Hello Bloggineers.

Today we're watching the Summer Solstice Celebration.


Hello Bloggineers.

We're at the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration, and we're going to watch the parade.

This is a three day community arts extravaganza that draws more than 100,000 spectators.

There are many eggs filled with confetti that you can buy here.

We're going to view the parade from the VIP seating area.

Here comes one of the whimsical larger than life puppets.

Brother, don't be scared, it's not real.

Then came a big dog and a giant phoenix.

The parade also features many costumed dancers such as this team.

We're enjoying some lunch while watching the celebration.

[Brother] Oh no, another creepy man.

There are many kids dressed up as heroes, which is the theme of this year's parade.

Then we saw a couple of crazy bicycles.

I wonder what you call that shape.

Brother is wondering why these people are so tall? [Brother] How did she do that? Everybody's Kung Fu fighting.

A swarm of bees is carrying a honeycomb float filled with kids.

Then we saw a silly T-Rex dancing like a fool.

Then I spotted something strange.

Why is Abraham Lincoln riding a dinosaur? Here comes more bizarre things.

[Brother] It's a hammer.

[Man] Put your hands up.

Say "Yay!" [Crowd] Yay! [Man] Yay! [Crowd] Yay! [Man] Yay! [Crowd] Yay! Mmm.

Donuts! This man is collecting money for donation.

Here come more people-powered floats.

This one is pretty cool because there's people inside.

What's that in the sky? It's a bird.

It's a plane.

It's a.


What? Brother is really enjoying this toe tapping music.

Another hive coming through.

Slo mo! The parade is coming to an end.

We had so much fun watching the parade.

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