Welcome to the step-by-step tutorial For Aweber one of the most important tools E-mail marketing in the world you should watch This video if you want to learn how The beginning of your first mailing campaign On MailChimp or if you are looking To know its properties and capabilities not only will we show you Detailed view of each property however We'll also share some time-saving tips During the session during this video we will talk about How to create your account and we'll show you how Make your first draft letter And set up your first mailing campaign and series Follow-up will explain to you in detail how Import and manage subscribers We'll show you how to create and merge Your Registration Forms in WordPress And other sites we will show you how to use Reports will be interpreted as we will also show you How to use settings Menu and menu automation features If we start to create an Aweber account Visit Aweber.

Com or use The link you see here when you use this Link will get 30 days free trial And the same pricing as we will get On a small commission to help us continue In the preparation of training courses and reviews On this channel [Music] Aweber offers a scalable pricing plan Starting from $ 19 up to 500 subscribers Then the fees will increase The more your list increases the more It means that your business grows so Do not worry about what the amount might be Cost-effective compared to your total business After registering on Aweber It's very easy to set up your account The first thing you will see yet Confirm your email address The welcome screen is here you will find The opportunity to enter your company name Your site and contact address and name The sender's email is what will appear when See someone in your list Sender field in its inbox The email address of reply is that The email address you want to use When someone replies to someone E-mail messages will be sent to the address This e-mail is after you have filled out this Click Next and then click Information You want to name and description Your list of important things to keep In your mind is the first you can always change This information is secondly you must create The name of the list is so descriptive when Look at everything you have Inside your account you'll understand what This list and the other thing It is important to remember that When someone unsubscribes from Your list will see the list name In addition to describing the menu so you should Check for availability Attractive description of the list so be this person Who is considering canceling the subscription from Your list is a last chance to change His opinion because he will look at the description The menu is aware that maybe He wants to stay as a subscriber on your list anyway No after you enter the name of the list The menu description can continue Click Next and then Accept Your confirmation message The confirmation message is part of The dual workflow entry is part of the Aweber platform so you have to do Here is after someone decides Subscribe to your list is then sent A subsequent confirmation message which they see Through which the subject line is located Here in the second line here That's something you can do Edit it here as well so you can make it Say something like confirm your order For information if they can do anything Contact or information request But to transfer information About your work or training Your discussions or membership site where The member must confirm the subscription or whatever Status as you modify Subject line using the first thing They have also entered the site template For this explanation we will just Continue to use a line The subject of regular subscription confirmation and thereafter They will definitely see the subject Or message and you can always modify them Well and change them later however To sum it up they simply click on Confirm their subscription or confirmation button Socialist here and then this They will double-enter them in your list You can always go to settings Which I will explain to you later and you can Output option or delete option Double input however We recommend using double input Because it will make everything compatible with Not just can-spam laws here at United States but also GDRP laws In the European Union as well So I will continue to leave everything As here is customary for purpose Annotation I will make a catheter by clicking on Setup quits the next thing you want Done after you finish setting up your account Is to add subscribers to your list So if you are migrating your list from Another auto responder service or you drag it From the management program Customer Relationships or Program Sales You have two options to add Subscribers to your list where you can Add up to 10 subscribers manually or you can Import more than 10 subscribers I think the majority of people will Import more than 10 subscribers if they are They migrate from a transponder Or pull emails from Relationship Management Program Their clients do import Subscribers are an easy process where You simply click on Add more than 10 Subscribers will import a file Excel, a text file, or a CSV file So I will continue to choose this The CSV file containing the emails And the next thing I want to do The fields are plotted to existing columns Within the CSV file until it is the first name To the first name and last name to the name The last and e-mail to the e-mail continued to click On the next and then I want to confirm how Add them so I will As they were registering from My website and they want a link to The site they claimed they did Sign it up and this is KnowItOwl.

