Camping can be so beautiful.

Subtitle: Norddeutscher Rundfunk 2019 And it can be so treacherous to restore a camper.

You can go through.

I did not expect that.

That's scrap.

Jörg would certainly not have thought that it looks like that.

That is completely rotten.

The wood is klitschenass.

I quit.

That will be too much for me.

Is Jörg really throwing the towel? Rena and Gustav have fulfilled their RV wish.

I could not breathe at first.

This is my new favorite.

Will he come true, the dream of freedom, across the North? Do you think about your shaving cream? Yes.

You can see what you want to have with you.

I know that about my things, but it's a thing with you.

Gustav and Rena Cymontkowski want to go to Finland in the evening.

The pensioners from Breiholz ​​near Rendsburg are passionate campers – but of the comfortable sort.

No compromise on comfort – nothing for Rena.

We are not quite young anymore.

one has certain demands.

We had already planned, that we do it nicely, for us two cozy.

The kids do not ride anymore, So it was planned to suit us.

I think that is well done.

For months Gustav worked on the plans, so that a military truck becomes a second home.

He used to sell fruit and vegetables in the market and constructed their own market stalls.

You have to plan that.

If I somehow start wild – that will not work.

That has to be planned.

Every detail needs its place.

I liked that from the beginning, that was okay.

If you have been married for so long, one person knows what the other person wants.

That results.

So also the acquisition "yielded" This almost eight-meter-long and four-meter-high truck.


Gustav was because of a small car at the dealer.

There I go to the farm, and there is this vehicle.

As if I.

I could not breathe at first.

I say to my wife, "What can you do with it?" Mobile home – as we both had never thought of it.

And then home, and then it started.

Because no night was normal anymore.

Then it was considered and constructed and.

well, until we have ordered.

This is my new favorite.

The 13-ton truck has a lot to offer.

He has 326 hp.

Nobody comes along on the mountain.

Each of the custom flaps has its well-considered function.

Our energy room: This is once a 3 kW generator.

He also gives us electricity when we have stood for five days.

Here is the sewage history: this is the pump from the loo, that the pump of sink and shower.

Tools and spare parts, that's in this box.

Two large chairs, table, two smaller chairs, two chairs and a windscreen.

Here's the second bike and there's room up here we like to do trash bags.

Fish Grill.

Or if we have a nice pork cheek.

The ax for the emergency.

For the rubber boots – they will probably need them in Finland.

In the original condition, the truck does not have these flaps.

That was Gustav's idea.

Nightly sometimes pondering: how do you do this and that? And it's all done and works.

That's the nicest thing there is.


Please come in.

For interior fitting, a friendly carpenter helped.

Everything has its place there, too.

Gustav is a perfectionist – he has thought through every detail at least three times: Custom made bunk beds and plenty of storage space.

Gustav and Rena could always jolt.

We are married for over 40 years, so we do not need much words.

We say that's what we want to do – then we start.

Do we have no discussions.


May I say something else? Yes.

We are married for over 46 years.

Well, you do not have to make us so old.

Yes, we are.

Instead of gas: three high-performance batteries with 5000 watts each – enough to spend days in the Finnish hinterland.

Virtually all the energy is taken from here.

Every single battery.

I can with this.



Let's go in a few hours – the adventure Finland is waiting.

These two do not have a truck – but they also want to be comfortable: Axel and Kati from Wardenburg near Oldenburg.

Your camper will make you more and more comfortable.


Here you sat and got cold feet.

They are still freezing cold.

In contrast, Axel has worried something.

This one.


What is that? I'll show you now.

This is the state of the art.

Such camping tricks like this heating foil are exactly Axel's thing.

Do you notice something? * Laugh * No, not yet.

Wait a minute! Something is happening.


It's getting warm.

Are you warm feet, right? Is really good.

Their camper they built in years of minimal work from the rotting wreck to the cozy second home.

We know every screw of the caravan.

If something is and creaks, we know what that is, what creaks there.

Well, you're really a fool.


Tinkerer, Fummler, hobbyist.

