Are you wanting to implement funnels in yourbusiness and you did some research.

You came across ClickFunnels and you thought holy cow.

$300 a month.

That's a lot of money.

I need a ClickFunnels alternative well if you hadthat thought go through your mind in this video I'm a piece together a perfect and whatI believe to be a more powerful ClickFunnels alternative and as an extra special bonusI'm going to actually have a video after this where I put everything together and show youhow to put all the pieces together to have the perfect ClickFunnels alternative so thatinterest you continue watching and hit the subscribe button if that notification Belland YouTube let you know when I uploaded new videos.

Let's first take a look at what ClickFunnelsis so we can look at exactly what ClickFunnels is offering so ClickFunnels is essentiallysix different things it's hosting it is a page builder is an email marketing automationplatform is a form builder where you begin to collect the leads and you can collect informationfrom an application and is also a payment processing tool or a checkout system whereyou can sell pretty much anything else.

Talk about what people love about ClickFunnelsfirst thing that they love is that it's a hosted solution in the cloud kind of an all-in-oneput together tool for you.

So the idea in people's minds might be that that it willbe easier because it's all integrated together.

This perception that there might be less ofa learning curve annexing the people love about ClickFunnels is the founder RussellBrunson who is an expert teacher and expert marketer.

He is amazing at really taken thisconcept of funnels that you see everywhere in the real world and bring them to a digitalworld.

People love the books that he has authored and he teaches about funnels he teaches aboutbecoming an expert in your field.

And lastly, because of him.

He has created some of themost helpful, insightful training on funnels that there is now, let's talk about what peopledon't like about ClickFunnels and by far the number one complaint that I've read over andover is that it's buggy many times things don't work the way they should, and it canbe quite frustrating.

The next big complaint about ClickFunnels is that the templates areugly here you can be the judge on that.

To each their own.

Some people might respondto a certain template or design more than somebody else.

I'll let you be the judge onthat one.

Another big thing that people don't like about ClickFunnels is that its featuresare limited.

Essentially what I mean by that is if you need ClickFunnels to do somethingthat it doesn't currently do.

They are never going to probably add that feature you'rejust going to be out of luck.

You're just gonna have to learn to live without what youwant to run your business.

If it doesn't currently offer it annexing to not like about ClickFunnelsis that it's a locked proprietary system.

Your data is locked in there.

They are infull control.

They own your data if they were to go out of business.

Let's face it, therenot to go out of business.

But if they were so goes your data to get it out of their systemand into another system and to my great it's going to be a bit of a pain, and this alsoties into that last point about it being a close lock system where if you need ClickFunnelsto do something that it doesn't currently do.

There's nothing that you could do aboutit.

And the last thing that people don't like about ClickFunnels is a big one and that isthe cost.

They have two plans and the starter plan is $97 a month, but the plan that youreally need to be on if your ClickFunnels customer is $300 per month.

Holy cow.

Thatadds up really quick, especially if you're just getting started so that said, let's finda perfect alternative to match all of these have features that you find in ClickFunnelsan alternative that will be more scalable and much better for you as the user so thesolutions can be based on WordPress, WordPress powers, one third of the Internet.

It is anopen platform which essentially means you own it, it's really a rent versus own scenariowith ClickFunnels, you are renting your digital home.

With WordPress you own your digitalhome so really comes down to this rent or own scenario for me.

I rather always beinga position of owning so WordPress itself is going to be free.

Now the next thing thatyou're going to need is a web hosting.

So here is a Siteground and the reason I'm choosingSiteground is because they have phenomenal supports and their hosting is the top-qualitytop-notch as you might already have a hosting account but to be fair in this alternate ClickFunnelsalternative we need to include every aspect of what you're going to need now with Siteground.

The plans are very affordable.

I would recommend this submittal plan that is six dollars permonth will just go ahead and round that up were looking at six dollars per month withthat.

You can also host your company's website as many websites as you want your blog butalso your funnels.

Now the next thing that you need to have a WordPress website is aWordPress theme and we could use the Astra Theme.

It is one of the top themes for WordPress.

It also happens to be free.

They have a paid version of it but we don't need it in orderto have a ClickFunnels alternative, the free version of the Astra Theme is perfect howit is.

