Hi, what's up guys.

Today is the 6th day I'm in Japan.

This morning we're going to search for Halal ramen.

Spicy Ramen | ±USD7.

90 Boiled Egg Topping (Optional) | ±USD0.

90 Chicken Karaage | ±USD3.

40 Extra Chilli (Optional) | ±USD0.

70 I'm currently at "Ayam Ya Halal Ramen" restaurant.

Located in Kyoto.

I ordered their Spicy Ramen, with "salt" flavor.

They offer two types of broth.

Salt or soy sauce.

I also ordered some chicken Karaage.

Karaage is like coated fried-chicken.

We also ordered extra chilli.

Wooo~ Tastes amazing.

I'm gonna add in the extra chilli now.

The spiciness is noticeable.

Their chicken Karaage is very juicy.

Clean bowl = SATISFACTION Operating Hours // 11:30AM-2:30PM | 6:00PM-9:30PM We've finished our meals at Ayam Ya Halal Ramen.

Their Spicy Ramen is quite incredible.

It was definitely spicy.

(Laughs) My head is dripping with sweats.

The chicken Karaage is super juicy.

Totally top notch.

Another thing I like is the noodle itself.

So chewy and soft.

Combined with their delicious broth.

Amazing! So those who are planning to visit Kyoto.

I recommend you have a meal at Ayam Ya Halal Ramen.

Just use Google Maps to find your way here.

[ No translations would be available for this part of the video ] [ English subtitles will resume at minute 5:00 ] I'm now about to check out the Nishiki Market.

This is one of the attractions you can go to.

While you're in Kyoto.

I just finished strolling inside the Nishiki Market.

It's basically a combination of a seafood market that sells fish, octopus, etc.

Both raw/uncooked and also cooked.

And they also sell other things here like souvenirs, Japanese traditional food, and snacks.

It's definitely great here.

And I think it must be super pack with people during the peak season.

If I remember it correctly, the Nishiki Market is open from 7AM until 6PM.

So those who are planning on visiting Kyoto and want to stop by this market.

Make sure you plan your trip well.

After we're done strolling around the Nishiki Market.

We went to Kyoto Station and use the JR Pass to hop on a train for Inari Station.

If you wanna find out more about JR Pass.

I've talked about it in the previous episodes of "15 Days Around Japan".

We've now arrived at Fushimi Inari.

So let's go check this place out.

It's been 15-20 minutes of us hiking up to the shrine.

It's definitely tiring.

But luckily the air here is very cool (and fresh).

It eases our hiking.

Fuhhh~ I have arrived at one of the checkpoints, where you can rest and take photos.

Most visitors who come to Fushimi Inari.

Are usually here to take pictures and of course, flashing on their Instagram.

So those who are planning to visit Kyoto.

I highly recommend you to put Fushimi Inari on your list.

And if you come here around noon or even later, it will already be full of people.

So if you're here to take photos and selfies, and don't want it to be ruined by a sea of people.

Make sure you come here super early in the morning.

Like maybe 8AM or 8.

30AM (**6AM is the most suggested time).

So I think that's all I have to share with you guys in this episode.

[ This part is not related to international audience ] [ Translation resumes at minute 9:57 ] That's all for now.

Thank You very much, guys.

See you guys in the next video! 😎👌 •SubtitlesBy😀Pyan’sWife• 😎👌 Padu Beb! (DOPE!).