco bear was one I really wanted and I did not get that one so I got sorbetthat one is just really pretty I hadn't taken about yet but I am gonna show youall them in my magnetic palette I got creme brulee I have this really prettycolor this is Aphrodite or Aphrodite and then this really pretty shimmer that isburlesque I was really excited about that one andI have dark rose and another pretty shimmer cosmopolitan that one was sopretty online and bitten and cupcake so I will put those in mypalette just so that y'all can see and this was not a part of this haul but Ihaven't used these products yet so I wanted to show y'all a couple of thingsthat I found at t.


Maxx um this I have never heard of this I don't have any KatVon D products but it's the locket um let me flip it around cut this is thelocket color correcting eyeshadow primer and it's the color deep I saw itI've never tried any Kat Von D products so I just wanted to try it and then twoproducts that I have that I started my magnetic palette with are two eyeshadowsthey are very pretty this one is china rose and these areanastasia Beverly Hills I just found them at tj max I've never tried a shadows Idon't do too many high-end products that aren't like Mac so I'm venturing out andthen this really pretty color is plum smoke and I've actually tried to findthese in the store online I've been able to find them on Amazon I haven't seenthem in store anywhere just yet but I think they have them online I saw atSephora so the bulk of the products that I gotis actually from Ulta I tried not to buy things that I've had beforehowever the Urban Decay all nighter spray I have had this beforeI just wanted another one because I really liked it so that was just arepurchase and then I got the makeup revolution brow pomade I've never used apomade on my brows I've been trying different things here lately on my browsI have the locket tattoo some I can't even remember the name that's supposedto be like the micro blading but it's the pinI've been trying that and I really like that so so far so goodsomething else I got which I immediately started using it as soon as I got it wasthe makeup revolution foundation stick and mine is in the color f-16 I had theconcealer and I got it by accident because I was thinking that was thefoundation I was in a hurry so I went back and got the foundation and so far Ilike it it's not matte though it's very dewy and so I have to set it really welland the last thing from makeup revolution I got was the luxury bakingpowder in terracotta I actually have the Laura Mercier translucent setting powderthe loose powder and I actually really liked that one but I was just reallycurious about this one and one thing about makeup revolution it's a veryaffordable brand so yeah I want to try this out see if Ilike it better or you know if it's just a different look that it gives the nextthing I got this is actually um a birthday giftI haven't taken out the box yet because I haven't really been interested in itbut is the it cosmetics superhero mascara the elastic stretch volumizingmascara and it was just a birthday gift when I went and bought my first item thenext two things I got are from morphe I was just really curious about this it'scalled the brontour at contour and bronzer and one and I got showmance when I saw this I thought this was so pretty I like swatched it and I fell in love andit has a little mirror but yeah I thought it was so pretty I cannot waitto try it and then the other thing I got this is like the last thing I bought Iactually bought this today it's the continuous setting mist and the onlyreason why I got it is because I saw one of the girls that were working there shecame up and just sprayed the tester all over her face and it's it really is acontinuous spray for like a more even set and I was like ooh what's that thatI bought it just because she sat there and used it in front of me honestly sothe last four things I got were repurchases for the most part this NYXbutter gloss this is the color praline y'all this stuff is so awesome this iswhat I have on my lips right now I have a bad habit of biting my lips and sothat makes my lips look more even toned because I do bite my lips a lot I'vealways been in my lips so I have like dark spots on my lips from where I'vebitten them and this just gives you a nice even color on your lips and it isso hydrating it lasts so long when it says butter gloss y'all your lips aregoing to feel so good so I really love this color and this is the only one I'veactually tried I'm curious to try more but I wasn't in the mood to look for newcolors that day and then I just got a couple of lip pencils from NYX I neededsome and I didn't want to spend money on any Mac pencilsso I got these three and it was a sale of course so you know had to get morethan one so the color is Maison and they're all pretty much different shadesof brown nutmeg and expresso so as you can see they're all different shades oflike brown or nude looking so I figured those would pair well with these lippiesticks and then here are the shadows and my palette so it looks like I can fitsome more in here and it looks like a couple of the colors I got are kind ofsimilar they're not like exactly the same but they're kind of close but I amin love with these colors already and I cannot wait to get Coco bear because Ireally wanted that one so they need to restock that one ASAP so that is it guysI hope you enjoyed comment down below let me know if there's anything that youare interested in me trying on camera and I'll see you on the next video byeguys.