You can use it on unlimited websites.

It comes with nearly hundred completely donefor you website designs all for free and it also integrates perfectly with learning managementsystems page builder's and e-commerce systems in the next all that work in an evil do mostof our heavy lifting, and that is a page builder tool and were going to use Elementor there'sa free version of Elementor but were going to use the paid version of Elementor becauseit comes with some very powerful features that were going to need including a form builder,a pop up builder dozens of marketing elements such as countdown timers is incredibly easyto use incredibly affordable and is currently being used on nearly 3 million websites, sortand add Elementor it's only gonna cost four dollars per month.

I know right here you seeit's a five dollars per month.

This is a for a single site license it's going to be $49but if you see down here it says the five dollars are actually rounding it up so it'sreally in the low fours like maybe $4.

08 there rounding it up to be super fair and that'sonly gonna cost.

Let's just say $40 per month to add the page building functionality withforms with marketing elements and there's also a lot of advanced things that it does,such as website personalization.

It has templates in it as well.

It's a pretty amazing pagebuilder and marketing tool of annexing really need is a funnel building tool as well asa checkout system and for that working to use CartFlows CartFlows is a full-featuredfunnel building system with check out that includes templates so if you want to add afunnel to your website with just two mouse clicks or so you have a fully built out funnelfor you with the design that you can edit in Elementor.

It has advanced marketing featuressuch as cart abandonment emails to step check out.

It also has split testing that they arebuilding and is coming soon includes all the features that you would expect from a shoppingcart such as one click up sales order bumps that you can place in multiple locations andit's extremely extendable so that example I gave earlier about ClickFunnels not doingsomething that you want.

You're just gonna have to learn without to live without it.

That's not the case when you're using this solution with CartFlows so like I said, wehave check out templates here you can see it is seriously a design upgrade.

When youcompare this to what you get out of ClickFunnels and their designs.

The reality is you canmake any type of design with this ClickFunnels alternative that I'm detailing out now CartFlowsitself comes in at 299 per year, which adds a monthly cost of $25 to this ClickFunnelsalternative a stat that were putting together another thing that CartFlows is adding tothe mix is their own training platform that they say will launch very soon called theskilled jet.

Now the unique nature of skill jet is.

If you have CartFlows you get accessto skilled jet where there normally to sell access for 399 per year, you get that includedfor free and there are training courses in there that are going to help you in everysingle area of having an online business and being an online entrepreneur none that goesabove and beyond just understanding funnels there will be courses on advertising campaignswill be courses on creating video content.

There will of course be funnel courses.

Itaims to be a learning platform that will help you in every single area of having an onlinebusiness.

Now some of the next items that I'm in a go over art are optional.

You mightnot need them.

They are included with ClickFunnels when you pay 299 per month.

It's going tobe an optional purchase for you.

So the first one is gonna be subscriptions.

So if you aregoing to sell a product or a service where you need to build the buyer on a monthly basisa subscription you will need to purchase WooCommerce subscriptions and this is going to be comingin at around $17 per month.

Like I said, this might be optional for you.

If all of the itemsyou sell Weatherby physical or digital goods are to be one time purchases and you mightnot need this at all.

The next tool is good to be in affiliate management platform tointegrate into this so if you're going to have an affiliate program around your productsor services around your funnels, then you might need this as well.

I will say this isthe industry leading affiliate management platform.

It is a full-featured now.

The costof this, there several plans.

The only one that you're going to need is the least expensiveone, which is $99 per year which comes out to $8.

25 per month, which is round that upto nine dollars per month course, this is optional.

If you don't need an affiliate program.

You don't need this.

And there's also some other alternatives out there that might bea less expensive and the last thing that you're going to need is an email marketing automationplatform.

Now I will say with this, that even though ClickFunnels includes an email marketingautomation platform that most of the people that subscribe to the 299 per month packagewith ClickFunnels.

Do not use their email marketing automation platform and companyuse their words instead of mine.

Basically, the consensus is, is it sucks so this is ansomething that you paid for with ClickFunnels you don't have an option to not pay for it.

It's included in your plan, but no one actually uses it.

They instead use the platform thatthey may already have all their data and that is reliable and works exactly how they neededto work and then they just integrate the two.

