We are going with a like natural look today.

I guess Erm my hair is- has been curled.

Naturally it's like kind of curly slash straight And it's just really irritating.

But yeah this is my natural hair.

This is how long it is now.

And natural colour whatnot {INTRO MUSIC} Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel.

Or if you're new then welcome.

My name is Mhairi.

I upload new videos on a Sunday and a Wednesday If you are d/Deaf or Hard of hearing or if you just have difficulty understanding what I am saying Then go ahead and click the closed caption button.

I caption all of my videos for that exact purpose So you can probably tell what this video is about by the title below I have not been to the audiologist in a very long time.

And the reason for that Is because, in order to make an appointment at my audiologist, I have to phone them Seriously I have been to three audiologists in my lifetime.

One in Paisley near where I grew up One in the Scottish Borders where I lived as a teenager And one in Edinburgh where I currently live and where I used to go for specialist appointments Every single one of these appointments was made by someone else.

Usually my mum or my Gran Why? Because not one Not two but all three of these audiologists Required for somebody to phone them to make an appointment And obviously Being deaf Phones are a no go The other option that they had though was a text phone Now I don't know how many of you guys have a text phone Good for you if you do.

They are probably really helpful in situations exactly like this But I don't own a text phone I don't even own a regular phone I have my trusty mobile and that is it By now you're probably thinking "well why not just buy a text phone?" And honestly I would if the frickin things did not cost more than I make in a month Honestly? These things cost upwards of £200 And I absolutely refuse to pay that for a phone that I'm only going to be able to use To make audiologist appointments and maybe get in contact with the tax office I could see the value for money if I was going to be able to use this for everything like calling my husband when he's at work or making my own doctors appointments or hairdresser's appointments or dentist appointments But not many places have a text phone option Probably because they know how ridiculously expensive the things are So that leaves me in a really annoying situation.

I can't use the phone cause duh I'm deaf And I'm most likely not going to hear the person on the other side or I'm going to misunderstand information and get my appointment time wrong or miss other vital information And I can't use a text phone because I don't own one and I honestly can't afford one And these are the only two options Back in High School I actually got in contact with my local MP about this And we worked together and we got an e-mail system installed in the audiologist in the Scottish Borders Near where I was staying And it was great.

You could e-mail and they'd e-mail you back and you'd make your appointment But I've since learned that they actually no longer do this *groans* Honestly all I am asking for is a tiny section on the audiologist part of the hospital website Where I can make an appointment Literally my hair salon and my beauty salon both have this option You basically go online and there's a timetable and you select your time and BOOM it's booked online.

Done But apparently this is too hard for a hospital sector that is dedicated to d/Deaf and Hard of hearing people to do So I really want to do something about it And, like I did in the pas,t I'm going to contact my local MP and try and get this changed At least here in Edinburgh.

And, hopefully, if you guys are having the same kind of problem, You can do something similar and, if you like the idea, then maybe I can set up a petition for, at least here, in the UK And maybe some of you in the states might want to do that yourself.

Set up a petition for your area.

And hopefully get one of these systems installed where we can book audiologist appointments online no hassle, no phones, no misunderstandings Just simply selecting what time we want to go and booking it there and then and writing it in our diaries and going I will keep you guys updated on how this is going when I get in contact with the MP and when they reply And if you do want me to start a petition then just let me know in the comment section below And I will be more than happy to do that and hopefully you guys will be more than happy to sign it And thank you very much for watching this video and I will see you guys in my next video.

Bye for now! {OUTRO MUSIC}.