Hungry? Try this Burrito, addicted.

the potatoes are better to use hashbrown or tater tots are more fragrant.

if there are.

if not, just ordinary potatoes The microwave hashbrown, wait we use white eggs but red is better don't forget the green pepper grill.

watch my video and I'll install the link at the end of this video.

microwave to melt hashbrown and green pepper add the rest of the turkey meat to sandwiches, tomatoes, everything in the fridge instead of thrown away.

baby but the secret key remains in the roasted green chili if there is salty crispy bacon, salty uenakkk really.

microwave bacon 29 seconds Costco bacon $ 11-14 depending on hokki sometimes cheap sometimes expensive.

it's ripe, robust the egg is cooked, put the hashbrown, the chili, everything.

sprinkle chili powder / paprika and Lawry's Seasoned Salt if available.

buy at Costco that big for only $ 5ish red eggs yummm hokki the Kiki.

oh the scent.

don't hold it.

don't forget to roast the green chillies.


so hungry watching ginian.

let's make Tata? come here yukkk ??? let the village is important, lots of delicious food.

your mother insulted aje.

microwave one tortilla for 10 seconds use aluminum foil wrap if there is so that it's easy to eat but if there are you know.

it's not important how come.

my hands are sexy well.

yahoo the burrito wrap is like a baby with an anduk so it's easy.

isn't it coi ?? serve with OJ if it's better thanks for watching.

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