Co Do I bring in Emails? Subscribers from another email provider? The answer here is not if you Pressing Yes will have to choose Your email address is here and there is a list of Competitive Automatic Responder Services Then I will press Next And then want to know if it is They must send the follow-up string to These are the participants I will choose No purpose or reason behind Why ask this question is because If I import subscribers from a list The old email I do not want to receive a series New emails from the Aweber account I do not want to introduce them again I think the answer is no where Already inserted in a duplicate list Auto responder but if you are performing Import emails where they are not entered Double click if you simply get it For example, these emails are displayed Commercial you may have to send Confirmation message for them to confirm They agree that you add them to List your autoresponder finally Not least, the labels are very important Manage and segment your list For this purpose I will By adding an imported tag Then I will press Finish to import Here is what I will do now Is to verify that these email addresses are Correct within one working day It will be canceled if these emails are added Actually to my account so as You see here they did By adding these six participants Who you have manually imported through CSV file and we can now start in In the next step in the explanation How to create your initial message When you move the cursor to the top To the message area you will have options To choose between drafts and radio stations Discrete tests, loadings and chains Follow-up, Blog and Template Management E – mail the difference between the draft Or radio and campaign message Is that the radio message is spoken once You can usually send them for Sensitive information in terms of timing You want to share it with subscribers Or if it is something It's important for you to advertise it Out-of-sequence or Postal Campaign I will explain a little later How to Build Successful For the campaign and follow-up series But overall there is a series of Predetermined emails are sent In some of the time periods that you have selected Whether they are every few days or all Day as you determine what the days are In which emails are not sent and sent Automatic without the need for your return Into the Dashboard and convert it to a draft And send email on these selected days So start first by pressing On drafts as soon as you enter here You will notice an option for both Drafts and in the campaign now The difference between the two options is Nothing in the draft was done Schedule a pre-order and submit existing items The campaign has a pre-scheduled time to send And remember from the previous time in The video we have created Email confirmation they will Immediately sent after Register someone on this list Its presence here is caused in a pot In the campaign I will now create a message Three options will be presented The e-mail structure is in drag and drop This is a very easy way To enhance templates that let you create Emails are visually stunning as there is A simple text message if you want Send something that looks as if it is It was written on a typewriter and then You have an HTML editor which is basically Emile's editor is what he will receive It works just like a website editor What he sees is what you will receive This allows you to build an email attractively Using HTML or use Drag and drop tools they provide Now for this explanation I want to I would first recommend I want to recommend To be used to build email in style Drag and Drop for this explanation I will use the email build method Drag and drop because I think you will get On the same result with the HTML editor Except that it can be executed more quickly with Building e-mail in drag and drop mode So after the download is finished you will find it The email edit screen is in the upper corner You can create a topic line Which will appear inside the inbox When someone receives an email from you, you can Also personalize it you can diagnose it Information of participants Things like their names or Their email or the registration link or even The date of their registration as you include things Such as their location ie the state Area, city, postal code and things Like this and then you have scraps as well Where you can if you want to put Your signature or even an address Contact or your subscription link or even You can also use the Date button This diagnosis is inside the email The actual also for example you can take Many of these same standards are added Through this drop-down button here Which says diagnosis within the email So for that I will, for example Using their first name and I will say Something like I have something To let you know it is wonderful now when Consider other options Available here we have our elements On the left side things like Headline, paragraph and video We can attach it as company logo or even Sharing toolbar will show you how to Use them all as soon as you submit The right side is a template given on These templates are templates that Already created by the Aweber team There is a template for most possibilities where There is a message, a newsletter and a session Email alerts and ad producer Anything you think they might have His creative template It does not require you to know any HTML They all look really good even there A template for car dealers will keep us Using the default template is simple It is a great way to show you how you can Modify each of these templates Now if you are not familiar with the editor what you see Is what you will get or order Templates like this It is simply divided into ranks Its pillars and most are now being designed This framework is considered somewhat to be considered This also includes a rich HTML email such as This is here Relatively easy to add rows Are those that extend horizontally E-mail and you can create rows · New simply by pressing Copy You will create a row at the bottom as you delete Row easily by pressing delete You can also move the rows up and down By simply dragging them between Different rows exist Here as you can see there You can also enter columns and this is longer It is great if you want an email Of two columns for the body you are working on So you will just go here where You can add a column to the left and you can Add a column to the right and then you can It is as easy to delete those columns You do not really want them or If you make a mistake or realize that I am I no longer need it and then when it comes to It is simply a drag So the projection for example I can take My logo and I can drop the item here At the top then I'll click here to edit I will upload an image and I will select a file The logo from here is so easy I can lift Logo or image into the email The next thing I can do is for example Pick up the paragraph element and drop it here I can also capture the main title item And drop it here So simple and I will enter a break barrier So and then I will Put a Share button down here So anyone can share content Email via Facebook or Twitter LinkedIn is now on the right side For each of these items whenever I drop The things you'll notice are there A number of formatting options are available Me on the right side so for the sake of Example with the share item I can Resize icons as I can Change its shape by pressing Simple and I do not need at all To learn HTML to do this When it comes to things like Headline I can edit fonts Through the menu bar here is nothing Very neat around it is that you can Perform any type of formatting Based on listed list items Here, too, let's say something like Now if you are a person Worried or unsure about how to Write a good email or maybe You just do not want to incur Suffering writing an email series In full, there is a shortcut if you go The browser to KnowItOwl.

