Hey guys! I am on a very exciting trip today I am participating in the Willer Travel Mt.

Fuji Climbing Tour and if all goes well, I will be at the summit of Mt.

Fuji in time for the sunrise! If any of you guys have plans to visit Japan and you're interested in climbing Mt.

Fuji make sure you stay tuned until the end of this video and I will be explaining all the details about this tour and how you can participate yourselves! Alright guys! We just arrived at the 5th station There are so many people here today! Last time I was climbing there weren't very many people at all So I guess this is a good sign? It probably means the weather is looking good! We've got an hour rest before we start climbing I'm gonna pack up my backpack and do some stretching and yeah!! Exciting!! Breakfast of champions So as part of our tour package we got these awesome hiking backpacks Which is definitely going to come in handy if it starts raining I think that will protect our gear pretty well And we got these hiking poles, which look pretty sweet And we got these boots! Which will be nice considering I climbed in converse last time I'm climbing with Kasia today! From the Uwaga Pies Go subscribe to her channel if you aren't already Here we go! It's about 11:30 I think It's going to take us 6 hours to get up to the cabin we're staying in for the night For those of you that have been following me for the past couple of years You know that I've climbed Mt.

Fuji once I've ~attempted~ to climb Mt.

Fuji once We only made it up to the 8th station that time because the weather was ridiculously bad and I'm really really hoping that it's nice this time! I would really like to see the sunrise at the summit Fingers crossed it doesn't start to rain! We've been hiking for about 15 minutes now and we're just taking a short break I'm already really sweaty I think we got a long hike ahead of us but so far it's not raining! Yay! So this is where we started and we are here right now! and the place we are staying tonight is all the way up here So we got quite a ways to go 5.

3km to go! Lovely view down the side of the mountain So here's where it starts to get a little steeper But it's not too bad I remember the stretch between 6 & 7 not being too bad and 7 & 8 was pretty intense! 5km to go! It's break #2 right now I'm not sure where we are exactly That was a good stretch It felt like a good 20 mins maybe longer The weather is really nice so far! It's pretty foggy But the fog is nice and refreshing, it's really cool I saw the summit a minute ago, I think Which was neat! Because the first time I climbed it was pitch black and I couldn't see anything! I think once we get through this fog it might be pretty clear up there! We have made it to the 7th station From the 7th – 8th station it gets a lot rockier As you can see.

Kinda need to use your hands a bit Along the mountain they have huts that sell snacks, drinks, gloves All the stuff that you would need in an emergency The higher you get up, the higher the prices go If possible it's better to buy stuff lower down on the mountain and bring it with you This hut on the 7th station has vegan curry! Which is really cool! They also have lots of other menu items it looks like Oden, miso soup, lots of drinks Each station you can get a stamp like this on your stick To prove that you've been there! Check it out! That's awesome! I'm regretting not buying a walking stick now Do I order the chai tea outside? You can order here too! I'll take one please This chai tea is delicious Check it out! The weather's so nice you can see down the bottom of the mountain That's cool We're down to 3.

2km! Only 262 more minutes to go! Alright guys, this hut that we can see at the top there That is our goal for today Getting pretty tired But we're almost there! And the weather's still nice, so I'm very grateful for that We're getting pretty high up now If you look off the side of the mountain, it's pretty scary! We are staying at the highest hut of the 8th station tonight Apparently we'll arrive there in about half an hour And then we will get a 6hr break I think Until we start hiking again to the summit YES! Looking forward to that! I can't believe how high up we are! It kinda creeps me out when I look over the edge D; Holy crap Just not gonna do that anymore It's getting chilly, it's nice! Finally I'm starting to feel slightly cold, which is good Up until a little while ago it was a bit too hot 1.

7km to the summit! The gravel is really colourful here Not sure if the camera will pick that up, but it looks really neat Check it out guys! We made it to the hut that we're staying in tonight It's so sweet! They're like bunk beds! Looks like it's about 5 people per little section here There's some people up in the top over there More people over there and they have these curtains to close it off I'm so happy to be sitting down right now Time to go downstairs for food! For food we got rice, hamburger, curry, pickles and green tea! I'm so hungry right now I'm so excited for this warm meal My hands are really cold So this is gonna be nice The staff and tour guides speak English! I bought some postcards down by where we were eating They were selling international stamps as well If I fill these out and get the stamps all ready When we get up to the top of Mt.

Fuji there's a post office up there! Hey guys, it is 10pm now I slept for about 2 hours and I woke up and it was light inside and I was like OMG did we miss the sunrise!? But someone had just turned the light on inside our room All is good, it's only 10pm We're gonna leave at about 1am to start climbing again And then we should be at the top of the mountain in time for the sunrise Some pretty nice washrooms on the mountain! (Considering it's a mountain.

) But there isn't much running water So you won't find any sinks or places to wash your hands 1:45am! Time to start the climb to the summit We're just heading up to the torii gate at the 9th station now Which means we are at 3600 metres! 176 to go? Is that right? I dunno.

It's too early for math, but we're almost there! We reached the summit! We made it! Just as the sun is starting to rise! Perfect timing! I made it guys! I'm at the top of Mt.

Fuji! How cool is that!? And we made it just in time for the sunrise! It was so beautiful! There's some clouds in the way so I don't think we'll get a perfect view of the sun But still pretty awesome! It was so horrible to only make it up to the 8th station last time But this trip was just amazing! Everything went perfectly Kasia made it too! Yaaaaay!! Now we are hiking to the crater Whoaaa this is scary I don't like this Probably the best part of the whole trip We came into one of the huts on top of the mountain I got some oshiruko! I'm so happy! I was just thinking WOW, I really wish they had oshiruko here! and one of the stores did! This is a red bean soup, it's sweet and warm I am so excited to drink this! Alright it's time to leave the summit, head back down to our hut and have some breakfast! We're back at our hut now And it's time to eat breakfast before we head down the mountain Looks like we have rice, egg and fried salmon Well most of our Fuji trip is over and we're headed down from the 8th station now Headed towards the 5th station, we're gonna get on the bus! Apparently it takes about 3 hours to get back down to the 5th station The weather's really nice, it's kind of windy It's a little bit chilly up here I'm sure once we get down a little lower it's gonna be pretty hot again Once thing I really liked about hiking as part of a tour group is that I got to meet lots of new people! and I made some really cool friends! We made it back down the mountain! YAY TEAM! And this is the best ice cream I've ever had in my entire life Well that concludes 24 hours on Mt.

Fuji! I had such an amazing time! I really hope you guys enjoyed coming along with me and experiencing the trip with me If you would like to experience this whole thing yourself, you can do that! I will explain the whole tour package This is the tour package that I participated in It's actually really affordable, I was so surprised! And it came with everything that you need! You don't need to worry about bringing your own gear You don't need to worry about food You don't need to worry about a place to stay They cover all of that One of the really cool parts is that the guide spoke English So if you have any issues, you can talk to them in English You don't need to worry about knowing Japanese or anything like that The Willer website has a really cool guide with all the clothing and gear that you should bring when climbing Mt.

Fuji One thing I would really want to add is SUNSCREEN I got a horrible sunburn So definitely bring lots of sunscreen and reapply it constantly Here's the schedule for the tour dates If you would like to join one of these You can reserve a spot on their website I will link everything down below, so check the description box If you guys decide to join this tour Please leave a comment down below and let me know how your experience was! Thanks for watching guys, and I'll see you soon! Bye!.