That's where I think I'm Schrämper.

Ne? Yes.

Schrämper, half screwdriver, half camper.

Schrämper, this is what Axel calls everyone who likes to screw and camp.

And there are many in the north.

Today, Axel and Kati finally get to know some of them.

The weatherproof professional campers make their way to the "Schrämper meeting" in Hooksiel.

Minutes of a diesel.

* engine stutter * Yes, the camper has already been 26 years old.

* Engine roar * Hey, lops! Hey, lops! That's good.


Anchor anchor and get started now! Yes.

The 52-year-old publishes DIY tips on the Internet.

He is something of the North German "motorhome screwdriver Pope".

He organized a meeting for like-minded people for the first time.

We have written a lot have always been with questions to the side.

Now that's nice, if you get to know each other and especially the vehicles to see.

How they look in Natura.


Nevertheless, twelve other hobbyists arrived with their mobile homes.

Everyone knows Axel as the one who always has a solution.

Would not you have shown so meticulously how to build it: Then I would have hewn that in the rush.

Pushed into the Moselle.

It's great.

Schrämper help themselves.

Already waiting for the next rehabilitation case.

Jörg from Hamburg found out: The walls of his newly purchased motorhome are completely rotten.

He looked pretty good, I knew a few places.

I started in a corner.


Then I discovered the next corners.

Yes, once you start, one thing comes to another.

And you come from Hamburg? Yes.

Would not be bad, we'll look at it.


That would be a good idea.


Let's do that.


Contact knotted.

Axel will visit Jörg and take a closer look at the problem campers.

It will be a mammoth task.

Rena and Gustav set out for Finland.

I'll give you the backpack, no, take it off me.


Once, here.

The ferry port in Travemünde is just over 100 km away.

They only booked the crossing, no campsites.

Such a truck also means freedom.

I expected that we could stand completely self-sufficient for five days, without reloading.

That's why we like to stand in places where others are not.

Not quite lonely in the forest, but if there is a nice corner somewhere, say: "Here we stop, here we stay tonight.

" Well equipped and flexible – The rugged Finnish north will still hold surprises.

After 30 hours on the ferry, they are in the Finnish capital and drive with their Wohntruck east.

Good morning, Helsinki.

The sun is shining – what more could you want? Total blue sky, right? Yes.

In cities they are reluctant to travel with the oversized truck, because of the narrow streets.

There are admiring glances.

* Finnish music * I would say we take the next fishing village behind Helsinki.

So bushes east? Exactly, that's a good idea.

Nice grilled fish, I would really hungry for it.

That would be delicious, we could prepare well tonight.

Gustav would most like to fish the fish himself – if that works? Schrämper-Pope Axel is on his way to Hamburg-Billstedt with Kati.

He wants to take a closer look at Jörg's problem camper.

Then let's have a look.


Do you have everything? I have everything.

Hello! Moin, hello! We are really excited.

He's back there.

He's back there.

Jörg had asked Axel for help at the Schrämper meeting.

First visit of the wreck: Here you can see how the wood is klitschenass and despite this for me actually good seal.

completely soaked, so.

Yes, that is.

that is completely ailing.

That does not stop anymore.

Peat! As soon as I detect moisture, I have to locate it immediately and may not say, "Maybe I'll do that later.

" In fact: The walls are held together only by adhesive tape.

A bad buy? That's scrap.

For me, this is scrap.

What else am I supposed to say? Drin is not much anymore – everything has now been taken out.


Looks bad, it's a lot of work.

Jörg has to take everything apart.

and work it up again.

These are mold fungi – spores, everything.

You did not smell that.

How I bought the car.

It did not smell moldy.

I have a very good nose and smell it quickly, but.

It is difficult to discover such places.

You can feel it when you say it's soft.


There, where it is soft, you really have to check again.


I had a moment where I wanted to give up.

That was how I realized that the roof was completely.

This is completely rotten, the wood is klitschenass.

Oh yeah.

If you are here.


rausholst, that's.


that is wet.

Exactly, that's the peat we have here.

