HI, A lot of our Global Profit Systemmembers use Aweber.

In the training videos you have been taught to deactivate the confirmation messages in the third step of the list options By default it looks like this.

confirmation message settings.

and you get taught to turn both to "no".

By default Aweber will send an automatic confirmation message to every new subscriber to your list and ask them to click a button to confirmthat they really want to be on your list.

A lot of subscribers do not do it and Ican see several reasons.

first at the moment of subscription they are on their phone and they do not look at their email messages and are not interested anymore later or do not know any more about it.

or they may only be interestedin the offer and not in getting on the list.

so if you buy 100 clicks on whichprobably fifty people would leave their email address you might, in the end, getonly ten or less because of the double opt-in requirement.

Therefore youwant to deactivate it.

However you cannot do that yourself for sign ups via an API (Application Programming Interface) You need to submit a ticket tothe help desk and ask for.

for the deactivation of the double opt-in.

When you are new to Aweber they will refuse to do so saying that they need to see additional activity.

additional activity in your accountslike message sending, subscriber engagement, low email bounces and so on.

They want to see your behavior The problem you face now is that the Global Profit System uses an API to integrate Aweber.

Hence you should notuse your direct referral link in the Global Profit System but useCickFunnels.

in the training video "one click capture pages" you get walked through the setup of your capture pages and the integration with Aweber.

That is an API sign up too so be careful; it will trigger theconfirmation message which you do not want But you can integrate Aweberthrough a backdoor in ClickFunnels and I'll show you HOW! so first you go toyour list in Aweber.


so you make sure that you have the currently correctlist connected then you go to sign up form.


then you create a signup form I'll just make one now to show you quickly but it's as well in the training video oh I have already one here.

okaybut it is anyway in the training video of the Global Profit System.

so noworries just go through the setup of the ClickFfunnels.


so at the end you have three steps design the settings and thepublish you click on publish and you click on I will install my form and itwill give you a code here.

you want to have the raw HTML version okay and you uncheck here we includes beautiful form styles you don't need the CSS and theonly thing you will copy now is not everything because you don't wantthe script here you just copy from form.

Form method to the "/form".

okay ?.

justbefore "script type".

that's the only thing you copy.

all right.

now we go to ClickFunnels.

I have created the test funnel for you just to show you this.

So first thing you will do is.

let me think.

you go here on your picture and you goto integrations and you make sure that you have "HTML form" here if you don't have it you add a new integration and you will just click HTML form and thatwill show it in your integration list.

okay? Once you have this, you go to yourfunnel.

So I go here to my test funnel.

and edit the page.

don't worry about what is here, it is just a test page.

I'm not using this I go to integrations.

You don't have an integration now we select one and we will select the "HTML form" the action will be to integrate an existing form and we paste the code wehave copied before in here and we say "parse and save web form" then it wants what we will sync and we say we sync the email.

ok? and then we go uphere and save this.

so let's have a look again.

and yes.

that's all you have to do now your Aweber is integrated with ClickFunnels without the double opt-in because.



let's go back to the list.

you deactivated it manually here by "Send confirmation message for AWeber sign up forms" and for that reason your subscribers won't receive a confirmation message! right! I hope this helped and I wish you a lot of success and a lot of subscribers.

take care.

bye bye.