(smooth jazz music) – Late Summer means hatchpepper chilies are in season.

We wanna roast these bad boysup alongside some veggies.

We're gonna put it on topof some of grilled sea bass.

The first thing of course,we wanna olive oil up all of our vegetables, season them up with salt and pepper.

Then we're gonna hook themup outside on a hot grill and roast them up.

Go ahead and placeeverything on the grill, and leave the corn in the husk.

I promise the flavor will be awesome.

Next, add on our chilies.

Put our tomatoes and corn in a basket to ensure they don'tfall through the grates while on the grill.

All in all, this takes about 15 minutes.

We'll come back inside, and we'll put on the fish before we prep up the veggies.

Everything is done.

We're gonna let our cornand veggies cool off before we prep them.

Right now, we are gonna oliveoil up these sea basses.

We're gonna season themwith salt and pepper.

We're gonna outside to the grill.

What we want to do ismark them on one side, and then we're gonna putthem to the higher grates or possible on the grill werethere isn't as much heat.

Come back inside, prep our veggies.

That way, everything's doneat the exact same time, and we're gonna plate up.

– [Voiceover] All we wannado is scrape the char off the hatch peppers,remove the seeds, dice it up, and next, shuck the corn onceit is a little bit cooler.

We're gonna trim the corn right off there.

Add it to a large bowl with all of the other grilled vegetables.

Add in a little seasoning, and it's time to plate up.

– Super easy to make andno need for a starch.

The vegetables got youcovered all day long.

The hatch peppers providea nice, comfortable kick.

Absolutely amazing.

Get all of these ingredients from your favoriteHeinen's grocery stores, and hit up Heinens.

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I can't wait to get into this.

We'll see you next time.

(smooth jazz music).