The blanket and the rotten wood have to get out.

I'll get a new foil that's waterproof.


Because I have more time.

Jörg paid 3500 euros for this "wetland".

He wants to put in so much again.

There is nothing left in the vehicle.

There is no wall left, no kitchen.

You can not imagine that this was a vehicle.

Krass, I have to say.

There are many vehicles that look really good from the outset, You buy them in good faith.

And when you pick up the wallpaper and the moisture comes.

Jörg would certainly not have thought that it looks like that.

He has already had phases under warranty, where he says, "For God's sake, what did you buy?" I did not expect that.

That's when I said, "Um, yes.

Do you stop? Do you sell this in parts? Do you shred this? Or are you going on? " Whether Jörg has the staying power? With 80 things through the far north.

Gustav and Rena are looking for fresh fish – prefers to fish for yourself.

But first break: At the only attraction whose parking is big enough – a motorcycle museum.

With over 100 historic bikes from around the world.

That's not so fast, so.


Eieieiei, there goes the Luzie! We prefer to drive.

We prefer to go quiet, right? Yes.

Owner Riku Ruoto has noticed the eye-catching RV and offers a museum tour.

It's historic.

Yes exactly.

Old BMW.


(English) BMW.

He and his buddy want that Be sure to show Gustav's unique truck.

Yesss! Hahaha! Once in the wheel of a truck – Great guys dreams.

(Speaks Finnish) Goodbye.


Gustav and Rena also got a tip: Nearby you should be able to fish excellent salmon.

Hamburg-Billstedt: Two months have passed since Schrämper expert Axel was here.

Jörg was diligent and renewed the soaked walls.

It is not 100 percent.

But let's see what you see afterwards.

Most of it is hushed up anyway, you hardly see any place afterwards.

But it's the question: Where do you come from? What did it look like the last time we were in it? In the corner.

Here it was, right? You could put your hand through it.

That's really good, the window is back in there.

Most windows and blinds are still broken.

These are already over, here it dissolves correctly.

Since it dissolves completely.

But you get this fabric by the meter.

There is something down there, what you can move into this aluminum line.

You have to look.

Then you can put that back in.

That's nice with the old stuff: You can disassemble and fix that.


This is more difficult with new ones.

That's what I love about it.


New windows would cost hundreds of euros.

Axel knows how to save it, because only the blind is broken.

Thanks to Axel's help, Jörg can renew that himself.

This one is attached to this one here.

Then you push them together, up and down.

So they are pushed from the outside.

Without Axel's help, Jörg would probably have given up.

The worst thing is if you can not get ahead and get no help.

Since it is wonderful with the Schrämper group.

If you have a problem, call Axel Put that into a WhatsApp group, then everyone makes his comment.

With mobile homes never finished.

Jörg is already working on his camper for four months.

There are always construction sites added.

Axel is just gone, as Jörg realizes: The water tank is too loose.

I do not like it at all.

The screws tightened – but that does not really hold.

Nope, no, no, no, I do not like that.

No idea.

Is the saving idea in the hardware store coming? What works for many home improvement is for campers-builders rather stopgap: Because many parts for campers are custom-made and therefore expensive.

As soon as there is "for motorhome" or "for caravan, caravan", then pay twice.

So I'm always looking for alternatives.

Just needed ideas like what you could do.


outer diameter accordingly.

Yes, they are good.

Jörg found screws for the water tank, cheap bathroom utensils unfortunately not.

Nevertheless, the costs loll.

He spent 3500 euros on the RV, he wanted to put in another 3500 – the budget has long been exhausted.

Financially this is a disaster.

In itself things are not so expensive but that will probably be 2000 euros on top of it.

And then it gets tight.

There can not go much wrong.

Gustav and Rena are looking for fresh fish in Finland.

Here there should be ponds where you can fish salmon.

The operator even speaks German.

Can we fish here? Naturally.

Yes? I am Jukka.

I am Gustav.

Now here is good place, here is a lot of fish.


can catch.

a salmon fish.

Because that's good.

