Hi everyone and thanks for returning to my channel! Today's video is a shopping mall video I waited a long time to photograph it And the truth is, I've already taken it And it did not come out well at all So I take it back I had the bags of Spora and Olta and everything Basically I took everything out of the bags I took the video Then I scattered everything and put it in place, and threw the bags Then I discovered that the photograph did not come out well So I take it back Without the bags Then you'll have to forgive me But I wanted to show you Everything I bought Because I bought some really exciting beauty products So if you want to see everything I bought, keep watching Okay, so at this point because I do not have the bags I'll try to remember what I bought where but.

I can not promise anything So either it's Spora or it's Olta But anyway I'll leave links to everything in the info box so you have nothing to worry about So the first product I'm going to show you Or Ma Gad with what to start? Okay I'll just introduce them in the order they sit here So it's a dry brush of Eco Tuls Dry brushing is a trend that has been going on for about a year or two And I never really tried it But recently I have a serious problem with dry skin Then.

I really wanted to give it an try I've tried Pilign in the shower and things like that But it never really helped me Maybe it will work in conjunction with it But they do not really work alone And I apply creams and body oils But nothing works And developed some kind of white layer of dryness on my skin That's really crazy So I really hope it will be the solution to these problems So as you can see it is no longer in it's box So yeah I've tried it a little I think today was the second time I used it Meanwhile it looks like it works I think it will take a few more uses to see if it really works Just do it on dry skin before showering Brush with long upward movements Begin from the feet and brush upwards And this should.

Help circulate blood in the body And help get rid of all the dry, peeling skin I really hope it helps me do it Meanwhile, the only thing I really noticed is that it does When I use it Feel sex.

Such a shudder Which passes through the entire body So I guess it's the flow of blood in the body I do not know but maybe So I kinda like it And I'll keep using it By the way This is not a testimonial video, it's a shopping hall But because I have already started using some of the products So why not? The second product is the matte Matt Chucklette Solier of Tu Fiess I wanted this brunzer for a long time I just needed a brunzer to slow it down Because I do have a relatively large selection of bronzers But they all have a little shimmer And I wanted something that is more everyday and sluggish So it was a really good choice in my opinion They have three shades They have a milk chocolate coloring that is for clarity of skin And they have the chocolate that's the hue, the medium And they have the dark chocolate that is darker I'll show you the packing She's so cute It looks like Polly Phuket! And it smells.


chocolate Like, I do not want to put it on my face I want to put it in my mouth and eat it! that's what she said.

The next thing is something I must say I'm really excited about I did not even know you could get it at the Oulta It's Murphy's silhouette plate This is their Olavise Golden 9A platter It is the shade I took And I have to say something For a silhouette plate that costs $ 12 It looks really good! This is how it looks And it comes with a quality look and everything And it just looks really good And the color.

The pigment of the shadows is simply amazing Very quality and very pleasant I have not tried this plate yet But I tried the silhouettes in the shop And I remember that I was very impressed by the palette and that's why I bought it So the colors of this palette are more in shades of brown, gold and neutral I do not leave too much of my comfort zone when it comes to shades of silhouettes I used to play with bolder shades when I was younger But when you grow older you know more than what flatters you and you stick to it So that's what I do Then it let out the browns It has four brilliant shades and the rest are matt And I just love her Another thing I bought was a product that I just replenished my inventory I've been using it for a while now This is Ardell's Demi Wispies Artificial eyelashes They come in the Strip And I love them very much.

It comes with an applicator for lashes I discovered that it was a lash style that looked good on me and that it was easy for me to work with it And that's right on the border between lashes that are excessive lashes that look natural So it gives this intermediate look of full lashes But no eyelashes that look crazy But you can certainly play with it for a daily sight or for an evening Another thing that excites me most is the roll to this face Rollers for facial skin have become a section in recent months seems to me I see them in all the blogs I read and YouTube videos that I watch This roll is made of rose quartz stone It's anti-aging And you'll notice a lot of anti-aging products in this video When I was about 23 years old I read in an article that Nicky Hilton's mother told her to start using anti-aging products at the age of 19 Because it turns out that at the age of 20 we stop producing collagen naturally Which is the substance that makes our facial skin become tense and.