Co I went down to theplrstore.

Com You click here and you will be directed to a great location It offers a huge library of messages Marketing emails as well as reports As well as articles that you can purchase Ready already and you have all Rights to modify these emails Reports and e-books as it sees fit Looking at the right side after access For the page you can select messages with label rights Special auto responder will have The opportunity to choose from among hundreds of Automatic transponder chains for a variety Of the subjects is largely any subject or specialty You are part of it and consider this A fantastic shortcut in case you do not want to Spend time writing letters Your marketing emails or maybe You run out of ideas Or maybe you need some inspiration for some Though ideas but what you pay here is License to use not only email messages These but also at the same time you will have The full rights to modify them as it sees fit This is known as labeling So white you've done Download one of them even Show you how effective it is And how easy it is to do it simply It loads it and will come as a compressed file You can do in this case you bought Electronic course for postal marketing is easy and I will open The script file is yours Already exists here in the file The script is a series of previously written messages This is the initial message and the second message And the third, fourth, fifth and sixth I can Simply copy and paste in a transponder string The email even includes a message Also confirm so if you want Modified based on the version they have By writing it, I can do it It is a pre-prepared course ready for use For postal marketing where I can simply copy And paste into the automatic responder Also I can create a series of Campaigns based on message content Special rights and you can see again The link in the description box is at the bottom If you are interested in using a service Such as you can check Another site claims fiverr.

Com which also Offers independent contractors who can Do the same for you too Now usually for your specialty you might want to Write your own messages and use Your voice but there are some positions where May be the best use of your time Simply get pre-prepared content Where you can share it directly with subscribers I will not just paste her here Obviously to do This modifies some of the thing by adding Things like my name and link in addition to Other parts of this message that I may wish In order to modify them They are better aligned with the public but Not to write them from scratch or I can Simply use some of these emails As an inspiration with adding my own style And diagnose them as I see fit so I personally think that the use of content White labeling is a great way To quickly get content in your campaign Postal and within the respondent series Automatic Which you can get and run quickly And remove another barrier from you To start your business online so Now you have an idea of ​​how You can easily create an email inside So Aweber will now save This is one thing you always want Do it before sending or at least Scheduling the email to send is done You can preview and test this way Watch its shape inside the inbox For someone as you see they are coordinated Very well given that I have not spent Lots of time in modification or Do a lot of coordination work and this Another reason for my admiration With Aweber's drag and drop interface In order to formulate e-mails and then I can always send a test by pressing Send green test button here I will click on the return and I will save And go out and behold it is under Sending Options Now I have a number of The things I can definitely do Like sending a test email I can schedule Which will be broadcast One time as I add a follow-up series Which will go to the old subscribers Who you have already imported is now the difference Between series and follow-up The campaign is that campaign Designed for new subscribers In addition to old subscribers you can • Set the automation And triggers them while Chain-up will be A limited number of fixed email addresses which You can schedule them so one thing I want To introduce it to you is how to prepare The campaign is also first Very simple so you Go to create a campaign to complete The same subject is easy email marketing I want the nipple to be released When someone is added to my list And when someone is added it will be sent A message to them on the right side I can say Choose a message and I will select the message Which we just created then I will wait here I can adjust the number of days or weeks Or months, minutes or even hours to move Within two days I will send a message Others and then I want to create This message is here using build Drag and Drop I will not explain this again And then if I am satisfied with her I will Simply click Save and exit Another option to do or I can do It is a labeling and this tag can be Nothing like in the second email or it can be Anything else I choose for the name of the tag I will delete this and then I will Click Save and Exit Some information is incomplete here but Mostly we will continue For the purpose of explaining and exiting This is as simple as that for us to do Create a campaign here under String option to continue again You can build an email for this series Through the construction of e-mail drag and drop This can be sent to New subscribers to the list as well To subscribers you just added This helps you simply get in A dripping campaign keeps you in touch with Current subscribers Here and the follow-up series will work somewhat Distortion while in the campaign You can have a series of triggers That would begin to move people to This campaign is specific and then can Have multiple different campaigns Works at the same time and builds on The behavior of people and their behavior from Your list can be placed in campaigns These campaigns can be different They run not only by anyone He subscribes but the most important is through Someone uses a label so if you do I came back here and said I wanted to Electronic landing page or cycle Email marketing Let's just name it Post cycle and I will then create Instead of working when someone does By subscribing to the list will be based