My name is Lara and I'm a second year student.

From North London studying business and management Hello this is Niamh O'Riodan-Mitchell I'm a second year.

Student doing Art history, Visual culture, and History I usually start my day about 8:00am, I'll try to pack myself a breakfast so.

That I don't spend as an extra money on campus because it really does add up I'm just preparing my breakfast, I'm having Greek yogurt with frozen berries and honey.

Quite simple but it works That only took five minutes, if that, and it will save me a good £5 People do worry about wanting to go to university because of the money costs.

and that really shouldn't put you off because there are loads of.

Opportunities for you to earn money on campus, in the.

Town or city where you might want to study.

It's all readily available for you.

And as well as, budgeting and food I always do shop at.

The cheapest supermarkets because I just like a bargain really Top tip: I highly recommend either getting your groceries delivered or doing click.

And collect, like I do, because it just means that you can see everything that you're.

Adding into your basket and you don't get tempted by all the things that you.

Would if you were actually in the supermarket.

So it's definitely saved me a.

Lot of money and I highly recommend So I will go and collect my groceries on a.

Sunday and then I will cook that Sunday evening and that just means that.

It saves me a lot of time and a lot of money This week I'm having soup with.

Some bread and sweet potatoes, baked sweet.

At uni it does make you want to balance your finances more but at the same time.

It's exciting being able to be in control of the amount of money that.

You want to spend So I hope this video has been helpful and thank you so much.

For watching, bye.