Hey what is up everyone Today I am gonna show you How to Translate Pubg to english First of all you have to download Google Translate Look i have done already I will open it As you can see You have to login through your gmail account Then You have to open the game PUBG It's Loading I am login in with wechat As you can see it's my Homepage i cant understand what is written i will take a screenshot Now i will switch to Google Translate As you can see i have opened my google translate i have selected the language Chinese to English Now i will click on the camera like button As you can see There is gallery button on the lower left Now choose the screenshot i had take earlier Now it's Scanning the Chinese words As you can see If I Highlight the word it will show the word in english Start The Game Likewise You can see Other Words You can See All of them See all through the app That's all for Today If You Like The Video Hit The Like Button Subscribe And Share Too Thank You.