why are you laughing like freeze on jump force but your geting mudered by him stupid would bot and you got way more kills than me kids so you can't talk bot you got way more kills than me bot we dont want to hear you everybody come to the ground shut up botain't gotta hear what u gotta say u bot you language lester are u from gta for real gta bruh u kmow u from gta.

shut up bot we want to hear you gottasay shut up by we postal think about BOTS in this game when you're clearlywon one of them you make no sense bot let's look at you you got you got beatyou got beat here a bite you got beat your bike I didn't even have to helpthem your bike no shut up you're a bite ma I don't want to hear shut up buy itshut up but shut up by what I hear you don't wanna hear you bought setup butget on my face bite alright I've been that gotta kill offyou bite we don't want to hear you you're a buy we don't want to hear youin your bite language you never get the kill bot why would I fight you you're a littlekid little bot shut up lebot from now we caught you alittle bite now live I got here alibi it Louise Night Live I he's way better thanela Bhatt he way better than you know sign doesn't matter a little bite and Igot more kills in you little bite you know I mean well I could catch a littlebite and you got a few people down a little bite you garnish live I wannahear you little bot shut up blow by we want to hear you gotta buy what are youtalking about a little bite yeah Buffy's lebot LaVon LaVon LaVon thebite out of my face talking about you never freeze breath get out my face shut up buy it we don't want to hear you wedon't hear you in your butt juice stop shooting me down faggot so I take yourpermissions off she won't from mission down one moretime but I'm gonna take off your permissions I'm gonna take off yourpermissions but I'm not bullying you I'm a bully you like no other bite theydon't matter I'm taking it out on you but you're not worth my wrath by you said we miles away where you gotbought no don't come watch me buy I want you lucky bite damn you getting bullied bump my littlecousin by damn that's tough he's chained by he's a little bite breath don't worryabout him he's a little bite you can't even get a kid he can only get likethree kids on that's how a body is he get body he get body by everybody he'sgetting bad cuz I'm painting this is the truth bye we got a bottle in our hands abye brother we got a bottle in our hands I'm just inaugurated already narratedand you're getting shooting me cuz you're a bikewow you're such a bye wow I never met somebody so bought T so boxy before itgot out of your butt okay you don't matter if you better thanme bite my keep up with him kid I bought exactly exactly exactly setups by shutup by we want to hear you bought your botany you're a botany shut up botany goddang too boxy for this world talkingtoo much Lee go ahead and shoot me down againbecause he's so bot he's up by right he got hands alone he can't handle thiswork cuz he's such a vibe oh no you probably left you he's gonna leave sothey all matter labott oh my gosh bright you're such a vibe brother we all needwe all will mess it by its breath damn you fuck yo shit up bye why do you likethat bottle no cuz you're a by little bot stop shooting me down a little butthat's why they call you little bikes you love bite your head shot it boy gethit shot it boy get shot at boy we're gonna hear you labott we're gonna hearyou labott labott we want to hear you lebot right here you labott he thought he's gonna kill methat's funny you're a bot brother always while that got your lebot talking aboutthat stuff I shot the wrong person while accidental but you could have killed mea little bite you tries bro shut up labott we want to hear you little bite we bought you to try for our pipe Amyaslebot lebot lebot lebot lebot goddamn leboy why are you being a little bye bro it's so funny how it by its be on thisgame shut up default we all want to hear you you're the PI so what are you talkingabout let trash we're gonna call you littlegarbage from now on I know I'll funny you look like a slide never freeze loveI shut up love I will only hear you gotta say it'll bite just to bottie freeyou don't even know what I'm saying love I you go away on your way you don't even have a brain so how yougonna bust my brain now hey little buddy he said file down withhim labott smile playing halo demon demon killer he said fall down with him shut up I post my own your head stupidbite stupid I thought you would slicklystikeez gonna shoot me down and get away with you that's funny but you miss a little bite because youtries broke come down here with me little bite come here labott come on fate come tocatch its way down here you're not same Cup we catch you'll fade down herebrother put me in such a pie come down here lebot come down here just come downhere come all the way down here we're doing free from alibi leave bye we won't care I don't matter alittle bite you still a fine you couldn't even kill me a little bite yougot here you just married because you couldn't kill them shut upget out of my face you're not ready for me but I'll kill you down I'll kill youright now I'm gonna bite come down here then lebot you won'tbecause you won't bite boy shut up live I want to hear you gotto say a little buy it it's not