Is iceberg lettuce really worth it? Does it have any nutritional value? And the answer is it does.

Iceberg lettuce, well first of all, it's filled with water volume so it helps fill you up, it has vitamins A and C, so it is giving you a little bit of nutrients.

Of course, I would prefer that you have darker green leafy vegetables like kale.

The other thing is that it is a good vehicle.

If you don't like dark greens, it's a good vehicle for other vegetables such as carrots and spinach, well we might not like the dark greens but throw 'em in here anyway, onions, tomatoes, peppers.

So it's a great vehicle.

Just don't load up that iceberg lettuce with the Ranch dressing and the bacon.

Use it to get in some other nutrients but don't skip it and say oh, I don't like iceberg.

You take like a cup of blue cheese dressing with mayonnaise, sour cream, cheese, you put it on like this much lettuce.

Right, so use it for good.

Get in some other nutrients there but don't pass on the salad.

(audience cheering) (chimes ringing).