No wrinkles So she told her to do it And I read it when I was 23 and really stressed because I realized I had to give gas on it as well So I started using anti-aging and I was consistent on the subject But as soon as I was 30 I took it to a completely different level The roller is branded as SkinGym And rollers to the face that you want to leave in the fridge That way the stone is kept cold and it helps to remove swellings from the face And just roll it all over the face and neck and it helps with a double chin And it helps with expression wrinkles around the eyes And it helps accentuate facial features like Contour Simply apply face cream or serum and roll the roll And.

I don 't know.

I did take it out of the box just to see it but I had not really started using it yet So I'm really waiting to start using it and besides it's pink! Like, they have more colors and they have more.

Like, it's a quartz rose and it's pink because of the stone itself But they also have jade (green) And I think they have another one.

Looks like a black amethyst stone or something But I really wanted the pink! So that's what I bought Another thing I bought was that it was basically an anti-aging product for hair This is a clay mask This is a hair mask This branded so-called Matrix Biolage I really hope I did not kill the name right now It contains ingredients such as honeycomb and kaolin clay that are supposed to provide intense moisture to damaged and brittle hair Which is exactly the condition of my hair right now I think my hair is still trying to get used to Florida's dampness and it's like "What's going on here?" So I totally need help in the field of hair And I really hope it helps And it is produced without all the "bad" ingredients that are usually put into more commercial products So there are no silicones, sailors and parabens, no artificial dyes, it has not been tested on animals And it's just good for hair in general The next product is another anti-aging product! It is a Clarins and this is a multi-active eye-refreshing eye cream that deals with facial lines around the eyes Those expression marks around my eyes are all my stuff I'll buy anything that promises to fight them! So the wrinkles of expression for me are those wrinkles on the sides of my eyes But there are women who suffer from them around the mouth and all kinds of other places But it should help the eye area And.

I'll show you I'll show you a close-up but I'll get it out of the box anyway Very surprising that this too is pink It has a really cute package But it also has one end from which the material comes out and the other end is metal Which in principle should be used to.

Roll under the eye to make the material better absorbed in the skin It seems to me Another pink thing I bought was the spray for this face from the brand Mario.

I do not know how to pronounce your surname.

It's a facial spray with aloe vera, plants and rose water It can be used in a million different ways It can be used as a face, as a hairdresser for makeup, and to refresh the skin during the day If you want to refresh your skin and give it some moisture He smells really good I sprayed it a little at the store, bought it at the Oulta And that size costs $ 7 and I think it's a bargain Because.

I do not know about you but it takes me a full time to finish sprays So this product cost me $ 7 will hold me for about three or four months So I think it's really worth it They have a million other facial skin products but I really wanted to try this spray Because I saw him full of InStagram and YouTube.

and I'm a freier who buys everything she sees on the Internet Laughing! But not really Another anti-aging product! A real surprise! This product is really something Just let me guess.

that I'm really excited about him? Yes I'm really excited about it! I heard about him from some girl.

I do not remember where I met her But I told her "Umigad your skin looks amazing!" And she was about 40 years old And I was really shocked when she told me she was 40 years old So when I told her her skin looked amazing She said she bought it from a number.

and blah blah blah You already know what happened next.

I went to Spora and bought it the second I could So this product is of the Farmacy brand and they call it Honeymoon Glow It is a night serum with an AHA component To use this spread a very thin layer of it on the skin before bedtime two to three times a week And you're supposed to get up in the morning with younger, fresher skin So I'll read a little of what's written on the package Because if you want to try it then you should know exactly what it is It is a powerful night serum for repairing and renewing the skin to reveal a complexion that looks brighter and younger The compound of AHA and BHA reduces the visibility of pores, expression lines and wrinkles.

And gentle floral acids smooth the skin of the face It sounds very promising And after seeing that girl's skin That woman's skin I need it The next product is KOPARI and I really hope I did not kill the name It is coconut oil for cleansing the face So I really like the feeling of a clean, polished face after I take off my makeup and clean my face But they lit my eyes That it could be a bit too hard on mature skin I said the word "mature"! So someone suggested that I switch to oil for cleaning the face because it gives moisture to the skin while it cleans it So I bought this oil because I saw a lot of testimonials about it And besides pink packing! It is produced without a lot of "bad" Without silicones, without parabens, without sailors, Without anything else I have no idea how to pronounce it Without GMO and it has not been tested on animals So this should be a really good cleaning oil Because I have not tried it yet, even though I should have But I did not make up for the last few days so I did not have to remove the makeup I really hope I do not feel dirty after I use it Because like I said, I like that feeling of clean, shiny skin And I feel like I do need some of the more difficult ingredients like makeup removers and soap sprays for the face So I really hope I can make a commitment to it Because it should be the first step in my new anti aging routine Next product.

