My name is Cynthia Clark.

I'm a clinical audiologist.

I am also the coordinator of the newborn hearingscreening program at UVA.

I see all age ranges, from infants up to adults.

We do diagnostic hearing tests for infants,and then I see cochlear implant patients, as well.

I first learned about audiology when I wasin college.

I was preparing to be an elementary schoolteacher, and found that I really liked spending time with the kids that got pulled out forlanguage services, and, so, kind of decided to change gears and go into speech pathology,and then took a class about ears as part of the curriculum and really fell in love withit.

Typically, we start off most of our appointmentswith a diagnostic hearing test.

So, we explain things, we do some testing,and then we review all of the results.

Usually, they may have another family memberthere just as an extra set of ears, but we like to try to include the family as muchas possible, because it isn't always an individual thing.

A lot of times, the family is involved, especiallyfor our pediatric patients.

I really enjoy working with patients.

I like getting to know the patients that Ifollow for a long time.

It's fun to see the kids grow up, and thenalso, just progress with their cochlear implants.