The fishing is free, you have to pay only for caught fish – assuming Gustav catches something.

He has never fished.

But with these baits the salmon bite allegedly guaranteed.

I'll be ready with the bucket when the fish come.

But after ten minutes, nothing is happening yet.

Good anglers always say: "Do not talk!" And after another silent ten minutes.

Maybe we are too quiet.

Or too impatient.

You have to have patience one moment.

Then the proof: There are fish here.

Oh! There is one! And hey – go away! Maybe Gustav is in the wrong place.

Can you go around there? Naturally.

Yes? Should we try this? So on the other side.

But it shows: The location was obviously not the problem.

Who knows if this will happen with our supper.

Hamburg-Billstedt: Jörgs Camper is ready.


Axel and Kati come to look: what has happened? Madness, what that looks like.

Wow, I'm excited! What that looked like and now.

madness! I never thought you would get it together again.

So a bunch of scrap.

But now he is real.



Yes, really, well.

Here you can be honest.

Jörg tinkered in nine months from a rotten wreck a chic camper.

Even if he has invested almost 10,000 euros instead of 7,000.

The holiday can come.

Provided he manages it through the TUV exam.

It will be exciting! Excited without end, whether one exists or not.

Good luck, 50:50, I do not know.

(Navi) * The destination is on the right.

* Now get serious! Eleven years the car was unannounced, He grunted and started to rust.

Then Jörg woke him from the slumber.

Does he get no badge, the maiden voyage is at stake.

Hurdle one: the exhaust test.

* Droning * Okay, that's it.

All good.

It went relatively fast, but all right.

The examiner is nice – but does that help with the second hurdle? The wheel bearings must not have too much play.

That does not sound good.

Yes, that's a problem.

That's a real problem.

If you have a defective wheel bearing: The wheel falls off or blocks or, or.

You do not want that, especially not on the highway.

That is urgent to repair.

But the examiner leaves it at the hint.

Then the headlights are on it, which must be adjustable in height: So that the traffic is not dazzled, when the motorhome is fully loaded.

Turn it to zero again.


Well, I hear that, but nothing moves here.

If he loads his RV fully, no one on the way would see what.

Does that mean: failed? Yes.

The height adjustment is defective – today there is no badge.

Of course disappointed.

I would have liked to get that.

There are holidays soon, there we want to do the first tour, my wife is on vacation.

So, you have to be there.


Jörgs Camper will soon get a second chance.

Then it sure works with the badge and with the holiday too.

In Finland, Gustav loses his patience.

But next door is still the beginner pond.

It's better if you show me.

That has to be a little faster.

Ruckizucki! Do we have to try, maybe that will work out.

Ruckizucki! I hope.

That's good.

Then let's try it at this point.

Oh! I have a fish! Uiuiui, I have a fish! Oh, such a.

beautiful trout! Look, darling! Our supper is secured, juhu! And I held it.


You can say at home, you caught a fish.

Gustavs first salmon trout.

And where one bites, there must be.


I have the second one.

Ah, I have the second! Oh.

Look, what a nice one! You only need one place where they can grill, eat and sleep.

Jukka has revealed an insider tip.

Electricity, water, WC bring you anyway anyway.

That's why this patch should Be home to one of about 100,000 Finnish lakes tonight.

Is the car standing, honey? He's still a little bit crooked.

Then we have to put a little board under it.

Camper parked.

Fish excluded.

And grilling is thanks to power batteries with the electric grill.

(groaning) There's the socket.


And now it starts.

230 degrees.

top and bottom heat.

We're stopping for 60 minutes, but he should be good at 45.

Electricity is also enough for the induction cooker – camping with comfort.

I made it easy.

We always do it that way.

Gustav makes the tasty things and I the simple ones.

Yes, it dissolves from the bone.

We'll share that, right? Just try it.


Wonderful! Delicious.

No boggy, right? Nope.

There is no need for spice.


It's quite different when you've caught that yourself.

That's exactly what Rena and Gustav had imagined – with the idyll and freedom in Finland.

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