Backache home remedies: A backache can be considered as one of themost common problems faced by people around the world.

It is also a common symptom for differentkinds of illnesses.

The pain is mainly caused to the centre ofthe back, along with the spine or on both sides of the spine.

The primary reasons for backaches are a strain,fatigue and lack of balance.

A backache can be caused due to an accidentor injury to the spine or some other kinds of diseases.

Other reasons for a backache can be as simpleas the way you sit in your office to constipation, increasing age, pregnancy, ulcer of the stomach,liver congestion, gallstones, cystitis, high-heeled shoes, unstable nervous system and many differentreasons.

Home Remedies for Backache/Back Pain Use a heating pad or hot water bottle to easethe pain.

You can also massage the ice on your backbut not directly.

Whichever makes you feel better you can trythat hot or cold.

By stopping smoking you can avoid the painin the back Garlic is a great remedy for a backache.

Having two to three cloves of garlic everymorning may give you the required results.

Garlic oil rubbed on our back also works toprovide you with a positive result.

A mixture of powdered ginger, sweet soda andsalt if consumed with hot milk or water can alleviate your backache problems Fish oil consumed daily is also a great wayto combat backache problem Keep yourself warm and eat hot food Make a concoction by boiling ten tulsi leavesin one cup of water.

Keep boiling till the water is reduced tohalf.

Once this solution is cooled add salt andconsume it every day.

If suffering from severe backache problemshave it twice a day.

Massaging eucalyptus oil or mustard oil isalso very good for backache problems Consuming half a teaspoon Guggulu with warmwater after your meals is very useful Make a mixture five black peppercorns, fivecloves and one gram dry ginger powder to be mixed in your tea and consumed at least twicea day.

Mix half a gram of cinnamon powder to oneteaspoon honey and eat this mixture at least twice a day for best results.

Another way to reduce the acute lower backproblem is to get a good number of laps in a warm pool of water.

Aspirin or ibuprofen helps in reducing theinflammation.

So you can have any of these a day to counterthis problem.

Fresh yarrow juice is a great way to strengthenthe back muscles.

This may help in preventing the back problem.

Warning: The viewer should exercise all precautionarymeasures while following instructions on the home remedies from this video.

Avoid using any of these products if you areallergic to it.