on the tag This tag is then applied Let's say that tag is a pressure Let's say that in another email if someone does By clicking on a statement urging action This topic on the landing page I know They are interested in landing pages Then I can start a mailing campaign Complete to teach them how to improve Landing pages have this way Where campaigns and triggers are different The automation here is about The old follow-up series are these Full view of messages At least at the beginner level if you want Learn more about using triggers Automation and campaigns Preparation and participation of others On the channel for all of you if you step The following us will be how it is created And embed the models so we can enter People are on our lists so once Move to the Models section Subscribe from the dashboard You'll find a very clear setting About how to create new forms Simply use this big green button Here's who says create a registration form Now if you want to merge your model With things like Facebook or Squarespace Or Chopivay, there are instructions Very straightforward about how Also do this if you wish to do Make an instructional video about this and feel free Let us know in the comments section below In this video we will Using and displaying how to do it with WordPress in order to do so It is straightforward and very simple We will just click on create a registration form As you can see, you can choose between A number of templates containing designs Already implemented in many styles There are different as there are companies And a large number of options for this We will choose a simple design I will load this template on the side Left here you can see that I can Choose what fields I want to collect There are two default fields, namely Name and Address But you can also create fields New custom addition plus for example If you want to know for example Someone's phone number is simply yours Activate this and press next and here it is We can get it as a text input Or it can be a radio signal button or if If they are simple choices Choose from them or anything else You can select it within an add-on Field button I will now delete This is here as you can for anyone Registers through the form You are about to create and give them a mark This is very important if you want Implement a fragmentation strategy For the postal marketing path you may want Based on which offer Attach it to this form you may wish to Create tags for people who send This model is in order to help you navigate And manage your marketing campaign The same way you create e-mail and templates Emails are very simple The way you set up what you see is what you will get here So it is very easy to implement and give you Lots of similar options that You will notice them from the email template There is also the possibility to add a master address For the form so that you can get a secondary line The title says something like Please register to receive tips Travel our own and save this field You can also add a page tail and then You have the ability to easily implement as a Example Add or delete a privacy notice In addition to the counter for how many people who They subscribed to your list or even A notification supported by this is entirely yours And according to what you want to do I will say that you own the counter If the number is large enough He really can Help as social proof and can be encouraged People register on the mailing list So they see something like 10,000 readers They say to themselves this wonderful number A great readership and all this depends on your specialty They think your list is worth it I will also subscribe to it now Delete this as I will delete Name Best Practices Email subscription entries are less demanding As many fields as possible for people to fill This way you can urge them to register Without having to face or a lot of Friction is now what you might want to do It is after someone gives you his email In subsequent offers you may have or Free things you may have given, you can ask them For additional things like American name or address or number The phone is in these forms and this happens as a field One at a time the more you become Committed and more attached to these Newsletter and marketing There are a lot of techniques and lots of The strategies behind it too are if you are You would like to know more about this By letting us know in the comments section we can create Video about this type of email strategies Or strategies to subscribe to email as well I will now delete this title as well So I want a simple model Very here where I just ask about The email will then make you a progress or I will have a submit button here as well Of course, you can change the existing version Inside here so instead of submitting You can say go or say load This depends on what I do in this The case I will use is provided only as it is The process of building a formula is very simple to order This tutorial is then Of course you have options above here where You can do things like change Font, font size and color Line and locate Text and then you can always add Picture of the button instead of it One solid color can be a picture If that's what you want to do More luxurious than a lot of Templates available here So let's move on to the second step This is simply a place for you to create And modify the basic settings so in this So I will say here that this is the experimental model And then this is a thank you page This lets you report or At least determine that you want to go Your visitors after pressing the submit button Where they can stay on the page Current and do not see a thank you page They can get an audio copy or a copy Smart video or custom page where You can use your link I will By selecting them to stay on the current page And then of course after that Already subscribe to your list Simply send them to Thank you page for one size fit everyone Or even to another custom page Back to what I was previously saying about Strategies if they are involved Already in your list maybe if they were They re-enter for a new presentation Or something else that is provided to them You can send them to another page Gather other things like you might ask them About the phone number or