Do you know what? I'm going to talk about these two together So these two new products are of urban decay The first is called All Nighter and is a fixation spray for durable makeup And the other is called Rebound and is a spray primer with collagen So the fixation spray I needed because I've been using Peaks Plus Plus for Mac for years And I really wanted to try something new and turn around in Spora I saw that he was without oil, and without parabens And he has a temperature control technology that I suppose is.

well? He also promises that the makeup will remain "all night long" which I think is up to 16 hours And not let the makeup settle inside the inside grooves And generally assures all kinds of good things that we want to have in our fixation books I bought the small size that's their size for trial or travel It's not as big as the other Because I wanted to try it first and see if I loved him And the second Rebound product Like I said this spray primer with collagen It promises to re-awaken tired and uneven skin It gives the skin intense moisturizing, firming and smoothing the skin instantly with the collagen component found in the spray Let's say I can treat this product as anti-aging Which is not surprising given the other products I have shown in this video So this spray can be sprayed as a primer before makeup But you can also spray it before bedtime on a clean face before applying moisturizing cream and serum, And it's supposed to be really good So this product is the tanning oil of Bali Body So I ordered it from their site, I do not think they sell it anywhere else I do not remember how much I paid for it but it seems to me that it was a bit expensive for its size But I have not used it yet so I do not know how long it will last But it should nourish, revitalize and tan the skin I've talked about it several times, I like to look tanned But my thing is that when I go out to the sun I'm either completely burned and turned red Or I do not get enough color It was like a really good color So this product should help to achieve this brilliant and perfect bronze tan And I'm excited to start using it It has SPF6 protection factor Which is not enough if you really want to protect your skin But I think that once you get the desired tan you can keep the skin with higher protection factors And ending with three tiny products, all from the collection of Spora If you've been following my videos for some time then you know I like the products from the collection of Spora Because I think their quality is really good and they are cheaper than the same products of more expensive brands So it's their lipstick lipstick And I have two more of this collection I bought two years ago And they're really good! They do not move The red hue I have really clings to my lips and does not go down! You can eat, drink, do everything and do not go down So I looked for a slightly more neutral shade Let it be a little pink, but not too much, a bit of warmth but not too much, and there will be a bit of mobility, but not too bright I know it's a lot to ask for lipstick But I feel that this shade is doing the job The number is 40 and its name is Pink Tea And the truth is that it's on my lips now And I do not know what it looks like right now but I ate a chick fillet meal before I started filming this video So if it's still on me, because I did not check before I started filming, because I'm such a professional So this is proof that this lipstick is really good The second product is glue lashes with a brush This glue changed my life in the field of artificial lashes He really helped me put eyelashes right, if that made sense at all He's really good, I do not know why, I do not know the difference between him and other types of glue that I have! Like, I have a million other kinds But this glue really helped me make good eyelashes So this is my favorite, and this is the second time I buy it and it only costs, it seems to me that 7 dollars is nothing And the product is last I have a little problem with him.

It's not that he's not good Okay I'll try to explain.

This transparent gel back up from the collection of Spora And it costs $ 12 now.

When I went to Olta, their home collection also has a transparent gel for back up and it costs only $ 6 The same product, the same size, the same thing So I thought to myself, "Why?" I could buy the gel for $ 6 instead of $ 12 And I do not want to sound like a stingy And I really do not, because it's a fact that I have no problem investing money in something that's really worth it like facial grooming or other make-up products But not transparent gel back up! Because I think gel back up is gel back up, it's not really that there's any significant difference in formula or anything Correct me if I'm wrong But that's what I think So I could get along with that guy who costs $ 6 But never mind, when I have to buy a new gel I'll buy that one from Olta but! I still love the products from the collection of Spora And I've used it and it's really good, and the brush is really comfortable and everything is so good Omigad This is over! Yes it was the last product And I'm really excited to see if the footage I took was good And I really hope so so that I can finally bring it up Thank you so much for watching this video I will leave links to all products in the information box And if you have any questions or suggestions, leave me in the comments below And of course you will subscribe to the channel and if you liked the video then let us also and what else? What more? Ah! follow me on Instagram! I always say that but do not forget I will leave the links to my social media in the information box as well And there are also subtitles with this information at the end of the video and what else? I think it is I'll see you in my next video, bye!.