I’m attorney Behram Parekh.

We’re often asked, how is a class actiondifferent from a regular lawsuit? In a class action, one or more people bringa lawsuit as representatives of everyone else who has had the same thing happen to them.

Class actions are useful when the money lostby any one person is not enough for them to be able to hire a lawyer to get it back.

If, however, a lawyer is able to get moneyback to everyone who is in the same situation as the representative, then the lawsuit becomespossible because the lawyer can be paid form the total amount recovered from all the peoplewho had the same thing happen to them instead of having to be paid from the recovery ofjust one person.

Class actions are also useful when someonewants to stop a company from doing the same bad thing – not just to them, but to otherpeople as well.

Through a class action, lawyers can get courtsto force companies to not just give money back to the people who they wronged, but tostop them from engaging in future bad behavior.

If you think a company lied to you, sold yousomething that was defective, or engaged in wrongful behavior, and you think it also didthat same thing towards other people, you should look into whether filing a class actioncase is the best way to fix that behavior.

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