Hi my loves! Here GoldenRosie in a new video on this new channel Today! I will be evaluating this collection of "Glam & Glow of 53 pieces" from the store Ulta So! Just see the rest of the video So that's what the box looks like, the 53-piece Glam & Glow collection from the Ulta store I will be opening it It is not so easy to open, it stays stuck.

I think it's because of the cheap material that has Here is the products for the face, four lipsticks, two dry and two gloss And this section has eyeshadow In the background you can see, they give you three brushes Also, you have two lip liner and two eyeliners, I think No, one is for the eyebrows, ok And here you have four sponges to blur, from the big ones to the small ones I'll make the base first, so I'll use this Fit Me by Maybelline number 124 is Soft Sand color The Ulta collection of 53 pieces does not have the base brush so it will be using mine It's from the company called Soho It does not have a brush number, this is not from Morphe so.

The first thing I notice is that it's not dense, it's more liquid than I thought The next step that I will do with my makeup, my base, is to apply small points here In my circles and my forehead I think it's kind of pale for me but.

I'll work on it For the next step I will be spreading all the liquid on my face It has no smell Yes, it does not have any odor which is very good Now I will use the makeup sponge from the Ulta Glam & Glow collection of 53 pieces It is not soft, but I think if you submerge it in the water it will be softer But, I will not do that I think it's my color And now, I'll be wearing this loose Maybelline Fit Me powder Dare touches to have the powder loose So now I will be using this little sponge that is very tender And press the dust here and "cook" my dark circles Now I will use the makeup sponge that I used with the base and apply to the areas of my skin that I know will be fatty later So now with this UltaBeauty brush, it says it's for blush but.

I do not care, I'll be using it to remove all the excess dust from my face The base and loose powder is very good! I do not feel my oily skin Now, I'll make my eyebrows For that I'll be using this eyebrow brush that came in Ulta's 53-piece collection I will draw a line, a soft one on my eyebrow Ok, this eyebrow brush has a lot of pigmentation! In this corner of the eyebrow I will go down This side, LOL The Ulta collection does not come with eye shadow so I'll be using mine This is from "EBEL perfect effect" eyebrow shadow The first thing that I use for the eyebrows is this brush for the delineation of eyes And now that the tip is wet, I'll make a tap on the brown section and two on the black section To make this coffee color, like the one you see here So now you will put the entire product in the final part of the eyebrow In this place of the eyebrow I will not be putting the single touch and the other two touches I'll just do this section, the brown section And I will fill this area of ​​my eyebrow Ok I'm making a mess, excuse me Now I will blur the whole look of my eyebrows using this eyebrow brush The next step I will make is using this brown I will be using this brush from the UltaBeauty collection.

That I already knew used for my base and powder And I will touch And trace here as a number 3 with the bronzer I need pigmentation See the bronzer? Because.

I do not see it I will use mine From elf cosmetics, for contour, blush and bronzer That is the bronzer And on my forehead, why not? It's fun Now, with the same brush I will use this section that I think is blush Yep, it's blush, it's "Rubor Rosa Matte" I will make two touches And for the first time, I'll be smiling! So since I did all my face I'll do the eye makeup! I will use the Glam & Glow shadow collection I think I'll be doing a soft makeup with a little pink I will be using this brush for the eye socket of UltaBeauty And I'll be using the color "Matte Peach (peach)" What is this color, let me check if it has pigment (Can you see my suffering?) Let me give you touches It is on the brush I noticed that he was not recording So the first thing I'll do is touch this peach color, and make my basin It does not have as much pigment which is.

It's very good for the price, let's admit them It's only 17.

99 $ And now I will be using this shadows brush that came with the collection And give touches in this burbundy color And I'll be putting it at the end of my basin Hello? Pigmentation? Where were you girl? He's saying hello but at the same time he's saying goodbye With the same brush I will be touching this pink gold I'm putting the pink gold on my entire eyelid Hello b $ tch, I'm watching you And now I'll use the same brush for the basin because I think it's softer and more to blur And I will use this burgundy color And make the transition color And I'm retouching the pink gold And now I will clean the brush a little I will touch the peach color of my basin And put it all up Making it softer Ok, it's there I will take the color Brick (brick) matte I will put it in the lower line of my eye Connecting it the brick color of the corner In the corner of my eye I will be using this illuminator that.

Hello This brush is also for the eyebrows and with that, I will touch the illuminator And I'll put it in the corner of my eye The other side too Hello, there I see you A little under my eyebrow I will use this elf brush for the illuminator And I will be using this pink gold illuminator And let the magic happen * gasp * hello? Is there! Ok.

I'm excited! The other part also And in my nose I'll use the illuminator but the gold one In this area of ​​my nose and the tip So now I'll be using Wet & Wild mascara costs only $ 1 at the Dollar Tree store And now I'm doing the second layer For my lips I will be using the UltaBeauty lip liner called "Mangenta" To fill my lips I will use the shiny liquid lipstick Oh! I thought it was a dry lipstick! I will apply it on my lips Mother of God I am very impressed of the lips! I mean.

Wow baby! So this is the definitive look I will do my rantings I think that because of the eye shadow is a 7 out of 10 Because several of the colors are very cute but.

Let's be honest, it's not so much pigment But for the price, I think it's fine The blush and the direct illuminator.


5 out of 10 For the bro 10 direct, they did their job The lips are a 10, I really liked the product I mean, the whole product itself is very cute If you do not want to spend a lot of money in shadows, apart from the blush, illuminators.

You can buy that collection At the Ulta store or the UltaBeauty.

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