complaining let's shoot this down cuzyou garbage live I know Lee you know it lullaby look got headshot eat little buyit garbage doctor self cute little bite we don't want to hear you we're one hereyou'll abide and little BOTS gonna try to land inhere with me because he's my body and that's the only advice to do no it'strue little boy in there come on love I cross out Labine oh wait oh wait oh weehe's in there he's in uh ya know you beat him look where you at little boy hole is over you're being toxicget on get on when we get well you still charge Lobot Kilda whyhe's not even here look at you little pie thought you with sleep how do youget the little pie Bridal matter little biteand it's not until 11:00 little bite it's 11:00 till 11:00 little boy how doyou shut up little boy it's not I teach you a lesson little bite look you missedthe light shading little bite it's time little but look at what you doing my boylook at you look at you I do not feel no bye shut uplo bye lo bye little look alright obligate I'm gonna give you a word loveI I'm gonna give you a little away I'm giving away a box for a little bit touse Fred little boxes like you do you know how to feel element labott do you know I just really love I do youknow this fellow he'll let me at my bike look guy hey sathi shy so he's not evenplaying leboy huh I'll play it so good you think it's himoh my god little bike oh my gosh bro you know it's not him you know it's not himcuz he's not here stupid syllabi shut up about yes he didthat's why you got off the game LaVon I told you spindly love I mean over herebeing done Allah by shut up love I'm up for any challenge any day low by youknow we but I don't matter a little but youstill trash you're talking about you still garden his little bite youdon't matter what you do love all right you're still garbage at the end of theday little bite look you got raped by a new day you got ripped by and then youwrecked me last time little bite you can't do anything about it little fight- cool look we've gotta shoot me down cuz youalone hi just little BOTS dude come here come here come here a little bot andshow you a lesson a little bite I'll show you a lesson I'll never showed anybite lip line where you at labott well let me let me get you a little lot I gotyou I got you a present Oh bye see I never freeze LaVon starting with sleep love I thought youwere sweet love I Oh yummy dee dee roller laying D rolling I'lltake the rollers dear old lady role in it sounded like is dear you to be honestI look like a Giri Oh where's it's not mom no that's my freaking uncle'sgirlfriend sign so shut up robot and learn what you talking aboutgoodbye yeah little bi shut up will buy so itwill buy I told you just felt a little bite what'd I tell you I'll tell you Itold you to keep your mouth shut little by coaches to keep your mouth shutlittle bite aim now what was you saying hey labott sucking dick you suck dickall day long you dick sucking machine I bet you'd be sucking toe-to-toesomething big I bet you find I bet you find a better wife you get thefortnight's car I bet you shove it up your own butt shut up love Eileen wedon't want to hear what you out of sailing by all you got to know youtaking big alibi what's the score 14 to 14 shut up little by here you gotta say oh boy I'm this like hell no to the nono no you know hell to the naw so no no nooh I'm not suing on little bye I'm not showing off love bite shut upand come all the way down here to the ground will bite she really shut up thebike come over here alibi yeah it ready for me little bite shut upshut up little bite shut up shut up a little bite we know you ain't you knowyou ain't ready for me lebot get out of here get a little booklet on boy youGarvey's alibi shut up lo bye lo bye I'm dancingyourself set on LaVon show a little but still a little by little little by noyou're ready for me gotta hear little boy talking snow sure you know you just got a rugaru forpooping on a little bot shut upLobot we won't hear you gotta say yes I am but you know i amplify could you alittle bite Laboy shut up up i got here is you got to say little bot shut upshut up a bot oh you almost hit me lebot but you didn't do it a quick enough blowbite because you know you try a bite gargles robot a little bi guy hid oh my god that wastoe who you think you're gonna get the lastkill that's funny a little BOTS keep on trying come down here labott oh the Lobot gotta kill ha ha hee Garveyso they don't matter love I just finally got acute because Iwas loved he said wait No can't you ask them play on the phonetherefore what do you know do you ask Laraine you why for all that other controller they goaround with you that's a lie you know any emo it is it's not know this is newbrother outside I can't do that because it's new huh no because this is an allguys phone but not all glass but like it's like oh no I'm sorry bro I just gotto get to know you a little bit more Brown series I did but not longer than crying you won'tthat's that's that's why you won't get to use my phone no fuck you too niggayou ain't got one stud in your stomach oh that's game and you know you ain'tgot one cuz you got you go still use some yeah it is cuz these tell me how ami how am i stupid you know you know it's still used to me oh boy I almost died what the fuck who the hell Oh yeah oh yeah.