Black Violin came together about 15 yearsago and it was just a few guys in the studio trying to make it in the industry as producers And we noticed how people are always drawnto the violin We'd put a beat on and we'd start playingon top of the music and people would just lose their minds.

You Know? And that's when we realized we had somethingspecial and we've been doing that ever since Just really testing the boundaries and justreally taking this thing that's been around for 400 years and thinking about it a differentway and approaching it in a different way You know, that's honestly what this ClassicalBoom Tour is all about.

Experiencing something you've never experiencedbefore.

Honestly that's what music is, that is whatart is.

You want to be able to see something and experiencesomething you've never seen before.

I'm glad that every time we come on stagebeing ourselves being who we are, we break stereotypes.

And what ever you thought is going to happenit's probably not going to happen.