maybe ask them About the title or whatever the situation And then under Advanced Settings There are things related to tracking your ads In addition to the initial message So again it depends on the offer Or why someone has mobilized Form You can change a message Start from your campaigns or The start chain and then of course There is no way for you to pass Information from a person entering under Field to thank you page For diagnosis this is more Progress is therefore within a section Advanced settings and this is something You can explore it if you are a web designer So more advanced we will now Progress to the step and we will save The form is so great that it can be published So the model is designed and set The main settings are now our option To publish for posting in Our WordPress site or any website There are three great options first Is the possibility to install the form yourself The second is the possibility of sending the code you will receive It is in the email to Your web designer This person can install it for you Or you can simply direct people to Landing page hosted on server Aweber.

Com They can fill the form in this way The model you have applied is that This will appear on this landing page I will present these three options You and I will start installing myself The model will click here and we have Two options we can use a Javascript clip Or we can use a raw HTML version so unless You really want to get in Possibility to adjust real for example Advanced design problems or CSS issues Or in cases possibly with the site you can Use raw HTML version but for 90% of those watching this video or even 99% Who are watching this video I will copy The JavaScript code snippet will work Well Then what you want to do then is You want to move to the Dashboard Your WordPress then you have to go down And then to the tools Capture the custom HTML tool Drag them to the sidebar and then Simply paste a clip The code you copied then press Save I have finished and if we went here We visited the site and here it is On the right side you can see it The form has been added to the sidebar It is so easy to install a model Using WordPress now you may ask Yourself What if I wanted it To appear within a real publication or perhaps I want it to appear as a pop-up window This may be somewhat complicated But it is still very simple The problem with Aweber is that he has The functional effectiveness and interface of an electronic subscription model Very simple compared to platforms Available elsewhere If you want to perform things like a pop-up window I recommend you install an additional component Of course, there are dozens And dozens of them available in the market I personally advise you to go to Plug-ins then add a new plug-in You search here and I will use something Such as SUMO and SUMO Then install it now and I can show you Here under the captured images They have a choice where you can Quickly and very easily as you can see Here you have a pop-up or even a scroll box A standard popup window you can add Their entrance is very easy with Aweber They also have an easy-to-use design template Highly designed system for pop-ups That you can place on your site If you are looking for the implementation of pop-ups I highly recommend using something like SUMO and return to the form editor If you want it to appear within a publication The thing we have to do is do Is to go to the publication you can Either create a new publication or go to A publication already exists and we'll go down the edit Then we'll go down here and want to do By editing in HTML I will move the cursor Down because I want him to appear Below I will paste a clip The code and again this will not appear Very nice but I will continue to implement the preview I will go down completely and here it is You can see that the form has been added It's a very simple process to add a model to each Published but will be re-added For each publication on my side I want it to appear Which may be a bit tedious and this It is a reason I would recommend using a plug-in For a popup window like SUMO if you You want to take this road and go beyond Just having subscription entries On the left side of the tool area I'll save it and I'll come back again To put the draft I do not want to unpublish this Sorry not to put the draft I will just go out And go back upstairs I want visual adjustment so okay This is a fantastic way to use JavaScript clip to merge Aweber model within the WordPress site Now your next choice is simply using Landing page and they will create a link For you and you will copy it and you can Send it to your subscribers or to Visitors or anyone you want The form will appear like this exists On a very simple web page can be Luxury if you want to go back to create Very luxurious model which looks a lot better Then of course the last thing you can Do is that you can press the designer My web will install Typical here you will simply type His e-mail address and his letter letter to him And press the Send button to this designer That is all about how to do Merges the Aweber model into WordPress site now now you have Create your messages and create Subscription input forms and their inclusion Your site will start getting So many subscribers this is the time The subscriber dashboard will be useful It will help you manage your subscribers Find out more about them and there are a number of The filters here will help you to Knowledge or perception to gain understanding Best for those on your list so for any An existing subscriber will choose Harry Potter here and we will click on his name You will then be presented with a number Or a lot of basic information About the subscriber like the tags he has And notes about his activity etc so you can too Use unsubscribe from this list I just want to make it clear to you I show you this screen until you have it Better understanding of the quality of information That you can collect and see about Subscribers in Dashboard Then suppose you have a large number of subscribers You can then use the filters to see it Who are currently subscribing or unsubscribing It is unable to receive as you can filter Date to subscribers for who has been added today Or yesterday Or another seven days etc.