So even though for this this ClickFunnelsalternative video working to include the monthly costs of a marketing automation platform.

The vast majority of the people that are getting that with ClickFunnels will not use theirmarketing automation platform, so there's lots of alternatives for this and this isthe best thing about not getting everything from ClickFunnels as you could choose thebest of the best and so this everybody has their opinion of what's best from active campaignto MailChimp may be to a Weber for the purposes of this video were going to use send in blueand let's take a look at what this is gonna cost for sending they they build differentlyhere, which is what I like.

They bill you based upon how many emails you send, not onhow many contacts you actually have.

So the plan right here is $25 per month and thisis can allow you to send 40,000 emails per month.

Most other email marketing automationplatforms they charge you monthly based upon how many subscribers that you have but sendin blue doesn't bill that way.

That's why I'm recommending it.

In this ClickFunnelsalternative video I will give you an alternative.

And that's this tool called mail poet andplugs right on into your WordPress base website.

It's very affordable as well.

This will costyou $99 per year but the good thing is if you're just getting started with your funnel.

There is a free version that is limited up to 2000 subscribers.

So the only time youstart paying is when your list gets over 2000 and then you're looking at $99 per year, whichonce again is $8.

25 per month and you would essentially be connecting this in with youremail sending service provider.

I personally use Amazon S yes because it cost next to nothingto send emails through that service.

And that's pretty much all of it.

So let's go ahead andrecap everything that we've put together here to be using WordPress, which is free workingto get a web hosting account with Siteground.

There's lots of other web hosting providersto say Siteground and that was 595 per month were going to use the free Astra Theme youcould optionally purchase it.

It's $59, but we could get away with using the free AstraTheme then we are going to buy Elementor and that's gonna cost $4.

08 per month for thesite license that we need.

This is going to be our page builders can give us pop-ups iscan you give us very flexible contact forms.

It is an amazing tool and I just love it.

I use it personally on all of my websites working to CartFlows and this is going tobe our checkout system are funnel builder.

All of that, it's good to give his beautifulcells of funnel templates and it's going to give us a cart abandonment a B split testing.

It's also going to include skill jet's Academy learning platform that's gonna cost $25 permonth next.

Optionally, if you're to be selling products and services that are going to bereoccurring subscription basis.

You need WooCommerce subscriptions which will run you $17 per month.

Next, optionally, is for an affiliate program, we were to use affiliate WP that's gonna be$8.

25 per month and then we tacked on an email marketing automation platform send in bluethat comes in at $25 per month.

All of that for grand total of around $85 per month whichis a lot less expensive than 299 per month.

But you know what it doesn't matter the amountof the money to me.

What matters is the functionality that you get so with this ClickFunnels alternativetech stack.

This is what you can expect much better results you can expect a much moreflexible and powerful solution that you can extend however you need to extend it.

It'sall up to your own imagination.

It's easy to extend it as well because were talkingWordPress and there's so many WordPress developers out there and that rent versus own scenario,you become an owner versus ClickFunnels just being a renter you have zero login.

No onecontrols your data.

You're not locked into any platform you get a full training platform.

All of this for the low cost of $85 per month.

Of course it might not even be $85 per month.

If you don't need some of those components or Yorty have some of those components.

IfYorty have a business website.

You can put your funnels there.

If Yorty have an emailmarketing automation platform you can just use that to be fair to ClickFunnels this iscoming in at $85 for what I believe to be a much better and much more powerful solution.

Now all of the products and services that I talked about this video I'll have linksin the video description box down below and as you watch the video and show the linksto those various products and services to make it easy for you and also some of thoselinks maybe referral links.

If you visited made a purchase a portion of that would cometo me, it doesn't cost you anything additional that goes to support this channel.

Now thegood news that I have for you.

Make sure that you subscribe, click on the notification billbecause I'm gonna make a video shows you step-by-step how to put this all together now have thatlink to that video in the video description box down below as well.

So thanks for watching.

If you have any questions for me about this text that that I put together the free toask in the comments section.

Down below.

Other than that banks were watching this video Ihope that you make it on over to the set of video.

Thanks for watching.

I'll see you inthe next one.