It's good to see you, Ben Thank you so much.

I have not seen you in a while.

So good to be here.

I know, it's been, like, twoyears since you've been here.

I know.

I know.

Well, I came, like, for themovie before the last one.


And I wasn't avoiding you.

I was just, you know,doing the rounds.

Exactly, I know.

But a lot hashappened in two years.

And you look healthy and happy.

And I'm happy for you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

You know, it's interesting.

It's like, it's sort of–there's a temptation to get, like, I could get depressed.

I could feel like, oh,I've been through a lot.

And this was hard,and that was hard.

Or I could be kindof embarrassed.

But I have to say I'mlike, I feel so good now.

I'm in such a great place.

My kids are healthy.

You know, life is good.

And so it's sortof like, whatever it took for me to get to thisplace, you know, I'm grateful.

Good, I'm glad.

I'm glad.

You know, Jennifer'sbeen here a lot.

But I didn't know thatthis was the only show that your childrenwere allowed to watch.

Yes, that's right.

This is it.

Only mine.

You know, you have one ofthose things in split families, you sort of, like,go back and forth.

And you want to come to a sortof agreement on the rules.

And I'm a littlebit more liberal on the screen side of thingsand the video games and the TV.

But this is somethingthat we can both agree on.

And so you're a coach onyour son's Little League? I am.

Yeah, I'm a coach onthe Little League team.

And it's going great.

He's awesome.

It's a lot of fun.

The kids are great kids.

I do have to wear a Dodgershat, because that is the team.

But you know, that's like–it's like here you go.

All right.

Some locals.

But you know? It's like one of those things.

You love it so much.

It's just, it'slike the dad dream, you know what I mean,to be the coach.

And coaching your son or yourdaughter on their Little League team, it's very exciting.

And so people havebeen very cool.

And Netflix– I hada game last week.

And I was promoting the movie.

And I was going to Asia.

And I was like, I haveto come back a day early! And there was like,you know, what's the– and I was like, my son'sLittle League game.

I'm the coach.

But thank you, Netflix.

They did let me.

They would understand that.

Netflix is– they'rethe best, right? They're great.

Especially to work with.

So let's talk aboutthat Triple Frontier.

Tell everyone what it is about.

Triple Frontier is a movie.

You saw a little clip there.

And basically, the backstory to that is it's about these guys who arespecial forces operatives.

And these are thesoldiers who do, like, this sort of massiveshare of the combat duty in the military.

I mean, they'reendlessly deploying, a lot of missions, very, youknow, stressful, traumatic, a lot of casualties, you know? And it's very difficult.

Andthey become really, really kind of expert at doing this.

And then, get to a point intheir careers, their age, where they become the bestof the best of the best.

And then they sort of retire.

And they go out intothe civilian world and find that, you know,it's not always easy to make that transition, andthat those skills that they've honed and developedin that capacity don't necessarily translate to,like– my character's trying to sell real estate, you know? And a lot of these men and womenwho come back from the service, there's, you know, a lotof depression and divorce and suffering, andobviously, PTSD.

And also, just the transitionback into civilian life is difficult.

And so these guys,you know, get sort of tempted by this offer torob this drug lord.

And there's a little bit ofgreed and a little temptation.

And they havefinancial pressure.

And so then they getswept up into it.

And bad things happen.


Didn't go as planned.


And so you all wentswimming together.

And there was a photoof your back tattoo that got a lot of attention.

It did.

It did.

Not so much positive.


I think people–it's a commitment.

It's– what is it? It's like a– It's a Phoenix.

It's a Phoenix, which– Rising from your ass.

I didn't– we didn'tplan that bit.

No, we didn't.

But it's– That's what you getwhen you're a comedian.

You can do that kindof thing very quick.


Where was I? Anyway, yes.

It's a Phoenix,rising from my ass.

And I was about to sayit represents something really important to me.

But you know what? Maybe just– No, you can.

We'll skip that.

You can say that.

It does representsomething important to you.

Yeah, it is.

It's meaningful to me.

I like it.

It's something that Isort of kept private.

It wasn't like I was sort ofdoing photo shoots or whatever.

We were two hours north of thecity on some island in Hawaii.

And we didn't know thepaparazzi was there.

So they got apicture of my tattoo.

And yeah, the sentiment ran, youknow, against, which I think, I love my tattoo.

I'm very happy with it.


Yeah, it's your tattoo.

It's your back.

Luckily, I'm the one who has it.