So prepare this A very great feature for you to help you On the management of subscribers the next step is Once reports navigate to The reports section will show Screen similar to these may have More data based on size Your list since when Works as this is just Explanation No data available Now because all subscribers have They are fake accounts and none of them have Execute or take any actions clearly but You can see here on the right side There is a list of different types of Reports you can see can be viewed On your opening rates or clickthrough rates You can see new subscribers or Total subscribers are also important What you need to do is create your account Your first time you go under reports Then pressing the settings will have you Do install this piece of Javascript is here for your site I will show you how to do this Inside WordPress is very simple You will move to the plugin menu from Install WordPress and then click Add New In the search we will type the header and page number There is an additional 99robots industry Claims to manage the header and page code click install After you have activated it Look for it on the left side under HFCM and maybe you'll add a new one Under the name of the clip I will write Aweber I want to view it in the site view range Where I want to locate the consumer here I do not want to exclude any pages I do not want to exclude any publications The location will be zil page and I would love to put Tracking code snippets are there Display on all devices is a good thing The status must be active The reason I want to install the code snippet These on my site is it It will help me with reports because I I will be able to see and report back About opening rates and click rates Which occurred or will occur within Mail marketing campaigns i have i will click on Save it here in the next step I'll return to the Dashboard for report settings And prepare the analytics I will click on Continue to the second step and I will write The mailing address of the explanation page Then add that is all This is very important because it is It will help you track clicks from Emails will give you reports More powerful and will help you improve Your email campaigns and finally Not least, there are menu options The area inside of the information is helpful Change the settings for your list In addition to your account This gives you the possibility to change Contact address or menu description Or even menu name what you need To do here and keep in mind is there Some other important options as well You can also customize your list by Filling information about Your company name as well as your site link You can also link to your Twitter account Or your Facebook account if You want as you raise your logo and all These things to help you make the mark The business of your company is more brilliant And marketing your e-mail and then there Settings related to a message Confirmation in addition to the input process One of the most important pieces is Below are here when it comes In the confirmation message settings Remember I said earlier You always have to have The confirmation message settings work however Some people prefer not to do so This is where you can Shutting it down is just a key Converting this is something else What you can do here is adjust the page Virtual success even after a person By subscribing to your list, it is converted to a page If you choose this option if you are Remember the above in this video when I talked to you about how you would act about Send someone to a page Or stay at the current page when You build the model to either move For the virtual success page or that Specify something specific as a link Assigned here if you have a download page Your own or perhaps another show you want Send subscribers to it You'll put it here As the default page link you want Send them to him every time and of course You can modify all this using Javascript provided to you There are a number of And customization tags that you can send To page codes to be packaged To customize it, you can use things Such as the name or location of the customer His country if this is something you want Do the landing page that Send them to her I will now Turn on confirmation of input entries here Then, always click Save Settings After you finish making changes these are Our Aweber Educational Course Thank you for watching our tutorial For Aweber if you like this video Please click the Like button or leave Comment below if you are interested With other tools to help you grow your business Just visit our channel to see more Educational courses and reviews until we meet Again take care of yourselves.